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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



To every triumphant smile of yours; she bounced like the ultimate walls of paradise; blooming like a festoon of freshly sprouting and everlastingly blissful roses,

To every celestial snore of yours; she felt like the most invincible queen on this colossal planet; caressing her invincibly majestic fingers through your curls; so that not even the most infinitesimal of evil on this earth; could ever dream of disturbing you,

To every mischievous cavorting of yours; she felt at the most incredulous epitome of camaraderie; showering upon you every happiness of her sacrosanct soul; for infinite more births of yours yet to unveil,

To every blazingly patriotic march of yours; she felt the most astronomically privileged organism on this boundless Universe; as tears of unconquerably royal
pride cascaded down her beautifully effulgent cheeks,

To every inexplicably traumatic pain of yours; she altruistically abdicated her countless nights worth of sleep; unflinchingly standing by your side; even as
licentiously lascivious leeches of bizarre disease pelted upon you from; every conceivable side,

To every ardently insatiable desire of yours; she bowed down in gloriously timid acquiescence; indefatigably searching even the most diminutive cranny of this earth; to procure you all eternally unassailable bliss,

To every inquisitively blank stare of yours; she boisterously reverberated like a magically placating fairy; magnanimously bestowing every plausibly fascinating answer in your frantically outstretched and restless lap,

To every mellifluously enchanting expression of yours; she swirled in unprecedented euphoria under the poignantly dancing clouds; stupendously replenishing each of her divine senses with your wave of endlessly sparkling jubilation,

To every astoundingly emollient accomplishment of yours; she scintillating applauded till beyond the realms of infinite infinity; uninhibitedly proclaiming your  commemoration; to every entity that she encountered on this limitless globe,

To every ephemerally fugitive whisper of yours; she relentlessly groped even in the meadows of the most horrifically ghastly nothingness; to try and decipher the true meaning of your insipidly infidel prattling,

To every garrulously emaciated gnarl of yours; she magnificently embellished your satanically slavering palette; with the most fabulously redolent fruits of nature's ingratiatingly panoramic creation,

To every euphorically untamed cry of yours; she liberated her sagacious persona of even the most lambastingly deleterious of tensions; tumultuously overjoyed at your blessedly momentous exultation,

To every immaculately impetuous stubbornness of yours; she gorgeously empathized with you like the Omnipotent Lord; bounteously fructifying your agonizingly wandering soul; till the last droplet of her blood flowed and shimmered into shine,

To every artistic eclecticism of yours; she beamed more celestially than Omnipresent sunshine; transpiring you to exuberantly surge forward; even as the ruthlessly conventional society outside murderously asphyxiated her of her final breath,

To every remorsefully unfinished dream of yours; she flew you on her wings of insuperably regale companionship; making you feel the most pricelessly endowed and surreally mesmerizing entity ever alive,

To every ebulliently vivacious word of yours; she implacably clapped till scarlet blood froze in her philanthropic veins; being a resplendently quintessential element of your enthusiasm in life; even as insane lunatics outside bawdily slandered at her charming graciousness,

To every disastrously financial crisis of yours; she handsomely emptied all wealth on this cosmos in your wailing palms; at times tawdrily trading her flesh to lecherously venomous thorns; in order to witness tinkling laughter on your face again,

To every insidiously inevitable betrayal of yours; she immortally inundated each beat of your gruesomely livid dereliction; with all the love that she could ever have assimilated; in this life and beyond,

And even as the uncouthly prejudiced world outside failed to recognize you even in the most brilliantly dazzling of sunlight; her Omniscient palms protected the most mercurial shades of your life from beneath her veritable grave; even before you could
incongruously mumble mother.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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