Mother And Child

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



Although he was pathetically diminutive; she still considered him to be the most towering entity on this fathomless planet; blessing her more than the Almighty,

Although he stammered disdainfully at every word; she still considered him to be the greatest singer ever born; with his stupendous melody invincibly enriching her devastated senses,

Although he was as black as horrendously charred charcoal; she still considered him to be more scintillating; than the ferociously flamboyant Sun; deluging her moments of despairing blackness with optimistic hope,

Although he horrifically muddled every word he wrote; she still considered him to be an overwhelmingly passionate poet; flooding every aspect of her impoverished life with unprecedented happiness,

Although he fought cats and dogs with his neighboring comrades; she still considered him to be an apostle of peace; a messiah enlightening each path of her dwindling life,

Although he stood bizarrely last in the entire class; she still considered him to be the most intelligent organism on this Universe; unrelentingly pampering even the most minuscule of his desire; with the profound compassion in her soul,

Although he always stumbled ludicrously towards the ground even on his formidably secure tricycle; she still considered him to be as incredulously winning sportsman; winning every medal for her ardently throbbing heart,

Although he was preposterously fat like a rotund tomato; she still considered him to be handsomely charismatic; the most redolent rose blossoming in her barren garden,

Although he was a disastrous failure in every aspect of life that he ventured into; she still considered him to be a profuse philanthropist; alleviating her from her corpse; to sit on the irrefutably embellished throne,

Although he was a disgustingly deplorable cook; burning each meal that he endeavored to prepare; she still considered him to be a silken angel; appeasing her traumatic hunger for centuries immemorial,

Although he was unprecedentedly mischievous; she still considered him as the most gentle individual alive; as he lit up an everlasting smile upon her severely mutilated lips,

Although he philandered aimlessly through the dusty streets; clad only in threadbare rags of jute; she still considered him to be the richest entity alive; inundating each moment of her survival with unfathomable endowment from the heavens,

Although he was insurmountably fastidious about the everything in life; she still considered him to be a royal prince; catering to even the most inconspicuous
of his commands; bouncing in perennial youth everytime she swung him in her arms,

Although he irascibly snored while fast asleep; she still considered him a celestial harbinger of perpetual peace; wading away the most tiniest of tensions from her miserably claustrophobic life,

Although he unsurpassably revolted against the conventionally monotonous society; she still considered him to be the most resplendently sparkling star in sky;  illuminating the gruesomely shivering interiors of her dwelling with enchantingly Godly light,

Although he broke everything that he hoisted in his rustically bohemian palms; she still considered him to be an unshakable idol of solidarity; magnificently comforting her in her times of despondently crumbling distress,

Although he was a rampantly free bird; gallivanting at unchallengable will to even the most remotest corner of the globe; she still considered him to be the most pricelessly precious ornament of her countenance; impregnating her lost soul with tumultuous happiness,

Although he deteriorated like a pack of soggy matchsticks; even before alighting a single foot; she still considered him to be the strongest man alive; rescuing her orphaned life; replenishing it with the rhapsodic essence of existence,

And although he did everything wrong; losing all that he hadin his truncated lifespan even before he had acquired it; she still considered him to be her only God; her only savior; the only power that bestowed upon her the astronomical prowess to take birth; a countless more number of times,

As she was his sacrosanct mother; and he was; and would immortally remain; forever as her immortally impeccable child.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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