Laughing Dragons

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A knight given the task of sleighing a devastating dragon all alone.

Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



All along the winding road

The doleful knight did ride.

He rides to the hills

And the Dragon's Lair

Before the changing of the tide.


Through the leaf-less forest

And the fields of stubble,

One hoof after the other,

One lone knight was an eerie sight

In a kingdom left in rubble.


This Knight traveled in solemn prayer

Down winding roads that never end.

But dragons do

And knights do too

 In the sudden gusts of destiny's wind.


His horse's gait was sure and steady

But the Knight, with fear, was smitten.

His prayers were heard

And an answer came

That the end of his story was already written.


"The sands of time have taken their place

And not one grain shall be cast aside.

So finish this story

 Deposed of glory

And wipe those tears you've cried."


Such words were harsh to this Knight's ears

His fate was already known.

He was sure of his doom

And steeped in gloom

He guessed he would die alone.


All of a sudden a wind arose

From Dragon's Wings, not by chance.

Then it straddled the road

Like an ugly toad

Waiting for the Knight to advance.


"Why should I die in the heat of battle?

I must be bold and take a chance!

If the sands of time

Have finished this rhyme,

Then let it be --- by my lance!"


Then the Knight took his lance in hand

And he tossed it, as if a spear.

That big stick of wood

Went as far as it could;

But not far enough, I fear.


The Dragon looked and began to laugh

 At the lance, now stuck in the ground.

And the more it looked

The more it laughed,

Soon it was laughing and rolling around!


So the Knight advanced and cut off its head

Just a few quick chops, here and there;

One swing from the left

One swing from the right,

 And a few sword swings that just cut air.




"Thank You, God," said the knight,

"I thought that You had left me alone.

Who would have guessed

That my life would be blessed

By a dragon's unruly funny bone?



JE Falcon


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