My heart keeps beating...

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Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



My heart keeps beating for you, my life finds its meaning only when I’m by your side, but the world that separates us keeps pushing me away; alone, helpless, I live on the divine essence flowing from your enchanted words. Am I alone in experiencing these upheavals?

If I am, let the mountains shout it!


But neither the mountains nor the sea scream; it’s in the silence of the wind.


My heart keeps beating for fear of losing you: “one day or the other,” whispers the wind but by its gentleness I cannot be fooled; I will protect you, I, who yearn to be by your side, day and night, the two of us together, flowing in the vast river of time.

The love in me will never cease to exist.


But does the absolute exist in the world of mere humans?


My heart keeps beating for your beauty, but in ignorance of my feelings, you continue cherishing someone else, a person whom I could neither love nor hate.

My soul hates me but I am helpless.

This world devastates me and a deep sadness oozes from my body.

Is this the existence I desire?


But time, they say, solves everything in its grip!


My heart keeps beating for life, for the celestial beauty but no longer for you; my heart no longer beats for your dark eyes, your divine beauty, and your voluptuous body; it no longer beats for your rosy lips or exalting gaze; it beats for my existence in this imaginary world, it beats for the life of this unknown man.

This heart is exhausted and the death watches it.


Is there a meaning to this existence?

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