Empress Alexandra's Dressing Table

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Early poetry

Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018




By Alexander Guinevere Kern

Copyright A. Kern 1990


Quiet, so quiet.

Was there ever sound here?

Mauve, mauve-colored silk

Drapes its passivity everywhere.

Curtains, carpet, stair.

Demure mauve pleats 

Girdle her vanity.

Needles, brooches, marble ointment jars

Cameos, lace, cast off 

Dark, mauve shadows.

Stiffened gilt roses edge

The mirror, and the brush

Guards threads of reddish-gray

Hair entwined in the bristles.

Stale sachet and lilac bouquet.

Cloy the air with their scent.

And they make no sound.

30 years at her secretary, 

She scratched out volumes

Of letters, feverish, punctuated;

The heart of a woman

Bleeding through her pen.

Diamonds clotted her neck like

Glistening barnacles, pearls

Dripped from her lobes, 

She knotted her waist with

Anchors of high-grade pearls.

Daily she prayed. Walls weighted 

Down with icons tightened 

Around her like an army in revolt.

The woman Russia never came to know, 

Buried her face here.

And only when she became

One with the Silence, 

By Bolshevik hands, 

This room camouflaged

Her purple Rage,

Coiled . . . silent,

A mauve mausoleum,

Guarding her face, 

Preserving her pain.

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