A Queen who fell from the Sky

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I want to pay homage to someone very special to me. She is one of the strongest women that I have ever met and this is dedicated to her

Submitted: May 22, 2018

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Submitted: May 22, 2018



A Queen Who Fell From the Sky


Let me tell you a tale about a fallen star that struck an empire 

My father had told me the story of a Queen so beautiful that gods from all around shower her with gifts from the heavens


Thousands flocked to the empire with gifts in hopes that the Queen would make them the king she has always dreamed of

But how did this falling star come to be?

My father said that she was a star that fell from the sky

She was found by house servant and presented her to the king

The king shunned her and left her to fend for herself

As hurt as she was and angry she never showed it

A prince soon came to the kingdom

He had managed to win her heart and love

However like most love stories the prince betrayed her in the end

An yet while broken, hurt, angry, and sad she stood tall above it all for the only good thing to have happen was the birth of her child...a soon to be princess of the kingdom


When the king disappeared she took control of the kingdom and thus set out to find the right one to help lead her nation

Thousands from each corner of the world had flocked to be with the Queen

Many told me such of her beauty

Some say she is a gorgeous as a sunset on a summers night

Some say she is as beautiful as the stars that shine on a clear blue sky

Some say her smile was like the essences of a red rose

Some even say her body was carved by Michelangelo himself....perfection 

Other believed her to be a goddess reincarnated


I watch from close view as these men made a case for themselves to be her king

She courts some but others she dismisses

She smiles all the time but yet I can see the sadness in her eyes

I can feel her loneliness

She yearns for the love she had once felt

Why can’t she find love?

Are they not worthy of her love?

I know I am not, I am just a mere peasant

I want a Queen like her in my life though

A strong Queen, who walks with such elegance even though she has been through a lot

A Queen who is caring,supportive....loving

A Queen who is real

To find a Queen like her is to hope for another falling star


Thousands flock to see if they are worthy of being her King......

While courting them she sees me and blows a kiss

I wish she would grant me an audience with her

Just so I could say “my Queen, while thousands flock to see you, please do not forget about the peasants. For I believe that someone who has your heart will be not amongst these men but amongst the peasants for they will treat you like the Queen you deserve to be. They will stand by you through it all and you will find the love you had long been seeking. Patience my Queen, great things come to those who wait. You will know when the time is right. Choose carefully for a spur of the moment choice will bring down the empire that you have built.”


She looks at me once more and she sees the bullet go between my eyes

She falls and begins to cry

I want a Queen like her but she doesn’t exist....better to die and not exist 


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