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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This short but interesting book consists of different life happenings and things going on in our society. 
In this book, we will be seeing different perspectives of love, hatred, jealousy, commitment, and pain. Sit back and enjoy the following episodes of the book, "WOW " coming on the way.

Dear viewers, let me know by commenting below if you're looking forward to reading this short novel. I would like to know your thoughts about every episode of mine. Your comments are sincerely wholeheartedly appreciated. But I will try my very best to make this book worth your time. Thanks a lot. I love you all. 


On a cold winter morning which was during the

Christmas period, the weather was perfect like in nature. The girl twin whose name was Emily grudgingly got up

from bed and dragged herself to the bathroom where she had a face bath. Then she was out of the bathroom,after

which she met her twin brother standing beside the bed and smiling at her with a cup of coffee in his hand .

As soon as she saw this, she grabbed the coffee off his hands and took a long


Once she was through, she held her brother's hand and pulled him to the corridor  which was on the left side

of the house. When they both got there, they sat on the cane chairs that were set in a corner of the corridor. The

weather was resuscitating and cool.

Then they started conversing about the up-coming audition which was going to take place later that day. The

family business which was owned by their parents, the Valientes, was at its peak during this period of the year.

Especially because of the coming Christmas celebration.

The company who was generally known as The Valientes Group of Companies was planning to launch

another set of shoe lines. Their company based on the production of shoes and clothes lines. And these lines

usually contained designs which were enticing to the general public and which led to the increase in production

and sales of these materials. At this point, they needed models whether experienced or not to help in the exhibition

of this new lines. 

Therefore, they decided to carry out an audition for interested applicants. After a while ,they both decided to

go in and prepare for the various outings that they had that day. When they were through, they both went over to

see their mum who was having a little hard time trying to look for something that they later found out to be a

document. As they walked up to her, she quickly hid something which looked like a small piece of paper. When

asked her about it, the answer they got was a really shocking one.

Submitted: May 23, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Princessa. All rights reserved.

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