Our new reality

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Harper Mercier and Derek Hale were friends back in Beacon Hills until she moved to Virginia because of her dads new job and everything changed for both of them. Is there a reason they both end up
in Mystic Falls together or was it a coincidence? I can't hear any heartbeats coming from inside but there is one coming down the driveway. I frown as I smell something. It's familiar. Too

"What the...." I turn my head as I hear a girls voice mumble. The voice I know oh so well.

"I can't believe your here."

"I knew you weren't paying attention!" She laughs the smile I love on her face.

"I was in a mood that day. I knew you were moving to Virginia isn't that enough." I say my face its permanent scowl.

"Your always in a mood." She smiles a genuine smile.

AN: I don't own the characters or settings apart from Harper and her parents. Rights to their owners. I hope you enjoy.

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

Harper's POV  My family was moving from Beacon Hills to Mystic Falls. We had moved all the way from Australia last time and mum ... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 23, 2018

Derek's POV  In all honesty I'm glad Harper left when she did because I know she would of got caught in the cross fire. The fact... Read Chapter