Mr. And Mrs. Omnipotent Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



When Miss Voluptuously Enchanting Rain met Mr. Spell Bindingly Effulgent Earth; they insuperably became; Mr. & Mrs. Eternal fructifying Prosperity,

When Miss Boisterously Frolicking Bumble Bee met Mr. Unbelievably Fragrant Louts; they perpetually became; Mr. & Mrs. Eternally Sparkling Vivaciousness,

When Miss Ingratiatingly Royal Sensitivity met Mr. Uninhibitedly Fulminating Freedom; they impregnably became, Mr. & Mrs. Unflinchingly Unbelievable

When Miss Exhilaratingly Timeless Fantasy met Mr. Unsurpassably Eternal Seduction; they perennially became; Mr. & Mrs. Tantalizingly Effulgent

When Miss Charismatically Symbiotic Smiles met Mr. Effeminately Poignant Valley; they unassailably became; Mr. & Mrs. Ubiquitously Unparalleled Artistry,

When Miss Intimately Convivial Sweetness met Mr. Holistically Symbiotic Wind; they unshakably became; Mr. & Mrs. Regally Priceless Mankind,

When Miss Ferociously Austere Anger met Mr. Profusely Unlimited Honey; they timelessly became; Mr. & Mrs. Eclectically Vivid Tanginess,

When Miss Enthrallingly Pristine Blackness met Mr. Flamboyantly Flaming Sun; they tirelessly became; Mr. & Mrs. Exuberantly Mollifying Evening,

When Miss Marvelously Insatiable Compassion met Mr. Fearlessly Altruistic Fortitude; they irrevocably became; Mr. & Mrs. Everlastingly Unblemished Unity,

When Miss Surreptitiously Philandering Mist met Mr. Bewitchingly Esoteric Adventurer; they indomitably became; Mr. & Mrs. Fathomlessly Stupefying Enigma,

When Miss Unrestrictedly Expressive Tigress met Mr. Phlegmatically Reticent Air; they unstoppably became; Mr. & Mrs. Celestially Pleasant Atmosphere,

When Miss Aristocratically Ingenious Rainbow met Mr. Artistically Fantastic Poetry; they harmoniously became; Mr. & Mrs. Unrelentingly Exotic Adventure,

When Miss Inexorably Profound Concentration met Mr. Limitlessly Luminiscent Dedication; they exultatingly became; Mr. & Mrs. Inimitably Ecstatic Victory,

When Miss Resplendently Discovering Freedom met Mr. Dazzlingly Unconquerable Truth; they unceasingly became; Mr. & Mrs. Supremely Enamoring Paradise,

When Miss Astoundingly Ingenious Punctuality met Mr. Incomprehensibly state-of-the-art Precision; they infallibly became; Mr. & Mrs. Gloriously Unassailable Picture-Perfect,

When Miss Panoramically Virgin Beauty met Mr. Mellifluously Priceless Rudiments; they invincibly became; Mr & Mrs. Sensuously Heavenly Mother-Nature,

When Miss Fascinatingly Relentless Dreamer met Mr. Gregariously Synergistic Philosopher; they inevitably became; Mr. & Mrs. Unbreakably Unlimited Friend,

When Miss Vibrantly Untamed Breath met Mr. Passionately Vivid Enthusiasm; they unrestrictedly became; Mr. & Mrs. Sacredly Blessing Life,
And when Miss Divinely Thundering Heart met Mr. Unimaginably Burgeoning Freshness; they immortally became; Mr. & Mrs. Endlessly Omnipotent Love.

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