Music: The Food For Life

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



Music is an enchanting reverie which never ends; inundating your dying soul with perpetual happiness,

Music is a mesmerizing bird which keeps soaring endlessly through the mystical clouds; nostalgically transiting you back into realms of impeccable childhood,

Music is a resplendent star in the cosmos; which incessantly keeps rejuvenating withering lives from the brink of despairing extinction,

Music is a tantalizing whisper which astoundingly proliferates in the mind as each second unveiled; truly escalating the spirit of existence,

Music is a poignant panacea for the most inexplicable of ailment; profoundly blending the rhythm of the passionate heart with all the goodness prevailing in
the atmosphere,

Music is a wave of euphoric rhapsody; which washes away all those sins; you may have inadvertently stumbled upon,

Music is a profusely redolent rose; uninhibitedly disseminating its scent to whomsoever who wanted to inhale it,

Music is the invincible ladder to ebullient success; propelling you to rise from the obnoxious ashes; everytime you horrendously faltered in your step,

Music is a vivacious rainbow; deluging mundane survival with compassionate loads of vibrant color and charm,

Music is a captivating fountain; bestowing each life it besieged with a festoon of emphatic melody,

Music is the most effusive form of expression; stirring the most inner most recesses of the conscience to unbelievably unprecedented limits,

Music is more gorgeous than the voluptuous shadow; unfurling an unsurpassable tale of tantalizing mystery in each of its tunes,

Music is the most immaculate sound which a tangible organism could ever emanate; the most sacrosanct tune; which perpetually unites one and all; alike,

Music is a seductive trail that leads to the most marvelously tingling fantasy; a dream which only the angels in the heavens could coalesce with and conceive,
Music is a indomitable protagonist; absorbing even the most infinitesimal trace of acrimonious hostility; in the swirl of its tenacious pulse,

Music is a magnificently surreal cloud which relentlessly rains; blessing the lives of countless with the essence of its sacred grace,

Music is a velvety feather which not only triggers an untamed exultation in breathless identities; but rekindles them to lead a myriad of infinite more exciting lives,

Music is the religion you believe in; the language in which your very first ancestor used to merrily converse,

Music is the solitary ray of dazzling light in the preposterously morbid tunnel; engendering you to emerge victorious in the Herculean struggle called life,

Music is an arrow which hits its target completely blindfolded; rises as the uncrowned prince; even as the entire planet headed towards inevitably disdainful destruction,

Music is an intriguingly innocuous child; that stays forever young even after undergoing an incomprehensible battalion of deaths,

Music is the insurmountable spice which foments even the dead to rise from their graves; dance in stupendously sultry winds in the throes of moonlit midnight,

Music is the  most wonderful entertainment bereft of a single penny; and yet amazingly reinvigorating the entire system with blissful synergies that the body had always desired,

Music is the sparkle of ones eye; the glow which every personality radiates in the most divinely contented stage of life,

Music is the whistling air you breathe; the ecstatic spurts of energy you expend while trespassing on every path of life; the celestial flurry of smiles on your countenance as you are enthralled by the creation of God,

Music is indeed the reason why you live; the reason why you will always choose to love; or shall we say music is the irrefutable food for life.

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