My Baby

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



The Dinosaur perceived it to be an inconspicuous insect; a small speck of dirt
lying sprawled amongst infinite others of its kind,

The red ants on the floor perceived it to be a colossal mountain; with black roots on its summit,

The clouds hovering in the cosmos perceived it to be; a passing draught of placid wind,

The yellow beaked birds floating in the pond; perceived it to be a flimsy fledgling having just hatched out,

The ominous reptiles slithering in unchopped meadows of grass; perceived it to
be a gigantic worm with bulging eyes,

The fiery body of sun in the sky; perceived it to a hindrance; irascibly blocking its scintillating rays,

The rustic chimpanzees perched high on the trees; perceived it to be a tiny inclusion into their vivacious tribe,

The chameleon transgressing through the incongruous bushes; perceived it to be
a gargantuan mosquito; impossible to be gobbled,

The stray dogs philandering through the desolate streets; perceived it to be a chunk of sumptuous chicken; the very sight of which made them profusely slaver at their mouths,

The obstreperously humming bees in their cat combed hives; perceived it to be an organism of their fraternity; when it incessantly cried,

The monstrous sharks in the deep ocean; perceived it to be a fragile and sticky tadpole; without its tail,

The discordantly buzzing mosquitoes; perceived it to be a blend of rich flesh and blood; a rare treat to encounter once in a while,

The silver spider entwined within the intricate threads of its web; perceived it to be a crusader; who could squelch its dwelling at any moment,

The squirrels wandering through the meandering burrows; perceived it to be a
sumptuous nut; soft and supple to nibble,
The diabolically toothed alligator in the swampy marshes; perceived it to be crunchy bread for breakfast,

The pigs ambling languidly on the streets; perceived it to be a sophisticated bundle of scented garbage,
The rats trespassing through the floors at night; perceived it to be a freshly prepared conglomerate of food,

The creator who evolved him from my womb; perceived him to be a human being; a
tangible entity out of the millions he had created,

While I perceived ' MY BABY'; to be the most beautiful person in this world;
the most priceless treasure ever existing on this planet; Yes your guess is as
good as mine; for I was none other than his mother.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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