My Creator

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



For as long as the sun has shone in the cosmos; filtering a path of electric light through the silken puffs of clouds,

For as long as the moon has shimmered amidst a pool of darkness; emitting a stream of mystical silver rays,

For as long as the river has cascaded down the mountain slopes; culminating into a fountain of mesmerizing froth; after blending with the sparkling rocks,

For as long as the deserts have formed whirlpools of sand; with turbulent currents of dust sweeping majestically across every unleashing minute,

For as long as the rose has emanated its enchanting redolence; left its lingering fragrance to wholesomely besiege ones dreary persona,

For as long as raw salt has lived in the sea; rising and falling rampantly with the undulating waves,

For as long as the birds have chirped melodiously on the trees; inundating the nonchalant atmosphere with waves of enthralling music,

For as long as the potbellied turtle has philandered innocuously; nibbling merrily at the fat chunk of green leaves,

For as long as the stars have twinkled in the cloudless sky; granting celestial reprieve from the ominous dark circumventing the earth,

For as long as blistering lava has remained incarcerated in earth's belly; traveling at lightening speeds through a labyrinth of its crevices,

For as long as the chameleon has changed its shades; camouflaged itself perfectly with its vibrant surroundings,

For as long as the rain has plummeted from the sky; drenching scorched slabs of soil with stupendously cool water,

For as long as peacock has danced animatedly; opening its full plumage with violent outbursts of wind in the monsoons,

For as long as the iridescent rainbow has appeared in the sky; presenting a festoon of colors for one to sight,

For as long as the echo has reverberated in the deep valley; permeating bit by bit
into its everlasting darkness,

For as long as the virtue of attraction has existed between mammalians; drawing them closer into an intimate embrace, bestowing upon them the power to procreate,

For as long as there has been irrefutable truth; the essence of it hovering alive directions unprecedented,

For as long as the omnipresent aura of love encapsulates us all; bonding us perpetually with the threads of humanity,

And for as long as there has been the first leaf; the first droplet of liquid; the first living being on this earth; there has existed the person whom I am grateful for creating me; the one whom I today know as my first ancestor; my omniscient Creator.

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