My Darling Unfettered Umbrella

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



It made spell bindingly intriguing shapes in construction sand; as I thrust its tip with the most nonchalantly uninhibited ease and without giving a damn,

It brought about unabashed laughter when tickled with in the ribs; proving an astoundingly great and cost-free playmate to relish life,

It helped me draw wondrously enamoring designs in loosened clay; as I swished its tip with perseveringly passionate tenacity to reach my imaginative direction,

It pummeled incongruously delectable holes in the wall; when sagaciously used to reach the other side of the room; when every other alternative had failed,

It proved a quintessential humane tool for self-defense; as merely raising its awkwardly gaunt persona towards an impersonator; made him retract right back to the entrance gate,

It made an excellently formidable walking stick; with a resolute grip on stony ground and compassionately fondling the palms with its bountifully semi-circular end,

It acted as an enchantingly philanthropic pulley in times of duress; when I offered its tapered tip to people stuck in the flood; that helped me hoist them to safe places of comfort,

It made one of my most flexibly rejoicing bats; as I used its neatly serrated body to bludgeon the ball flying towards me; to high and handsome outside the rickety fence,

It appeared as a wand of practicality in my hands; starkly proclaiming that I'd like to mind my own business and expect the same from others; wherever I went,

It made me feel at my youthfully effervescent best; as I tapped it on cold floor-  to the passionately unhindered tunes of the loudspeaker on the bustling street,

It acted as a rhapsodically make-shift broomstick at times; clearing unsolicited garbage that spontaneously appeared in the way; swishing left and right with all its might on sordid road,

It acted as a magnanimously enthralling storage pouch; as I kept all sorts of meaningful tid-bits and coins in its inner recesses; emptying the same wholesomely only after reaching the safe environs of home,

It served as a mesmerizing  respite against mosquito bite; as one used its somberly protruding tip to scratch; alleviate the pang of rash after the obnoxious sting,

 It proved an impeccably honest shoulder to lean upon; share; cuddle; caress and clasp- without expecting the tiniest from me in return; as the world outside suddenly turned deaf to what I said,

It gave me a feeling that I was holding an unparalleled winners trophy at times; as I nimbly tread my way to the train holding it invincibly against my chest,

It gave me a feeling of sparkling newness as I trawled my fingers through its scintillatingly shiny spokes; which jutted out in synchronized tandem to define its ebullient outlines,

It was so compassionately adjustable; as it shrunk to almost a quarter of its size when I closed it; at times even to less than my little thumb to accommodate like a toy in my pocket,

It snugly hung in almost every corner and wall nail when the time came to retire for the day; reminding me of the optimistic fervor that I needed to start a freshly flamboyant dawn,

But I liked it the most when my unfettered Umbrella opened full bloom at the punch of a button; unfurling the colors of joy of my impoverished existence; and sequestering me from the acrimonious afternoon heat just like a new born child.

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