My First Son

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



Every divinely smile of his; made me blossom into an unsurpassable paradise of astounding newness; as I ebulliently surged forward with the untamed fervor of
vibrant life,

Every naughty wink of his; made me timelessly flirt behind the sun soaked hills; as I  perennially felt like a immaculately new born child; in the sacrosanct lap of
my mother; once again,

Every princely footstep of his; made me forever assimilate all benign goodness in the stupendously splendid atmosphere; enshrouding my life with unfathomable righteousness,

Every innocuous cry of his; made me indefatigably transpire towards transcending beyond the pinnacles of irrefutably glittering philanthropism; amiably bond in
threads of humanity; with my fellow comrades in inexplicably horrendous distress,

Every delectable snore of his; made me relentlessly fantasize about the fathomlessly bountiful wonders of this magnanimous planet; trace back my very first rudiments; to the sacred lap of everlasting romance,

Every heavenly finger of his; made me ecstatically leap in an ocean of enchanting enthrallment; fantastically conceive the most incredulously grandiloquent contours of priceless mankind; for infinite more births yet to unveil,

Every innocent shadow of his; made me unequivocally feel the most blessed organism on this Universe; as I felt every manipulatively beleaguered cranny of my
impoverished demeanor; being sparklingly replenished each minute,

Every celestial blush of his; made me exuberantly wander in lanes of incomprehensibly boundless jubilation; as I felt I had wholesomely vanquished all
sorrows of mine with the; blissful cradle of scintillating newness,

Every incoherent word of his; made me rhapsodically stumble upon an expedition of blooming optimism; discovering a profusely magical radiance in every wind of the atmosphere; that I wholeheartedly embraced,

Every melodious whisper of his; made me benevolently float with the angels of royal humanity; attune my disastrously dilapidated existence; in synergy with the
principles of; benign mankind,

Every spotlessly untainted yawn of his; made me feel bereft of all my inadvertently committed sins; as I marvelously rejuvenated every iota of my famished existence; with the impregnable fervor of uninhibited togetherness,

Every poignant expression of his; made me feel rejoicingly human; as I fulminated even the innermost parts of my soul; to beautifully blend with the river of; unassailably glorious honesty,

Every innocuous maneuver of his; made me supremely drift into an entrenchment of Omnipotently shimmering belief; as I pioneered a sparkling Sun of patriotism;
on every step that I harmoniously tread,

Every droplet of his vivacious blood; made me flamingly rise to kiss the fireballs of unbelievably euphoric compassion; tirelessly disseminate the unconquerable mantras of eternal friendship; to the most fathomless parts of this earth,

Every spontaneously ingratiating frown of his; made me deeply realize that even the most greatest of humans are sporadically fallible; infact just an infinitesimally minuscule fraction of the Almighty divine,

Every freshly protruding teeth of his; made me intransigently salute God for so handsomely evolving freshness; for so aristocratically creating and molding each element of; wonderfully mesmerizing mankind,

Every piquantly tiny fist of his; made me intractably believe in my integrally inborn spirit of never dying enthusiasm; as I tirelessly diffused the rainbow of vivacious hope; in every dwelling brutally asphyxiated with murderous gloom and despair,

Every resplendently enamoring breath of his; made me forever feel that I was radiantly dancing on the carpet of blissfully unending survival; leading each
instant of my existence; in holistic symbiosis with the united rays of all; living kind,

And every beat of his passionately throbbing heart; made me alive even from the corridors of despicably gory hell; more importantly love my first son; as much
as the Creator loved this ravishing planet

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