My Garishly Striped Helmet

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



Normally I would have fallen on the ground in a bedraggled heap; as the colossal slabs of concrete tore loose and descended from the terrace of the building,
But today I escaped without a single scratch to my scalp; bounced about in robust exhilaration as the mammoth plaster viciously struck my head.

Normally I would have emitted a thunderous yelp as I was hurled on the obdurate road from my scooter; eloping at electric speeds to the nearest hospital to receive exquisite medical treatment,
But today I patted my skull in supreme satisfaction; inhaled in a breath of incredulous contentment as I audaciously marched forward after the entire episode.

Normally I would have seen shimmering stars in brilliant daylight; as I bumped my head inadvertently in the doorway while entering the house,
But today I was able to stare directly into the pugnacious fireball of the Sun without batting an eyelid; immediately after the ghastly anecdote unveiled.

Normally I would have taken out life from the boy; as he deliberately hit me with a sharp stone; ran after him wincing in inexplicable agony to try and wring his neck,
But today I hoisted him handsomely in my arms; fed him with a flurry of ravishingly creamy chocolates; instantaneously after he hit me with the bulky brick.

Normally I would have shot all those mosquitoes hovering intransigently around my face; trying to irascibly infiltrate into my skin to drink my precious blood,
But today I invited them open heartedly to chivalrously grace my presence; infact asked them to invite the most remotest of their friends to come and sing near my nose.

Normally I would have been squelched to raw pulp; cremated in my coffin even before I died; as the monstrous bus ruthlessly bulldozed its way over my innocent head,
But today I got up within fraction seconds of time after the vehicle had skidded by; commented nonchalantly about the tyres not being that heavy as they should have been.

Normally I would have been mercilessly electrocuted as streaks of white lightening struck me on my naked skull; charring me to colorless ash from head to toe,
But today I withstood the storm unflinchingly; rampantly ran without the slightest of fear and circumspection; in the midst of sparks and vivacious electricity falling all around in violent tandem.

Normally I would have coughed incessantly; caught with severe infections and disease as I weaved through the claustrophobic streets of the crowded city,
But today I wandered a perfect double of my regular distance remaining as robust as a resplendent apple; emitting tinkling laughter; executing the smile of my life.

Normally I wouldn't have even got time to perform my last rites and rituals; as the herculean boulder came hurtling down the mountains; banging brutally with my
innocuous head,
But today I sat down for breakfast immediately after the appalling incident; munched through the appetizing slices of crimson radish with unprecedented relish.

And normally I would have fainted at every accident that happened; every fall that I was inevitably subjected to; visited disdainful ambulances time and again; stuffed more painkiller in my stomach than mesmerizing food,
But today I sat on the throne like an unconquerably prince; ready to take on the onslaught of the most thunderous of storm; knowing that I would be immortally safe from all sides; as I had adorned my all time darling; my rotund shaped and garishly
striped helmet

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