My Heart Was Pure Indian

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



The cheese that I had for morning breakfast was pure Italian; with its tanginess drowning me into waves of euphoria,

The ring adorning my finger was from the ancient pyramids of Arabia; glistening splendidly all day and night,

The shampoo that I used; was a herbal extract from the caves of Mount Everest; impregnating my hair with a satiny caress,

The calculator I used; was from Japan; deciphering mind-boggling puzzles within lightening fraction of seconds,

The shoes I wore were colonial British; woven with exquisite quality leather,
The watch on my wrists was authentically Swiss; shimmering majestically under the moonlight,

The scents that lines my mantelpiece; were from the deserts of Arabia; replacing all stink with their mesmerizing redolence,

The belt that held my pant single piece; was evolved from the skin of African python,

The ice cubes that floated in my glass of whisky; were from the summit of the frozen Himalayas,

The carpets engulfing every floor of my dwelling; were stitched with exclusive quality Persian wool,

The gallons of water that I consumed every hour; were extracted from the pristine springs of the Alps,

The mascara embellishing my eyelashes; was from the markets of ravishing France; that attracted every female inevitably towards me,

The food that I gulped for nocturnal supper; was from the delectable kitchens of Turkey,

The clothes that I used to cover my shivering skin; were from the contemporary and gaudy showrooms of America,

The conch shells that I used to announce my voice to the world; were from the coastal islands of Australia,
The roses that were fitted adorably in my vase; were from the sprawling gardens
of China,

The tea that I sipped with enormous pleasure; was made from petals strewn in the orchards of Pakistan,

Infact even the contraptions I used to measure my intimate heart beat was of precision quality and pure German,

While inspite of all these; I still had the greatest reverence for the soil
I was born in; my heart was pure Indian.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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