My Impoverished Life

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Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



A robust framework of tantalizing flesh; for the pertinently hovering mosquito; stealthily eyeing it for his chance of devastating the same,

A titillating island of amalgamated mincemeat; for the murderously wandering lethal jawed crocodile,

A fascinating chunk of skin for the menacing scorpion; snaring its deadly pincers insidiously towards it; as the Sun transcended well beyond the horizons,

A golden raspberry; for the boisterously buzzing humming bee; relishing on its immaculately glowing periphery; to sing and celestially sleep,

A sporadically hollow trunk; for the merrily  philandering squirrel; finding insurmountable heaven in the hollow caverns of its compassionate nostrils
and lips,

A ray of optimistic light; for the rampantly loitering worms; crawling into the flamboyantly dynamic  apertures of its eye; as ghastly nightfall superceded the
heroic day,

A source of incessant entertainment; for the painstakingly persevering tortoise; getting a ravishingly splendid reprieve from its tireless spells of boredom and languid despondence,

An ingratiatingly juicy fruit; for the ominously slithering python; greedily viewing the charismatic gait with which it transgressed,

A delectably crunchy shell; for the preposterously gigantic shark; engulfing its brutal jaws; over its composite conglomerate of mesmerizing flesh and bones,

A fountain of spellbindingly fresh blood; for the hideously uncouth bats; who descended like a tumultuously thunderous maelstrom upon its impeccably
shimmering demeanor,

A delightfully prospective client; for the rustic barber; who basked in the realms of stupendous joy while trimming a mountain of hair and bushy beard; from its humble caricature,

An innocent rabbit; for the treacherously murderous criminals; massacring it to infinite bits of minuscule chowder; after ruthlessly evacuating its share of wealth and happiness,

An alluringly voluptuous bone; for the barbaric butcher; stuffing his pockets with astronomical wealth; after trading its indispensable organs of salubrious meat,

A revitalizingly fortified biscuit; for the vociferously growling wolf; pouncing on it devilishly; the instant he even ethereally glimpsed at it,

A magnificently royal feast; for the diabolical vultures flapping around; enveloping it from all ends; horrendously depraving it of the tiniest iota of blood and vital ingredient,

An innocuously compact hill of cheese; for the obnoxiously piquant teethed battalion of mice; relentlessly nibbling on its majestic periphery to reduce it to a corpse; more horrifically distorted than the graves,

A monotonously robotic machine; for the satanically manipulative boss; extricating its potential to the unimaginably unprecedented; before dumping it in the gutter like a piece of orphaned shit,

An infinitesimal molecule; for the Almighty Lord; treating it as he treated every other organism; that he had evolved on the trajectory of this wonderfully fathomless Universe,

But an immortal ocean of love solely for your heart; proliferating into an infinite lives with each of its princely beats; every time it had a chance to be born again; was my impoverished life.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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