Freedom For A Billion Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a come back into reality when I have so far dive deep into a faith so bonded with our teacher. May this beautiful day never end. :)

Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



Somewhere in my heart,

My destiny favours a little belief in our own selves,

Here and now there is a courage to face the extremes,

Across this simple story a voice I resurrect unwritten in history,

When we try to test another suite where my time find this fortune,

Our audience who feels these beats within,

Ask God for forgiveness in a time so untold,

There is a direction where my heart love its fingerprints,

Many who sailed what our present portrays,

Nothing happens when the rules of the game be the devotion to our cause,

Brings out a wonderful tale somewhere deep within my mind,

Our expression in true faith as the struggle for a better world joins the entire humanity,

This dairy of our Mother Earth brings out the meaning of life to me in a question mark,

I ask again in an unconscious story of our future,

Do we recognise on the face of our commonplace on this Earth as our own unique mission as if we chased it from the beginning of creation yet it could well become a part of one's life, so has come to earth looking there is the will to be true in welfare and unity for one humanity that emanates faith in all to see our longest quest waylaid on peace?

A key never to give up this hope be a victim yet powerful of all creation,

Our courage when everyone tries to get their share on all sort of commercial interests,

Reminds us those claims in good deeds still read be the last hope of the our new testament,

Still somewhere inside my soul,

In remembrance of all that exists conquering death marching for our lives,

Has made the Mother Nature unintended in one responsibility how far we may keep it green,

Today near losses a loss of most awe-inspiring ecological memory fade into our sweet water of the summer shower,

A human family once again own the way our ecological consciousness slowly disappear to break open its kinder weather of this planet,

This part of our childhood had less heat extremes when the endangered species still continue to be under threat,

When we miss an human legacy that alone will remain in our vision to tell us,

Few initiatives earmarked on this morning half-way limited our early realities and the everyday struggle for survival without overexploiting the natural resources,

If all worldly pursuits gain the trust to be unavoidable through technological trade competence but making perfect security for our daily assets,

Will the original unity in human mind necessitates and create surplus value in the happiness quotient where we own what Gods disciples created to be a world after its image ?

Meeting in seperation bonded in the great love through reverence of all faith listen's to everyones wise advise,

Far where all of them are one and we see the light what our mind tells us it is so,

The power of faith and prayer devotes our transition to realise this truth not lose our sense of grounding in the real world,

One human need can focus our energies in the ultimate path towards peace,

It is so how powerful this can be when you really care for our planet and others here,

I hear this beautiful story in the deep self-effacing song of the early morning sunrise,

And I wish this Sun never set,

When I am moved each time I may again hear this beautiful story in our global village,

It's all about being yourself and may you never forget the last will,

And this new testament surrounds us all the time as Gods destiny on this planet... :)

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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