Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Goodbye

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



Chad's POV

It was the early morning on a 12th day i'm being a guest in the forest shack. I wake up at 4:30 in the morning, very strictly, like always and go outside to chop some firewood so we stay warm through all the day.

Not that I need it, but little routine wouldn't hurt.

I put the firewood in a precise way by the side wall of a house and pick some grapes from the bush, which is scattering on the half of the house.

I put few into my mouth and for a second devour the taste. I managed to push away my blood thirst, just not sure for how long.

Like every morning, I go to the frozen stream to cool off and undress myself completely. I drift into the water and let my head go under. I never was so calm before, never felt so safe and normal. I'm starting to think that my men did this to me. I was getting paranoid around them, waiting for a stab at my back. Now all is different.

I stay under the water for few minutes, making sure that I do not need to breathe. And I don't. Not that it surprises me, I just have a feeling that Eligos is doing all his creepy voodoo crap to break me. So far- he didn't succeed.

When I get out of the water, I sit on a dewy grass by the shore and try to get dry. Both puppies are playing around me and everything seem to be perfect. There's just one thing I would die for-if my lovely girl would be by my side, but she's not here. She stayed at the warehouse, unconscious and I have no idea if she would ever wake up, if only I won't do something about it.

I check my mobile phone. Very low on battery, but I have a sudden urge to call my good old buddy Robert. I am sure I did a bad thing telling everything his wife, but who the hell cares?

I dial the number, praying the phone won't die on me now.

Few ringing sounds follows and low male voice answers. "Ripper?"

"Ahhh! So sweet of you. You were waiting for my call, Bobby?"

"In fact I did. I was hoping you changed your mind and are ready to give in."

"Now why would I do that?"-i moan into a speaker. He's so naive, oh lord.

"Then what do you want?"-he asks now somewhat impatiently.

"I told you- I wanna go down in history and you will help me. Just tell me-what is your price?"

"I'm not for sale. But I would talk to you one on one."

"Hmmm...alright,"-i tell him and can't believe myself of what i'm doing,-"i'll call you when I decide the venue."

"Hey, Chad?"-he asks and i'm kinda drift into a shock for a second that he knows my name.

"Lovely. You've been doing your homework, I can see?"

"Just doing my job."

And I hung up. Motherfucker knows my name, but what did I expect?

He's smart.

I might even like him.

A sudden strange sound meets my ears and I figure it's coming from the shack. I slip back into my clothes and hurry inside.

Just like few times before, I have this strange feeling in my guts something's wrong.

Popping from behind the corner, I suddenly freeze and all my doubts quickly dissipate- white rich bitch Armani trio drifts in front of me, and my buddy Frank by his side, who's now wild and round eyes stares at me.

"Eligos!"-i roar realising what he's about to do here.

"Mr.Haynes!"-he smiles at me and pulls out a dagger out of his inner pocket. "Me and your friend here, we had hell of a chat."

I stand silent and grit my teeth out of anticipation. My fists are now crunched tight and I try to look calm, but a threatening banging at the back of my head gives me a little warning.

Something evil within me is really not happy about this fucked up situation. I observe the gun in his hand. This is not right. I have the original one, Cecil brought it for me.

In fact Cecil surprised me, along with my legion he attacked the castle a while ago and as much as I heard, the Duke lost lots of his own.

"This fake dagger won't scare me. You cannot kill me!"

"Maybe",-he smiles again.

"Is it true?"-Frank asks with his shaking voice,-"did I really invite the devil himself into my home?"

"Let me explain, Frank!"-i reason, but Morgan pulls his hand into the air and the blade sparkles against the raising sun behind my back. "I wanted to tell you, but you wouldn't let me." "Just a little warning, Mr.Haynes,"-Morgan interrupts,-"the time is almost here. Say your good bye."

"If you hurt him, Eligos, i'm gonna rip your head off and stuff it so deeply into your ass even your friend Marathael won't be able to help you out this time!"-i hiss and get ready for attack.

"You don't play by the rules, Mr.Haynes. You sent out your evil souls to destroy my peaceful home and you now expect there won't be any consequences?"-he hiss, his angry voice resembling mine.

I inhale deeply, as a barely controllable pain darts at my head and spreads all over. I close my eyes and exhale. And as I open my now black venomous eyes, suddenly everything goes into a slow motion, it seem.

Morgan turns left towards my friend and I lunge forward, but Morgan is faster. He throws the dagger at me with a speed of light and it goes straight for my chest, somewhere at the middle, getting stuck at my sternum. It hurts, i'm not gonna deny. I go down and Morgan grabs Frank's head and God awful crack shakes the forest, as he breaks his neck.

I yell at the top of my lungs, as the body crumbles on the porch and slowly rolls the steps down onto the grass.

"This is war, Eligos, you motherfucker!"-I try to stand up and pull the dagger out, but my hands are all slippery because of all the blood streaming out of me. For a second everything turns into a blur and I crumble down again.

My friend just got killed because of me.

"I'm gonna kill you!"-i roar again and with still poking dagger in my chest, I lunge towards the porch, but Eligos is gone.

I look around. He's just gone, vanished, like he never even was here in a first place.

I stand silent. Sad and defeated, with a dagger at my chest.

I still have a little drop of humanity in me, it appears, and I can't deny the weird feeling of the loss. I have never experienced such rage and both hopelessness before.

Silence rings in my head. I hear no birds, no wind, but the absolute silence as I gaze at a lifeless body in front.

I did this. Another one just died, because I felt something human.

I keep loosing and loosing only because I, self centred bipolar psycho fell in love with my girl. If it wasn't for her, I would never trigger the prophesy and wouldn't know about who I am.

Now I know exactly what I have to do.

I'm gonna switch off my humanity and just do what I know best.

Kill her. That's what i'd do.

I make a small step forward and drop onto my knees in front of the old man, which now is laying lifeless on the grass. His eyes are open. His white hair slightly moves with a wind and I can do nothing, but pull him into a hug and close his eyes.

"I'm sorry friend!"-is all I can say. I am defeated by my enemy. Defeated by my teacher, my relative, for fuck's sake!


I bury Frank in a back yard and put huge stones on his grave, so coyotes won't get a chunk out of him.

Frank was good for me. It's the least I can do.

When i'm done, I sit by the grave for a while and have no idea what I do with the damn puppies. I can't just leave them here, they would die for sure.

However, i'm not a good Samaritan to be bothered by the pets.

So I don't know what do I do.

"Fuck it!"-i grunt and get into the house to grab my stuff. I pack quickly the little things I had with me and step outside, trying to ignore little yelps coming from the carton box.

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