Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Bleed

Submitted: June 03, 2018

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



The wind was getting stronger.

I couldn't understand the screams by the warehouse.

I didn't notice the raindrops reach my skin. All I felt back then was shallow breathing of my best friend, dying on my arms. The blood was slowly dripping down my fingers. I held his head and saw those big brown eyes, that kept starring into mine.

"Please, please..."-i wept,- "don't leave me".

I knew this is the end. He was in pain. I could feel his heartbeat is becoming slow and steady. The sound of his yelps were unbearable to hear, as he tried to reach my cheek and lick it for the last time. I hugged him, I hid my face into his fur and cried.

"Please, you are my best friend! Don't leave me alone in this".

There were shots and screams somewhere far behind me. Soon the rain washed my tears and the blood to the grass and I saw it soak the ground.

I didn't care anymore. I didn't even care about what Darren did to me. All I could think of was Ralph dying. My best friend leaving me.

He shivered his front leg in pain and I knew I have to end this. I didn't want to. Yes, I was selfish in the way, I knew I won't be able to live without him, that I will not handle this, but I had to think about Ralph. And the pain he's in.

I took the pistol from Jake's cold hand with shaking fingers and pulled it towards my dog's head.

"I am sorry, Ralph, I don't know what to do. I don't know how to save you. Please forgive me!" -and I pulled the trigger.

I was crying and screaming. I was squeezing him in my arms. I felt so sick and wrong. I felt nauseous. The blood was all over.

I sat there for few moments. Emotionless. I was starring into the open eyes of my best friend. This was the worst day of my life. This was the day I killed my best friend.

The storm was calming down. Though the rain kept going, I felt no cold. Mika led beside us. I didn't even notice when she came. She led there beside Ralph and slowly was licking blood from his cheek.

"I got him, S",-Chad said behind my back as he silently approached,-"i'll go deal with..."

Mika growled and ran off. I tried to stop her, by calling her name, but she didn't turn around.

"No",-i cut him off,-"give me the shovel first".

"Look,"-he reasoned,- "I know you're upset, but I can handle it myself. It's just a dog, damn it."

I jumped in front of him. "No, no, no! Don't you dare saying that to my face!" I was standing so close I could feel the cherry gum he was chewing. I didn't care about him or Darren or whoever else was after me. "I need to bury him".

I must have sounded confident, because Chad didn't argue anymore. "Alright",-he nodded. "We'll bury him".

And he went to find me a shovel. I traced his frame till it disappeared in the shack and then I knelt to Ralph and closed his eyes. I sat there on the ground beside him thinking about all the time we spent together. It was so sad. I felt lonely again.

However, I felt grateful I had the chance to have him in my life.

Chad came back with the shovel in few minutes and gave it to me. I started digging.

Seeing how hard it was for me, Chad suddenly hissed. "I can help you,"-he said and tried to take the shovel from me.

"I got it, I got it!"-i yelled, pushing his hand away. I knew I have to do it myself. And I knew what I must do after.

When I buried Ralph, we headed to the warehouse, Haynes by my side. The grass was soaking with water. The rain was dropping from my hair.

We were getting nearer to the front door when I saw black figure sitting on the concrete ground. It was Darren. I looked at Chad questioningly.

"I chained him for you",-he said in a calm tone.

Only then I noticed Darren's leg was being chained to the ground I once was lying few days. He had fresh bruises on the face and his eyebrow was bleeding. I stood there watching him in the eyes for few moments. Chad was standing few feet behind my back. He didn't seem like interrupting.

"You bitch, i'll kill you!"-Darren yelled. "And you!"-he nodded at Chad",-"you're sick. You forgot the purpose of all this! What, you just gonna let her kill me because of the stupid dog?"

"Aww shut up!"-Chad said rolling his eyes. "I don't even like you."

Chad came closer to me. He put a knife in my hand and stepped back. I knew what I wanna do and I guess I was just granted permission.

I wanted Darren dead. Right here, right now.

I drew on him. He was trying to fight back, but Chad suddenly tackled him down with one pretty badly hit and it was difficult for Darren to actually move.

I knelt to him.

Without any second thoughts, I raised the knife and looked at Chad once again, as if to make sure he didn't change his mind. They used to be friends, after all.

Noticing calm face beside me, I didn't hesitate. Darren snapped at me, trying to grab my hand, but he was failing. I raised the knife and with one fluid move I shoved it into Darren's stomach. He screamed but I kept going. The blood was covering my elbows and running from his mouth.

"Bleed!"-i screamed at him and he went silent. The look Daryl had was obvious mixture of fear and need to beg me for mercy. The same look I had every damn day, when they kidnapped me. "Bleed."

I knew he was afraid, because I showed no signs I will be sorry, or that I will hesitate for what I am about to do.

There was nothing left in me actually. I didn't know any longer who I am, I wasn't scared anymore about the monster i'm becoming. I wasn't even afraid of Chad anymore and I felt no pain.

All the things they did to me now wasn't important. All I wanted this second- is Darren to be dead, to pay for what he did to Ralph. "Bleed."

To feel.

Fear. Pain. Hopelessness.

To bleed.

In a calm voice I whispered into his ear,-"i did"...

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