Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Smith and Wesson

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Submitted: June 03, 2018



Chad was pacing nervously to the warehouse and back, every time a new item in his hand. "Can you move? It's getting dark."

As I was laying on the grass by the gates, I simply nodded. I saw him quickly packing things to the trunk. He grabbed some food and water and a black box. I knew what was inside. He grabbed few clothes and a blanket too, then put me gently on the passenger's seat and sat in front of a wheel.

He checked the clip of his colt and then loaded a shotgun.

"This is Jake's gun,"-he pulled out a handgun and squeezed it into my hand. "9 mm, Smith and Wesson. Easy to use and pretty light."

"You giving me a gun?"-i asked.

"Sam's gone. I need to find him, end this. I want you to be able to protect yourself."

I didn't know where we were heading and I didn't care that Sam was gone. This was over.

"Put on your seatbelt"-he said.

"Seriously"?- I laughed suddenly.

After all those things he did to me he was afraid I will crash? Sounded funny, but he didn't think so. He was serious, nervous. Didn't seem like he's going to have a reasonable conversation, so he grabbed mine seatbelt.

"I got it, I got it!"-i hissed back and put the seatbelt on. I held my head with my right hand, while the left one peacefully led on Jake's gun on my lap.

The wounds I had on my stomach seemed pretty bad thought and I felt warm blood soaking my shirts. However, it didn't seem lethal. I didn't feel taste of blood in my mouth and it seemed easyng a bit. Nevertheless, I was afraid Chad would get mad if I ruin the car, so I was hiding my wounds, hoping he won't notice. I pulled the blanket on me, leaving only my nose poking outside.

"Are you ok, S?"- Chad asked,-"you seem pale".

He looked concerned. He kept his eyes on me for several seconds.

"Would you please watch the road? I'm fine, seriously."

"Did you see what direction he took off?"

"Sam?"-i whispered. "Why? Just let him go."

"No, he will tell Morgan. I can't fight another prick at this hour. Here!"-he gave me a dagger,-"hide it somewhere."

I carefully took the dagger. Chad told me about it, I knew it could kill him and suddenly I realised this. I have a weapon to kill Haynes.

"Don't even think about this,"-he trailed smiling,-"it won't work if you stake me. Only if Morgan does, so save your breath."

I rolled my eyes and hid the dagger at the glove compartment.

I turned to the back seat, making sure Mika is ok. She was sad, but she didn't get wounded, so I felt relieved.

We kept driving through the woods, trying to avoid main roads. Huge trees were passing and reminded me how happy once I was. And now? Now we're going nowhere, trying to escape the other possible threat.

Chad turned on the music. Some country song was playing. I liked the music. I was enjoying it in fact, but suddenly It went so silent I couldn't understand the words.

"Why did you turned it down?"-i asked him.

The breaks made awful sound and the car stopped. He turned on the light and looked at me.

"S, how bad is it?"

"Don't know what you..."-i didn't finish my sentence when he pulled the blanket off of me and then my shirts up and saw the blood.

"I'm fine, really"-i said and managed to pull him off and cover my belly with my shirt.

He dropped his head on the seat head in defeat. "Jezzus fuckin' christ".


"I can give you my blood. You'd heal."


"Why are you being like this?"

"I'm still hoping i'll die on our way to somewhere."

"This is not funny. Why would you do this to me?"

"Why would you wanna hurt me again after everything that happened? I saw you took the syringes."

"Oh",-he mumbled and cleared his beard again. "If we survive this day, maybe you get lucky."

He laughed. But it wasn't real laugh, it was somewhat forced and unnatural.

However, after Chad patched me up a bit with little medicines and band aids he had in his first aid kit, we were back on road.

He pulled me closer with his right arm into a tight hug. "I'm sorry."

I grimaced again. Sorry for what? For kidnapping me or making me kill another person? Making me another monster, just like he was.

"Are they all dead?"-i asked instead. "Was Jake dead when we left?"

Of course he was, but I didn't want to believe it. Jake was always good to me.

Chad didn't answer, he just tightened his arm around me and his moves answered my question. He then gently kissed my forehead and focused on the road in front.

We were driving in silence for an hour or so. Awkwardly this was reminded me of the day I was kidnapped. Only now I knew why we going that fast. We were trying to run away.

"We need to go off the main road, but we're almost out of fuel. I see no gas station."

I looked at him, but said nothing.

"There should be farms at the end of the road. I think it's time for scavenging."

His phone vibrated and Chad answered. "Yeah?"

Where are you?

"Nich, is that you? We're out. There was lots of shit happening."

I know. I just saw it. Me and Luke were gone before that.

There was a sly pause among them. I knew there were only two people left, who wasn't standing behind Darren's back and seemed loyal.

"So...we're off for a while. Um... I don't know where. I'll let you know when I decide".


He hung up.

Soon few farms appeared somewhere in the distance and the car slowed. We turned to the small forest track. Chad cut the engine down and looked at me.

"You stay here. I'll try to find some fuel and maybe some medicines. These farms"-he nodded towards the horizon,-"they seem abandoned. Maybe i'm lucky and I don't have to use my gun today".

However, after spotting few evil souls mingling not too far from the farm, he grabbed the shotgun, after all.

He gave a little smile at me and opened the vehicle. I saw him jog towards the farm with the shotgun in his arms. I tried to move, but it was painful and honestly- I had no strength in me left anymore. So I stayed.

In about 20 minutes Chad returned with empty hands. He hopped into driver's seat irritated and I didn't ask anything. He started the engine and we slowly drove off to the road again. The fuel tank was almost empty. It showed the red dot beeping and we were going slower and slower.

He stopped the car again. "Listen,"-he trailed and turned at me and I pulled my eyes at him,-"there's not only Sam and Morgan who's trying to hunt us down." He paused because of my terrified reaction, that suddenly lit up my features. All the weakness suddenly was all but gone. "Hell's crackin', sugar!"-he smiled. "There's evil souls. They're killing people, because time's up. If you see one, run, as fast as you can, understood?"

I was confused. "Aren't they supposed to fear you?"

"These are loyal to Morgan. Last legion. Probably there's few dozen of thousands. Cecil will fight back, but I think the world would end, afterall. Evil souls can't descent anymore. They kill, leaving corpses behind. The apocalypse you saw in movies-everything turns real now."

"So we gonna just die? Anyway?"-i was panicking again. "You saw something in the farm. Tell me."

"Yeah...I did. Just promise me you'll run in case of emergency."

"Chad, i..."

"Just promise me, God damn it!"-he hissed and grabbed me by the shoulders.

"Ok ok, I promise!"-i cried out and he released me.

Chad turned to the road again.

I didn't question anymore. I was afraid of the things he told me. I used to love movies on zombie apocalypse, now everything will turn real!

"I have to see my parents, please! Before it's too late!"


"Please!"-i begged as I realised, I might never ever see them again.

But Haynes was determined.

I shut my eyes tight and turned to opposite direction only to avoid his annoyed stare.


Soon we crossed more forests. There was a nasty turn at the end with the bridge sign. As we neared it, something hard hit our jeep and wheels creaked.

I turned around and saw Sam's Buick on our tale. He was banging at us with his bumper and didn't seem like stopping. Chad pushed the pedal to the floor, but car didn't move faster.

"Hold the wheel!"-he said, and as soon as I grabbed it, he took his shotgun and made few shots through the back window. It hit the front glass of the Buick, but Sam still kept going.

I saw a bridge come nearer and I screamed for Chad to look out, but as soon as he grabbed the wheel, Sam made one more awful kick with his bumper and we made one sixty on the bridge and flipped on the road few times.

Sam didn't try to pull on breaks and he again bumped into us.

Jeep and both Buick fell from the little bridge from opposite sides and crashed into the water.

In few moments I opened my eyes, only to see us still on the seats and water level was increasing dangerously.

I tried to unlock the seatbelt, but tension didn't let my fingers work properly. I started to panic.

And after all this I will drown in the river? Ironically.

At that time Chad already made himself free from the belt and he fell on the rooftop and sunk into the water. He neared me and probably saw how scared I was.

"It's ok, I got you".

He tried to free me, but the belt's button wasn't working. So he grabbed a knife and cut it off. I dunked deeper into the water, but he caught me on time and dragged me out through the driver's door. Mika was already on the shore.

"What happened?"

"We need to hurry. Come".

He pulled my arm around his neck and held me tight, as we left the jeep. I saw it sunk down deeper and deeper every second. Sam was nowhere to be seen.

Haynes dragged me onto the shore and towards the woods.

"I can walk!"-i said.

He nodded and pulled me down. He squeezed my arm in his wet palm and ran further, dragging me along. I turned around and finally saw Sam was running after us and at the same second he was switching the clip of his Berreta.

"Sam!" I yelled and Chad turned around with the shotgun held in his arm, but he didn't have enough time to set a target, and Sam used it against us. He fired his gun and Chad stumbled on the ground with his gritted teeth.

"Get up! Get up! What you doing!"-i yelled and turned around. I saw Sam was near. He was changing a clip once again while running, but finally Chad got up and we both disappeared in the nearby line of woods.

We ran non stop and I felt my wound is getting worse. Chad was bleeding too from a wound in his shoulder. Mika was silent beside us.

"Where are we going? What do we do now?"

"Shut up,"-he hissed,-"let me think."

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