Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Shattered

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



Serene's POV

We run for few miles without stopping or looking back. Chad's grip on my hand tightens every time we hear a weird noise behind our backs.

I know Sam is close and I know for sure, that he's ready to kill the both of us. However, I have no idea what Chad is experiencing right now. Sam is his best friend, after all, and now they became a nemesis for each other only because of me.

"Chad!"-i cry out, when his grip turns painful, but he's ignoring my pleas as if he can't even hear me. "Chad!"-I whisper again, this time frightened, as one of the evil souls appears to my right.

"Duck!"-he growls and sooner than I can even react, he raises a shotgun with his left arm and fires, a bullet crossing the air beside my shoulder.

Evil soul gnaws it's teeth and falls down.

"Do not stop!"-he breathes heavy and as previously, keep dragging me forward, my palm firm in his. "I'm too weak to fight them now, just run!"

I try to run faster, so only he doesn't have a sudden urge to abandon me in these woods. Escape from his torture chamber is soothening, but I don't wanna get eaten alive by evil souls or get shot by Sam.

So I fasten my pace and throw another glance backwards, seeing few more souls behind. Nevertheless, they are very slow and in human shape, not the black mist that's fast as a thunder. Something wrong is really happening. Now I do realise this, probably more than ever.

"Come on! Come on!"-he hiss at me after a mile more, when my pace turns slow again.

This time I pull out my hand out of his grip and we both stop.

"What the fuck are you doing?"-he spits,-"I don't have enough time neither patience for this shit."

"He's your best friend!"-i whisper. "Maybe you work this out and get back to where It was!"

Chad laughs. "You stupid! There's nothing to go back to! It's over! It's me or Sam, we don't get to live along! Now stop this crap and let's move!"

Chad's POV

I can't believe how naive she is.

This is over and no talks could ever fix this.

"Where's your gun?"-i ask. She bends and shows me the handgun tucked in her shoe.

It's a good thing I grabbed few clothes. When I got to the warehouse she was only in her underwear, not really a smart choice to be caught in december. She put clothes on In a car and I traced her moves with a corner of my eye.

Well at least she's armed. Not really dangerous, but at least she's armed.

I don't know what could happen. Maybe i'm not there the second she needs a back-up.

I grab her arm and we rush forward, but we don't run anymore, just a walk in a hurry.

I can't deny how tired I am. And I have to take out the bullet, cause the wound can't heal when it's stuck in my flesh. I need to find some secluded spot for an hour of rest.

However, I know Sam is close. I can feel it. He's right behind us and it's now or never. I know I have to kill my best friend.

This is sad. So sad I cannot think clear.

"This is your fault, Serene. I never should've brought you to the warehouse."

I bet that hurt as a bitch, because when she doesn't say a word to my slight comment, I look back at her, only to find those huge tear drops rolling down her cheeks.

I try to ignore this, but same old feeling of guilt suddenly rips it way through.

I didn't mean it.

If I had the chance, I would choose her again. It would always be her. No warehouse, no best friend can take it away.

But I won't say that. It's not the time for self analysing. Now I need a good plan to stay alive. Just me and my girl.

Our moves are becoming slower with every step we make. I am thirsty. Hungry. I feel weak and betrayed, which makes it even more difficult.

Serene's POV

I think of the possibility on escaping. We are in the woods, so it seem easier. At least I think so. But I also am wondering how far would I escape from him? He has a gun and he knows how to use it.

Chad is fast. Strong. I push a thought away for a second and hardly swallow.

Suddenly a branch breaks somewhere behind us and we both freeze.

We look around, but I can't see anything. Chad raises the shotgun, as his eyes focuses in front.

Sam approaches from the line of trees few feet away from us. He holds his pistol at us, but it doesn't seem he would be shooting any time soon.

"Chad...My friend..."-he moans, somewhat disappointed. "Or is this you, Harrod?"

I feel confused. What the hell is he talking about? Yeah, they are twins, but their eyes are different, their actions. They has absolutely different character, I'm not sure how the people that lived together for so many years doesn't still separate them? Even I do.

"What did he say?"-i whisper and Chad finally releases my hand.

"You're sick, man!"-Sam continues and only now I notice how badly wounded he is. Probably the car crash was worse than I thought. "Look at yourself! Fighting for your guinea pig like she's your fucking girlfriend."

"Shut up",-Haynes hisses and I notice his hand starts shaking, but just a little, unnoticeable.

"No no no!"-Sam smiles, as if he has some power over his best friend,-"you gonna listen to me right now, because there's something I have to say."

"Don't,"-Chad grits again and with his right arm he pushes me behind himself, as if to protect me.

"Everything went to shit when you brought her! I was always thinking why the hell you act this way. Or why do you care. And then you go and nearly kill her every fucking day! But now you're just... you're messed up, man. You lost it, haven't you? And Harrod? Does she know about him?"

Ignoring the pistol raised at us, Chad growls again, and leaves me standing behind. He drops his shotgun and lunges towards Sam.

Sam doesn't have time to pull the trigger, because Chad knocks him down with one fluid move and they both roll to the grass under the pines.

I watch them terrified, as they fight each other.

I don't know what to do. I grab the shotgun. I check the bullets. Two still left. I don't know what to do. Which one of them should I shoot?

Would it be Sam? Then Chad will keep on torturing me and finally kill me painfully. Or would it be Chad? So Sam kills me in a smirk of a second and all this hell would be over.

I have two options, but I don't know which one should I choose. The shotgun feels so heavy and my abdomen churns in pain. I lower the gun and carefully put it on the ground, taking my Smith and Wesson instead.

I just stand frozen and stare at them roll on the grass while they are fighting each other.

Then they separate for a slight moment, and Sam hiss. "You and your fucking surprises. I should have known it from the start. You're sick, bro! It's just you! There is no Harrod! It's always been you!"

Chad is furious, i can see it in his black eyes, as he jumps on Sam once more and kicks him to the face with his knee, knocking him out for a second. Sam rolls on the ground and Chad smacks his face for few times. Sam looses his balance, he throws hatred filled look for me and wipes his bleeding nose, and after a moment he sit up there on the grass.

His head drops down in defeat and he shakes in nervously in disbelief, watching Chad walk towards him, with blood covering his face.

Haynes avoids my eyes, when he slowly and maneuverably approaches me and grabs a gun from my arms and turns around at Sam. "No guns, brother!"-he trails and drops the Smith and Wesson Next to the shotgun.

But Sam points his pistol at Chad and pulls the trigger. I squeeze and the bullet goes to the tree behind our backs. Sam pulls the trigger few more times, but there are no bullets anymore left in his clip.

Haynes turns at me and I see his smile. And his eyes. It leaves me in shock.

All the things I knew about him. Everything was a lie. I finally understood Jake's words. 'There's no Harrod.' It was just Chad. He never had brother.

I suddenly feel my airways squirm and I feel a lack of oxygen make me weak in my knees and everything gets covered in foggy shade.

I grip my head in schock, when I see how Chad steps towards Sam, which is sitting on the ground and on his way he pulls a rock from the ground and tightly holds it in his grip.

"So this is how it ends, huh? Hoes before broes?"

"You went too far, Sam. You thought I don't know? Little secrets, whispers? I knew you work along with Morgan. You betrayed me so many times before and now you expect that I will mercy you?"-he drops his head back and extends his hands widely into the air. "You were my best friend, and you were my brother. But this is where you hop off."

Sam doesn't show any emotion. Even though he tries to fight Chad as he approaches him, but Chad, or Harrod, or whoever he is, is much stronger. He jumps on the man on the grass, knocking him down and raises his fist with a rock.

I watch in horror, as my tormentor smashes the rock at Sam's head, and the same second he looses consciousness.

But Chad doesn't stop.

He smackes it again and again, till a mass of blood and brains slowly dripps from the fracture in a temple.

And then Chad Haynes smiles and turnes around at me, with his dark eyes gazing at me and blood covering his face.

The ground suddenly feels like shattered and air so thick and heavy I can do nothing, but sink to the ground.

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