Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Just like I said

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Submitted: June 09, 2018




I pace around nervously. This is my best friend, my brother. "I had to",-i keep encouraging myself. "I absolutely and undeniably had to!"

I close my eyes and crumble on the grass beside him. I just killed my best friend, which always was by my side. Every damn experiment, every happy hour and on those days even, those hard days I thought I would go crazy or kill myself.

He was always there. Even when I was totally broke and had nothing on me, when I was haunted by my never ending nightmares or in a ward. He was there with his smart genius advices, that used to cheer me up a bit.

Till that damn crack I figured out everything- he used to have my complete trust.

"You provoked me, you, son of a bitch!"-i yell at the body of Sam,-"i trusted you! With my life I trusted you, and you sold me out on the first chance you've had!"

I slop on the ground beside him. My face buried in my palms as I try to stop the sudden emotion crawling up my throat, the kind that I do not understand.

I don't wanna feel this. Miserable and on the edge.

My head hurt as fuck and I know this is her fault, but now it's too late. I've made a decision to stick with my girl. And now the damn world is ending.

My head hurt again to the point I do not wanna move. However, I roll on my back, my arms wide apart, as I stare blankly at the night skies. I am mad. I am angry. I feel so betrayed and alone even Serene's love can do nothing to make me feel better.

I brush through my hair with a bloody palm and try to focus once more. My bloodshot orbs gazes at my dead friend, peacefully lying on the cold ground with blood and brains on the grass.

For a second I trace his frame, his black hoodie that matched mine, the one we got at the Goatmill's show back there in Miami. His hundred of pockets on the pants, stuffed with pot pipes and lighters.

A wallet is dropped on the ground beside him, along with his Berreta that he lost while fighting me.

I pick up the wallet and open it. He has 26 dollars, bank card, gas station card and few coins and a cheque for beer. He bought it few days ago, the cheque for the same beer we had the last time on the rooftop.

I take cash and put a wallet into one of his pockets. I would need way more money if I want to get to the destination.

It is getting dark already and I know, that at the second more than anything else i have to get a car rolling as fast as possible.

Evil souls, the ones loyal for Eligos are everywhere. And i'm in no shape to fight anyone, but my inner demon.

Serene lays there unconscious and i know, that i must take care of our wounds, or else we won't gonna make it. Serene for sure wouldn't.

I stand up and observe my surroundings. I am mad at the whole world. My friend is dead. I have no home to come back to. My kingdom fell. Hell knows when Morgan gonna find out my whereabouts and come after.

I tuck Sam's Berreta behind my belt on the back and fix my shirt. Even though i'm in no mood at all, I make my body move.

I approach my girl. She's so pale because of all the blood she lost. I kneel beside her and pull up her shirt. The wound looks nasty, but the bleeding finally stopped. That's a good sign. I check Serene's pulse, it's there, but definitely too weak and shallow.

However, I must leave her now and go get a car. Without any good emotion i tie her to a tree with my tie at some secluded spot by the huge bushes, in hopes she can be left invisible for the evil souls, pick up the shotgun and go for another scavenging.


I jog through the forest, huge Sequoias covering the sky and wet grass caressing my feet. Blood isn't soaking anymore through my shirt, but it is obvious I'm gonna need to dress the wound.

Sam was lucky then. He caught me kinda unprepared when he fired. I would never forget his eyes when he raised his gun at me. He was so proud of himself, the same smile crept in his face when I found him with Serene, half naked in his claws.

Trying to push irritating memories behind, I check my wrist watch. Another crack on the glass, i'm gonna need a new one pretty soon. However, the time is ungrateful. Almost midnight.

I have to hurry, because evil souls gonna be as active as ever. I'm not really sure why they get stronger at night and where the hell they are hiding during the daytime?

Cecil told me they become weak with the dawn and they do not descent anymore, so this may mean one thing only-they either hiding in the forest, where I left Serene unconscious, or they stay underground.

The owl starts it's midnight song and as if woken from a foggy trance, I fasten my pace.

As I jog through the wood, I hear multiple teeth grit and dangerous groans.

Nevertheless, trying to stay in the darkness and be as silent as I can manage, I go forth.

After a while I cross the forest, finding myself on a dirty roadside. And to my biggest surprise, i see a gas station half mile away down the road.

A bunch of teens are sitting in the cars. Drunk sluts with prom dresses and pumped up guys with baby faces. And their expensive cars, that mummies bought for their "A" graders.

I squint my eyes. There I see new toyota corolla and a bit older BMW Z4.

Of course it's gonna be bmw.

Why do I even bother deciding.

I approach the teens with a gun behind my back, slightly smiling and whistling on my way. I guess i'm getting lucky tonight. Few teens notice me almost immediately and start whispering.

Being on a spotlight isn't really my thing, but i'm kinda flattered.

I stop for a second in front of a blonde guy, who demonstratively spins the key with bmw logo on a key chain and looks so tough and proud.

I, however, am in no mood for long play now, I really need just a vehicle, so with most friendly voice i can managed to make, i trail. "Good evening, sir! Ladies,"-I nod to girls,-"may you be that kind and give me your bmw? I would also like some money, booze, cigarettes and few sluts on the way to suck my dick while i enjoy the rear-view scene of your abs with a hole in it, please?"

Blonde guy widens his eyes for a second and then smiles.

"What the fuck, man?"-one of the guys come nearer, ready to kick my ass, i'm sure. They probably think it's some drunk game.

That's where i pull the shotgun out and simply shoot the guy. Lame, and not theatrical at all, I know, but hey-i'm kinda in a hurry.

The bullet goes into his stomach, just like I said, and get stuck at the gas station wall behind, tearing his guts away.

He falls down.

The girls starts screaming and the worker of a gas station picks up a phone.

But i am way faster. I fire again and huge window shatters, making the worker crumble down with half of his head now gone.

Girls squeezes on the ground by the car, and two guys raises their hands in surrender.

" I really have to repeat myself?"

"Wait, wait, man!"-with shaking hands the owner of BMW gives me the keys, his wallet and a pack of Marlboro.

I slop on Toyota's hood, still aiming at freaked out guys.

They seem pretty stupid. The shotgun has only two bullets and I fired the both of them. Just now. They have no idea i'm aiming with a useless barrel.

"I'm gonna take one of your sluts!"-i spit and light a cigarette. "And you gonna give her to me!"-i point a finger at the brunette, glued on his arm,-"If not, I will kill the all of you."

A pause of tense silence pass, until girls start yelling after processing my words.

The guy tries to have a calm conversation with me, but each second I am getting pissed more and more.

"I'm tired",- I moan. "My head aches. And I don't want to kill you all. It's up to you. I want that bitch".

"Alright,"-the guy suddenly says and turns at his girlfriend.

"What are you doing?"-she yells,-"how can you do this?"

"I'm sorry, baby"-he whispers and pushes her towards me. I grab her wrist, while she trashes and tries to get free.

"Go",-i order for the rest of them and watch as four scared rabbits jump into Toyota and quickly drives off.

I knock the girl on the ground and pull out a duct tape out of my pocket. I bound her arms and mouth and shove her on the back seat of the bmw.

I sit behind the bun now smiling and fix my shirt.


Maybe there's one little thing afterall, that could help me feel a little bit better.

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