Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Scavenger

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



Ignoring the annoying kicking at my seat from the back, I drive off to the woods, close to the same spot I came from.

Crappy track lined with roots is kinda disturbing. I can't break the damn axis. I need this car so bad.

I ride very slowly, trying to avoid bumps and bigger rocks in hopes to pass through.

The place where I left my girl is nowhere close, so i'm gonna have to carry her.

Not that i'm complaining.

I always loved how she was wrapping her arms around my neck and leaning so close I could hear her heart squirm.

She's badly wounded and she won't be able to play along, even if my awkward hunger for sex is now coming back with full force.

However, that's where the track ends. At some shitty camp ground lined with littler and empty plastic bags.

"Not the most romantic place, don't you think?"-i turn back at the girl. She's wearing this huge bride type blue gown, taking whole space at the back. "Is it winter dances or what?"

She mumbles something, but her words are muffled. I forgot I shut her mouth.

However, there's something dark and cute about this place. "Seem like an ok spot." I find myself surrounded nearly completely. I stop the car and turn down the engine.

The kicking suddenly stops. "Well i'd be damned!"-i mumble. I grab her face with my fingertips and pull closer. With one rough move I rip off the duct tape off of her mouth. "Why are you dressed up like that?"

"Fuck you!"-she curse.

I roll my eyes. My mood is too crappy at the moment for this kind of shit. "Is that a suggestion?"

Now a pair of wild huge orbs gaze at me and in a minute this girl starts banging on the doors and windows, trying to get out.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"-i hiss. "You're giving me mixed signals!" I crawl to the back seat.

The girl is yelling like crazy, but i was longing for this sound for it seems forever.

I patiently wait for few seconds. "Are you done?"

When the hysteric scream continues, I roll my eyes again and with one shallow move, i hit her face one time, making her lip start bleeding immediately.

As soon as she becomes quiet, I pull out Sam's Berreta. I might as well cover up some tracks here.

"Open your mouth, sugar! Show me your teeth!"

She does. Unwillingly and without emotion, but who am I to blame her? I point the pistol and shove it into her mouth, carefully examining her teeth. White like pearls, no obvious carries.

I guess i'm a little OCD, after all.

She is fighting, but i am currently so turned on of the view it makes me horny.

"You know, I want one thing",-i trail and undo my zipper, for I can barely fit in my pants. "Look what you've done to me! I'm hard as fuck! Fyi, I promised your boyfriend you will suck my dick. I'm not a liar. Come!"-I encourage and pull out my tight treat.

She begs for me to stop, but I draw out the gun to her head and tell her to please me.

She hesitates, but finally she starts doing what was told. As the girl works her hard way for escape, I moan and enjoy every second of it, my head resting at the window.

"I'd prefer you'd be running off. But we're short on time."

I wait for few more minutes and when i'm done, I open the door and jump out. I zip up and drag the girl out and throw her on the ground.

"You will be ok,"-i mumble,-"i swear. I bet it was good for you too, as it was for me."

She wipes her mouth and way too disturbed, tries to crawl away from me, but i stop her, as i jump on top of her and pull out a knife.

I tell her to open her mouth again. She is too afraid to fight, obviously, so she does.

Nevertheless, even if i'm enjoying all this fun adventure at the moment, irritating thought on Serene won't let me focus.

I'm afraid she could be spotted by evil souls. Maybe Mika would try to protect her, maybe not. I need to get back.

So I shut down all those emotions that creeps within and tells me to enjoy this girl for a little while, and decide to finish her without any long ceremony.

And then i shove the blade into her throat, till it goes the whole way through and into the wet dirty ground.

She lets out few awful shocking sounds, as then the blood floats from her mouth.

Just to make everything a little bit more dramatic, I reload Sam's Berreta and let out few 9mm bullets into girl's chest.

I retrieve the knife, which is stuck really deep. I have to even hold her head with my foot in order to pull out the knife from the skull.

As I finally succeed, I carve a perfect shape on her skin, same letter I always do. It's like a signature. Hell, I don't know why I do that myself, but well... my theatrical personality probably kicks in again.

I stand up and get satisfied watching my master peace.

I throw Berreta into a bush. Not too far, I wanna be sure one day Robert would find it.

He's gonna have questions, i'm sure. I always use my Colt and now Berreta? I swear, I couldn't fall any lower.


I am walking for nearly 30 minutes and my socks are wet. I can feel my shoes are full of water and slurping sounds are kinda annoying.

I already miss my shower and my hundred tuxedos.

I have no idea how would we live on a run? My aunt's house is far, very far away. It's in secluded spot in Iowa, deep in the woods, I couldn't think about a better spot even.

After few more minutes i approach the place i left Serene tied. She is still here, and I sigh out with relief.

I get close to her and squeeze beside, pulling out my phone. There was new message from Nicholas. It was saying Morgan going for your head.

That change things. I need a place to stay. Fast. I pick Serene from the ground and carry her in a hurry towards the car, same camp ground. I slightly jog in hopes to stay unnoticed. Mika is running along.

Growling noises behind my back motivates me to gather all the strength I still have left and run faster.

The groans are becoming closer and I look back, seeing few evil souls running after me.

"Motherfucker!"-i curse and tighten my arms around Serene. I feel my fingertips get covered in her blood again, the place where my palm stay.

I could easily fix her, but she wouldn't let me. She didn't want me to heal her and for a first time in a lifetime, probably, I decided to respect her wish.

"Hurry, Mika!"-i encourage the damn dog. She's not staying back. Serene would never forgive me if I let this one dog die too.

When I finally reach the vehicle, I open the passenger's seat and the dog hops in, and then I gently place Serene on the seat. Her wound is getting bad again and I know I have to do something.

I quickly turn the key in the ignition and pull the axelerration to the very end, tires squeking and leaving three evil souls chocke on dirt.

We almost made it.

When I get far enough, like 50 miles away, I get a little bit calmer. As i drive in silence, I notice the breaking dawn and i suddenly spot a lonely house by the forest.

I check through the rear-view mirror- no evil souls.

I stop and turn down the engine. I climb out of the car and look around. There are no lights in the windows and no cars in the yard. I guess it is vacation time or whatever and people must have left for relatives.

Just in case, I knock on the door, but there is no sound inside, so without waiting any longer, I break a small window by the doors and unlock it.

I step in and quickly search the house. There is no one there. I manage to find first aid kit in the bathroom on the second floor and some heavy painkillers. I take it downstairs and go out to pick my girl.

I take her on my arms again and carry her in.

I lay her down on the couch in the living room and open the kit. Squeezing beside her, I precisely wash her wound with peroxide.

However, I can't get rid of a painful memories. Because of this girl I killed my best friend. And now Morgan is after me. What worse could happen at this hour?

Nevertheless, I manage to focus for a minute and sew her wound. I put on a new clean bandaid and then start working on myself. Peroxyde sting like a bitch, but I am able to finally pull out the bullet. It wasn't deep enough and seem it didn't damage any nerves. The same second I retrieve the bullet, wound closes and heals completely, as if nothing happened.

And then I drop pills into my mouth and swallow with a sip of water. And then the whispers in my head slowly becomes barely heard, till they disappear absolutely.

I turn at my girl. She's asleep, but seem to be ok.

I brush through her hair with my fingertips and kiss her forehead. She mumbles something and tuns on the other side. Deciding to let her rest for some time more, I go to the kitchen and fill a glass with cheap whiskey I find on the counter.

I check the fridge. Not much left, but I find some canned food in a cupboard. I open one and take a bite of a thing reminding me tuna. It's aweful, really.

When I empty my whiskey glass, I get back to the living room, finding Serene now wide awake.

"Tou're up!"-i state and sit on the chair in front of her. "How are you feeling?"

"Where are we?"-she ask instead nervously, but gets a bit better instantly, spotting Mika beside her.


"Halfway to where?"

"I know a place. The others have no idea about it. Let's eat and then we have to move. Who knows when the owners come back".

"Whose house this is?"-she asks and takes a can with tuna from my hand.

"Don't know. Stop asking things. You make my head hurt."

She doesn't say anything more and I calm down. "Listen,"-i trail,-"i have to tell you something, but you wouldn't like this."

"What is it?"-she widens her eyes and her hand drops down in defeat.

"I cheated on you."

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