Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Apocalypse in it's glory

Submitted: June 11, 2018

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Submitted: June 11, 2018



"You cheated on me?"

"Yep. I cheated on you."

"What do you mean?"

I roll my eyes again. "I had sex with another woman."

Serene watch me suspiciously, but it seem to me she is not about to start some jealous girlfriend drama and I narrow my eyes. "But how? We just left the warehouse, we were in the woods! How on earth you got an opportunity to have sex with someone? More than that-who would ever want that?" stings now. "You would be surprised, sugar. But the fact is I did. How do you think I got this damn car!?"

"Stole it?"-she mumbles and keep eating canned tuna.

"To your biggest surprise, i'm sure, It was a reasonable trade. I had to kill few of those people. But I promise, only the ones who didn't want to cooperate."

"So what? You think i'm jealous? It's not a cheating when you're not in any kind of relationship."

Now my mood gets crappy again. But I bite my tongue to this one. "Whatever. Let's watch tv."

I pick up the remote and turn on the news channel, while Serene gets cosy on the couch and covers herself with a blanket. "This is starting,"-i state watching a report on multiple deaths, caused by unknown virus. "The apocalypse in it's glory."

They show videos on dark things attacking people on streets, banging through the windows and getting inside a person, leaving him absolutely ravaged.

However, the souls are still fast and all the cctv cameras can record is black substance moving in chaotic way.

We watch for an hour or so, news are only about this so called virus, that spreads quickly. They show people on streets with their guts out, laying lifeless, empty rotten faces, remind me of zombie movies. Difference is- this time this isn't a movie.

It's an emergency broadcast!- news lady reports, failing to hide the obvious fear and danger in her voice,-I repeat-this is not a test. Few states already announced a quarantine and encourage everyone to stay inside, do not get into a contact of deceased or seemingly sick person, this is a state of emergency. The evacuation of the white house start tonight at 5 am strictly. Do not panic and stay safe!

Then the president comes out, live record sign blinking on the top right of the screen. We don't know so far what we're dealing with. Our team is working 24/7, Federal Preparedness Agency is doing everything they can to locate and suppress the threat, meanwhile-stay inside, avoid big gatherings and may God be with you all!

We watch further reports which shows us a terrifying statistics. Millions of people are dying through all the south America.

"Chad!"-Serene's terrified eyes darts at me and I know what she's thinking. Hell, I know myself, but on any circumstances I would give Eligos the opportunity to kill me.

"It's too late, S. And I would never accept the damn prophesy. This is apocalypse."

"We gonna die?"-she whispers barely holding tears.

"No, we won't!"-i tell her and join her on the clutch, my arms wrapping her shoulders,-"i won't let anyone to hurt you, I promise!"

"What if they find us? What if we have to run when these people come back home?"

"I doubt they are coming back. Look at this place-they left in a hurry."

Serene nervously nods her head and doesn't say anything more. She eats few more bites of tuna and gives the rest for Mika. We both watch as the dog happily gets into a can and licks it clean.

"Do we have more food?"- Serene asks and stands up to go to the kitchen, but I stop her, by grabbing her wrist.

I shake my head. "We don't have anything for today. Some left in the car, but we must save for tomorrow. You should rest now, you lost lots of blood."

"Alright,"-she mumbles and hides even deeper into a blanket.

The rest of the night passes without any surprises.

We are tired, so we decided to stay for few days more.


In the morning I take a shower and get dressed same dirty clothes I had on me since we abandoned the warehouse.

Serene is still asleep, so I decide to walk the perimeter.

I step outside when the sun is just raising and the yard is covered in shady red and yellow.

My cracked wrist watch is showing 5am.

I gaze at everything from the little porch. I can't see any evil souls, but I have to be careful anyway.

Without making any major sound, I walk along the fences, making sure the house is secure. Evil souls are too weak now and I would definitely hear if they started banging on the wood.

I check the barn-it has old pickup truck and barely new tractor. The second floor is stuffed with dry grass, precisely folded in huge cubes. No pets, no animals.

Walking the perimeter for a second time, I spot movement inside through the window. She's awake, I guess.

I turn to the porch, when the door opens up and Serene comes out, holding two cups of coffee.

"Is this for me?"-i ask. "I'd love coffee now."

"In fact-yes, for you. Savour the taste, because electricity is gone. This is your last coffee."

"No shit!"-I sigh and take the mug. I knew this would happen any moment.

We sit on the porch and I taste the coffee. It's amazing. "Why are you being so sweet to me?"

"Excuse me?"

"You behave well and don't show any empathy for the past 48 hours. And now coffee?"-i raise a mug. "What does it even mean?"

"I just figured...the world is ending. Maybe if i'm good with you, we can say our goodbyes and walk in different directions?"

Wow... wow... I was so naive thinking she changed a little, but all she wants, as previously, to escape me? "Not gonna happen!"-i cut off sharply and stand up. She just ruined my last coffee.

"Let's just discuss this, shall we?"-she reasons, but at this second we both freeze, as the attention signal rips through the air.

"Oh my god!"-she cries out and I quickly observe the surroundings, trying to find the damn decoder this emergency signal is coming from.

It rings 10 times and then suddenly stops.

And everything turns silent.

"Go inside!"-i order nervously and drag Serene up the steps.

She tries to protest, but all I know for sure-evil souls that heard it would now be on their way here.


The next day went smoothly. We stayed at the house, doing nothing. We ate some food that I grabbed from the warehouse and prepared for the night.

I let her sleep on the couch, because Serene didn't wanna stay alone on the second floor in bed and because she needed good rest after all.

I wanted her to heal faster, so we could move on. This place made me nervous and my feet felt itching, from staying too long at such open place. I made myself comfortable on the huge chair covered in blankets.

"You good there?"-i asked. "You could join me anyway, you know that."

She just rolled her eyes at me. Then I stood up, peeking through a little wooden gap in the wall.

We made barricades on the windows and decided to stay for a little longer. There was a total chaos on the streets, according to the last news report, right before we lost the power.

"There's more of them out there than usual. I never should have fired that gun, but I had to kill those people. The sound draws them, now they're all over the street. And this damn signal obviously was no good."

"You did what you did. That's who you are and no apocalypse would ever change this. They'll just walk away, like always. Dumb pricks."

"You think?"-i asked, sitting back on my pile of blankets I called bed.



I led on my side, face turned at her. In few minutes her eye lashes quivered closing down.

"You think we gonna make it?"-she barely whispered.

"Wha?! Don't think this way. Go to sleep."

"Good night, Chad." She closed her eyes, drifting into sleep.

"Good night, sugar."


The night passed calmly. I heard shallow moans of the evil souls outside, passing by our temporary home.

Sometimes I heard their feet being dragged along the road and angry growls, while stumbling on the barriers on their way.

I got used to this. To these sounds.

Funny thing was they didn't annoy me.

But what bothered me the most was the tense silence seconds before they hit.

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