Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Life on a run

Submitted: June 16, 2018

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Submitted: June 16, 2018



So in overall, we stayed nearly three weeks at the same farmhouse.

During that time the world was dying in a terrific speed. Millions of people were slaughtered by evil souls every day and soon there was no one outside left loitering.

The last radio transmission we heard was last morning. The dude made a statement, told everyone to stay inside. Well at least for those, who were still alive.

Chad was going out, scavenging like they show on movies and coming back with some food.

At least we were sure on water. The farm had a well few hundred feet away from the house.

Every time Chad was leaving, he would tie me up to some heavy item I could never try to move.

Basically nothing had changed.

The rest of the day I was staying inside, because Chad said it's not safe for me and my wounds weren't healed yet completely.

"You would just slow me down and we both get killed."

We saw evil souls once in a while. They couldn't shape shift anymore and was becoming weaker each day. As there were no people walking freely anymore, evil souls couldn't absorb their energy and were slowly decaying.

I saw few of them already dead.

First day there would be a furry body only, laying on it's back and blank yellow eyes would stare at the sky.

And few days later they would slowly become into this thick substance and then vanish completely, leaving no evidence on so called virus.

Electricity was gone three weeks ago and hot water expired a week ago.

Now more than ever I felt the apocalypse had strike us with full force.

One afternoon Chad came from another scavenge trip with some amo and covered in dirt and blood.

He sloped on the chair in the kitchen and didn't say much.

"Who's blood this is?"-i asked, but he didn't respond.

I saw Chad was nervous. He had to abandon his life and live on a run. He lost his syringes in his GMC the day we crashed at the river, so it was a good thing for me.

Having no weapon to use against me, he attacked me once few days ago, letting all his rage out, when I refused to do what he told me.

I can't remember what was it, something clearly not meaningful at all, but I refused.

"You could show me some appreciation at least! I killed my best friend for you, damn it!"

I was still tied and couldn't object when he yanked at me.

He hit me hard few times. Not to scare me this time, like he always used to do. This time his moves held no passion, just a fierce rage.

He stopped when I didn't start begging him. He just stopped for no obvious reason and then we got back to where we were all this time.

Two people caught up in the apocalypse, that hate each others guts.


Haynes pulls out his shotgun and throws amo on the table, making it roll on the surface. He catches the bullet on time and reload the shotgun.

"You still have amo?"-he finally asks without looking at me.

"I don't know!"-i mumble.

"You do or you don't!"-he growls suddenly and lunges at me.

I lower my eyes. Same old beast is coming back again. He doesn't have his pills, so I know for sure, one day the evil personality strikes again.

"We're leaving tomorrow!"-he trails and untie me. "Fill bottles with water and grab anything useful. I have to fill the petrol tank and check on the car."

He turns up and leaves.

For a moment I gaze at my surroundings, rubbing a painful marks on my wrist. I don't wanna leave.

However, I know he won't change his mind, so I start packing.

I fold some clothes and blankets, all the food we still have left and a huge pillow for Mika, the one she always sleeps on.

I go to kitchen and gather all the plastic bottles I can find. I put it into a basket and leave the house.

I walk past Haynes, my steps fast and silent, so he doesn't yell at me. I see Chad just finished filling the tank and is now doing something under the hood.

"Show me your gun!"-he orders and I turn back at him, slightly pulling my dirty sweater up, where my Smith and Wesson is tucked behind my belt in front.

He nods and I get back on my track.

I approach the well and let the bucket slide inside by the rope. I repeat the action few times, until I have just enough water to carefully fill every bottle and put back into a basket.

Then I turn back. Chad is not watching and I know this is a perfect opportunity to escape.

I debate for a second. Where would I go? Would he find me if I run?

But I watch him working on the car so serious and so sad. Then he shuts the hood and looks at me.

"Well what are you waiting for?"-he says, his voice calm and demanding. "You'll get eaten sooner than you cross the gates."

I hardly swallow. Even though I wanna run, he has a point. "I have to see my parents, Chad!"

"And I told you- that's out of discussion. We're leaving, so pack your shit."

"No!"-i try to stand my ground at look at him.

He throws another gallon into a trunk and shuts it, his hands still on the hood. "No?"-he laughs. "Just who do you think you are?"

I watch him throw few items more. He's not even watching at me, as if I don't even exist. "This isn't negotiation, Chad! I need to see my parents, make sure they're ok."

Now Chad turns at me, his eyes suddenly transforms from angry to scared. "Run!!!"-he yells and I freeze, my eyes wild, as I am to afraid to look what's behind.

Suddenly pain stings at my forearm as sharp as knife claws gets wrapped around my flesh.

Rotten smell hits my face and heavy body drops me on the ground, my feet tangling into the air.

Then everything turns into a chaos, as he starts clawing me all over.

I see Chad running towards me, a shotgun in his grip. He fires, but bullet doesn't reach the soul. It tilts it's head, his arms as previously pushing me to the ground. "Traitor!"-evil soul hiss in venomous tone,-"now you die!"

Chad fires again.

This time pressure disappears and furry body drops down beside me.

I try to move, but fear won't let me. I watch at my arms, multiple cuts are bleeding and it hurts a lot.

"Come on! Get up!"-Haynes yells at me reloading a shotgun.

Seeing i'm taking too long, he grabs me and a basket with water into his other hand and we rush to the car.

"Get in, now!"

I jump in. "Where's Mika? Mika!"

Multiple groans flows from behind us and I turn back, seeing a dozen of souls speeding towards us. "Mika! We have to get her!"-i start to panic, but at that time Mike shows up on the porch and I encourage her to come already.

Chad jumps behind the wheel and Mika hops in on my lap.

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