Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Effort

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



We drove of quickly, Chad speeding very bad and I was watching through the side mirror evil souls getting more distant. However, they didn't wanna stay back and didn't seem like stopping.

We left the farmhouse and were on the road again. I was sad to leave. That house reminded me of my home I grew up. Huge porch and white fences recalled those times I was a happy teenage, living with loving family.

My heart squirmed again. I always had a hope, that one day I would escape Chad and be reunited with my parents.

Now I have a different hope. To survive the apocalypse.

"Fuck!"-Chad hissed suddenly, making me get back out of my thoughts.

"What is it?"-i whisper yelled. "What's wrong?"

Mika took a spot on the back seat and was nervously watching the road, as if she sensed another trouble behind the corner.

"Road's blocked! Fuck!"-he hit the steering wheel nervously.

Only then I noticed a vehicle jam in front. "Can we overcome this?"

"You see any spot that I don't know about?-he growled again,-"don't be such a genius!"

"They're close!"-i whispered again, this time I couldn't hide the obvious fear in my voice.

"I know, we must run. Come on!"-he stopped the car and opened his door and jumped out. I did the same, Mika by my side. Chad came to my side and grabbed my hand. We started running again.

Nevertheless, evil souls were so close I already could smell them.

"Use your knife!"-he told me. "Keep your Smiths ready, don't fire unless you have to. Aim for the head or the heart. They're weak now, should be peechy!"

"I can't do this!"-i cried out. I have never killed one before and I had no idea if I could, even if it was life and death matter.

"Don't think!"-he nodded, as if he knew exactly what I meant and squeezed my hand in his. And then he let go.

As we were crouchibg through the abandoned car mass, few evil souls popped right in front from behind the white minivan.

They noticed us almost instantly. They started roaming towards us, their rotting arms reaching for our flesh.

And that's where I knew I have to fight for my life.

I gripped the handle of my knife tighter and got ready for attack. I noticed Hayne's muscles tensed on an instinct, but he didn't even flinch.

He wasn't scared.

While Chad lunged towards the two souls to his left, I aimed for the third one, which appeared from the opposite corner. I punched it at the guts, making him shiver and fall backwards. I jumped at him, shoving my blade at his decaying head with one swift move and turned to see Chad was dealing with another two.

The another one, which came from it seems nowhere, jumped on Chad's back, as he was pulling the blade out from the first evil soul's scull, knocking him out, his stinking mouth reaching for his neck.

I was right at him the second the evil soul almost tore into his flesh. I grabbed badly rotten foot, pulling him off of Chad and smacking his head with my boot, till the thick mass of brain and blood spilt from out of souls head.

"Nicely played, ma'am!"-Chad smiled at me. I had no idea why I didn't let him just die. "I guess I need you almost the same, like you need me!"

"Come on!"-i whisper yelled rolling my eyes and ignoring his comment.

He grabbed my hand again and we lunged towards the woods, praying to reach it in time.

I guess today wasn't my lucky day anyway, because in a second we heard bullets fly by our heads.

Chad's POV

"That son of a bitch!"-i turned back to see hell's prick in white Armani trio, just like always.

However, I didn't stop and kept dragging Serene after me, the damn dog by our side.

"I mean you two no harm, Mr.Haynes!"-he roared behind me.

"Mean no harm? Yeah, right!"-I hissed back at him, loud enough for him to hear it.

As we were running off, bullets were flying past us, smashing at the stems of trees in front. I watched at the leaves fall down from the fire, littering under our feet and broken branches crunch with every move we made.

Not today. Not today.

"You hurt?"-i glanced at her.

"No. You?"

I just shook my head for 'no', but I actually didn't know well myself. Nothing did ache and I was too damn concentrated on the only purpose-not to get shot. My adrenaline was in it's highest level as it seemed.

What an irony. You live in a world where the monsters roam and kill the living.

For a while, back there, I thought I was the only monster.

I kept repeating in my head over and over, I didn't want to die just yet. Serene needed me, she was by my side, I wasn't alone anymore. Everything had to be alright. Eventually.

Sticking together seriously increased our chances on surviving the apocalypse. But then in a second the dumb ass, which is me, ruined it all.

"Split up!"-i whispered.

"What? No!"-she stared at me wide eyed, the feeling of actually loosing her made my heart sink.

"I can't protect you and look after myself at the same time,"-i tell her and notice tears are starting to form in her eyes. "This has to end, S! If he dies, then it's over."

"They will kill me when i'm alone."

"No S, no. It's me Eligos wants. You'll be fine. Go! Run East, i'll go to the opposite direction. In a mile or so run along those pines over there,"-I pointed my finger and the line of old pines, higher than other trees, seen in distance,-"we'll meet in the end. Somewhere."

"What the hell? We would never find each other in these woods. There's hundreds of miles of it!"

"That's the only way to survive! Now go! I'll find ya!"

"Chad, I..."

"Are you deaf?"-i hissed,-"we're out of time!"

And then she leaned down and pulled out shinny blade out of her shoe. "Take this!"-she whispered and with a shaking hand she gave me the dagger.

I was out of words. What was it? "You were about to use it on me?" I couldn't believe this. She had the dagger all this time, those weeks we were stuck at the farm. "You had it and you didn't tell me?"-i grabbed the dagger out of her palm.

I shook my head. She gripped her knife tighter and i didn't even finish what I was about to say, as my eyes caught her back, running off away from me.

"Dumbass!"-i spat past her and when more shots echoed along, I busted running to opposite direction, not even thinking about the other threat I would find lurking in the woods, waiting to feast upon my flesh.

I saw few people few miles West.

Not souls, but alive people, running from the same threat as I did.

My adrenaline helped me concentrate and I didn't loose Serene's scent yet. That's a good thing.

Morgan was out of bullets. I heard him cuss and then a dull thud echoed through the woods, as he nervously dropped his gun into the bushes.

"Mr.Haynes, I assure you, i'll be quick. You won't feel a thing!"

Trying to ignore his brainwash, I rushed forward. All evil souls were stumbling after me, I didn't notice any of them after Serene.

But I sweared, if that bitch tried to use this opportunity and escape from me, I would definitely fuckin' kill her.

Serene's POV 24 hours later

"Please please please, come on",-i was breathing heavily as I watched a bunch of evil souls pacing around the car I was hiding,-"walk away".

The tension was crucial. They could smell me any second. I knew that. Even though I was covered in a thick substance of dirt, my own fresh wounds were soaking.

It wasn't the hits Chad gave me days ago.

I hurt myself pretty bad though while running for my life. I jumped from the balcony while trying to escape few evil souls running after me, and fell on the pile of broken concrete. The cuts weren't deep enough. I was sure I would survive this.

I was trying to stay still. My gun was tight in my hands, it's tip resting at my forehead, but it couldn't be used. I was low on amo and there were too many of them to deal with.

The trunk I hid in was tight. If it wasn't this weird apocalypse and the world didn't go to shit in front of my eyes, surely as hell I would be panting cause of claustrophobia at that time. It wasn't the effort I could allow myself though.

I kept my breathing as shallow as it was possible. Through the little gap I saw them walking past the car and I prayed the morning to finally come so they would split up.

I don't know was it the light or warmth of the morning, or the fact that it was better for them to get back to the sulfur before dawn, but they usually were walking away with dawn. Of course there could be few of them left around anyway.

I waited for it seemed forever. Hours past slowly, making me even more nervous.

I closed my eyes and tried to get some sleep. I didn't sleep for almost two days already and whenever I did- I was waking up every 5 minutes. Probably this wasn't the case and I was too tired to keep my guards up, cause after moments with my eyes shut I drifted into another nightmare.

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