Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Trunk

Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



Chad's POV

It's been 24 hours after we split up.

It's been damn whole day I was away from her. I was late to reach the destination we agreed to meet.

Morgan shot me few times, which slowed me down pretty bad. Not to the point I would bleed out, but I had to leave my track in order to hide.

So now i'm standing behind a huge pine stem, trying to claw out 9 mm bullets stuck at my back.

Well alright, i'm hiding here for a second like a total pussy, but my energy is getting drained because of the damn pieces of steel in my flesh.

I can't reach it.

I peek behind the stem.

I see Morgan walking slowly towards my whereabouts, along with his hornets.

And may I be damned- I can't see his loyal weasel friend to his right, where he always used to be glued like a fucking leach.

Maybe Marathael took off. Cecil told me that many of evil souls abandoned the castle and ran away the second the apocalypse started.

I wasn't surprised.

You can never trust anyone, especially your best friend. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Nevertheless, at some point I wanted to believe in Sam. I thought he's my friend and I would've kill for him, die for him if I had to. I thought we had some weird brother bond. Boy, how was I wrong.

But now my main focus is to survive the attack from Eligos. He has a huge army along and there is no way I would defeat them all.

But what makes me breathe easier is familiar furry face with yellow orbs knocking few hornets in one swift move.

My army drifts from behind the horizon and attacks Eligos with full force.

For a second I devour the smell of blood and mesmerising view of body parts being torn and scattered to every possible direction.

Looks like I underestimated my loyal friend. "Good job, Cecil!"-i mumble.

The second Cecil showed up, I had a chance to get back on the rails.

I stumble towards the line of trees, the same spot I told Serene to wait for me.

But I am too late. She isn't there.

I have no idea was she even thinking about meeting me again at the arranged spot or did she just leave me?

The thought itself infuriates me. If she betrayed me again, she's never gonna see her dog again, and it doesn't seem like Serene.

I sigh out deeply and pat the dog. Don't know what made Mika join me instead of Serene, but she took off with me.

"Yeah, you like me!"

Mika gazes at me kinda frightened, but leans closer for a comfort.

"We have to go, we need to find her!"-i trail. "I can't believe i'm talking to a fuckin' dog!"

However, I stand up, brush myself off and start walking.

No evil souls around, which is good.

Early December mornin hereg and there's still no snow, which is good. The darkness of grey trees makes me pretty invisible.

I pat the pocket, only to make sure I still have a dagger. But realising it's still there, makes my nervousness ease a bit.

I try to find Serene's footprints.

I look carefully at the ground, but I see none.

She was never here, I can't believe this.

Stupid girl played me.

Serene's POV

I was woken up by the scratching sound.

My eyes went wide, but I didn't even flinch out of fear. The trunk was still closed with a little gap I left before jumping in.

I focused on the sound. There it was again. Shallow, barely heard, but I didn't hear any groans. That could mean anything, but I doubted it was the evil souls. Damn monsters made awful sounds wherever they went.

There was less and less people left around and evil souls were slowly decaying without any source of energy.

At least the awful stench they provided while dying was a little warning souls are close.

I was wondering for a moment if Chad was still alive? Was Mika okay and why did she chose him over me?

It was painful, i'm not denying. I didn't know if they were alive?

Chad didn't show up at the arranged spot. He never broke his word before and he wasn't there. Having me around was everything he ever wanted, he told me this millions of times, so that mean he's...

"No no no, Serene, he's not dead. They both are alright."

But I refused to pity myself now.

I had to survive another day.

I wiped away few tears and moved a bit further to the door, so I could peek on whatever was out there.

It was definitely morning already and ironically- I survived another day. It's been a bit more than 3 weeks already after the first news were broadcasted on the so called 'terroristic attack'.

Yeah, right.

I saw the road in front of me and forests from the both sides of it, with smoky Taum Sauk mountain on the background.

I waited patiently, but there were no evil souls in my sight. I knew I can't stay here forever, so I took a deep breath in and tensed my muscles, getting ready for a run.

I popped open the trunk door and as fast as I could, jumped from out of it and ran forth the road. Then I turned around. There was a crow on the hood, which flew up right away after I made a sound with my feet. Seemed scared.

So that's who scratched. I smiled relieved.

I knew I have to move on. Movement was all I got left now. No home, no friends nor family. I was left all alone in the apocalypse. My poor dog and my tormentor were probably both dead.

So now it was basically me. Only me against the world full of monsters.

But hey- i'm a tough girl and it takes more than this to get me.

I walked away, leaving the broken car on the road. It seemed every vehicle in the world was out of fuel or had rotten corpses inside.

So I just kept going, thinking through my life and heading to nowhere. I searched through my memory, trying to remember something good that would keep my hopes at some level. But all I could remember were deaths, screams, pain.

I lost so much already. I lost my parents, probably, and, ironically, I didn't even know for sure.

However, Chad told me what he saw at the farmhouses weeks ago. That time when we left the warehouse and he went to search for petrol.

He said there were people inside, who didn't even know about what was happening for real, probably hoping all the news were fake. He told me they were hiding in a farm, but it got overrun. Some man was taking a watch then, when a heard of hornets appeared from the woods.

He saw him being torn apart. He wanted to help him, while running towards the man, but he was too late. Many people died that night. All the group members. No one managed to escape.

I didn't know if he was lying or no. But this wasn't the time for questioning Chad's bipolar personality.

However, I wish I would meet someone though. Someone good, someone I could trust my life with, and meeting them I would say 'hey, i'm Serene, i'm a human being. I'm 17. I'm a student. Now I live outside and kick evil souls asses on daily basis. Wanna be friends?'

That's silly, I know. But hey- living in a world where it seems the only purpose is to not get eaten alive- anyone would get a bit crazy.

So I kept on moving. Movement is survival. I knew this. Whenever I was getting cozy and feeling safe, it wasn't like that. It was just another lie. The places I stayed in for an hour or so were getting overrun quite soon. All the buildings, farms and stores I got stuck into were my temporary shelters, becoming into my own graves.

All I had with me was a small shoulder bag with few clothes in it, 4 cans of food, 1 bottle of water, toothpaste and matches. All the little things that Chad stuffed into my backpack before we took off. Maybe he knew we won't end up together.

I was wearing the same t-shirt for days already and I was getting to smell. I needed to find water as soon as it was possible.

The hunting knife, that was "borrowed" from the farm, was tucked into my shoe. The Jake's Smiths and Wesson I had behind my back belt had 3 bullets left and I was keeping it for good.

I wasn't sure if I would use last bullets on evil souls or I would be desperate enough some day and finally end all this hell blowing my own brains out.

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