Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Back together

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Submitted: July 01, 2018



Serene's POV

After walking all day and barely holding up of hunger, I spent another night under some bridge.

I can't even remember how did I end up there. I just found it. Probably that was my lucky day. When I saw it, hidden among tight bushes and fallen trees, somehow it looked perfect to settle for a night. Thank god I found water finally. I dug in the stream, not even bothering to boil the water.

And i've done this before.

And I survived. Crazy.

I filled the bottle I had to the very top and squeezed tighter into a ball, praying to stay unnoticed at least for a couple of hours.

After few more nightmares and sleeping with one eye opened, I packed the little stuff I had with me and moved on. Strangely night ended without any incidents, like getting eaten by the evil souls. I hysterically laughed back there at the thought itself for a moment. I didn't plan on dying in my sleep. Not just yet. Not this way.

The sun was rising already, but it was too cold for the summer clothes I wore. I didn't know where anywhere else to go though. I was trying not to get too far from the spot that Chad told me to wait, but all the places that seemed secluded that I passed by were already swarmed up.

I kept walking further, staying in the shadows, trying to keep silent. Once in a while I saw single souls in the woods, some didn't notice me, but few of them kept chasing me, as soon as they smelled me. I ran as fast as I could from them. I was tired as hell and honestly- I wasn't sure if I could handle picking them off anymore.

And I saw people.

Women and men, kids even. I hid. I didn't know who to trust and I decided i'm better on my own. However, even if I tried to deny this, I longed for his presence. He was the one to hurt me, but on the other hand-despite all the things he did to me, I felt secure when he was around. I knew he would save me, not just from his friends, but evil souls as well.

His friends are now dead, I know this, but he proved he would do anything to save me. He killed his best friend for me. I knew how close they were with Sam, but he killed him for me.

However, I didn't know was it Chad or something worse that hid beneath.

My stomach growled suddenly and I decided to finally eat the can of beans. I was saving those actually, but the hunger was defeating. I was getting desperate and angry at the world. I had to keep strong. For my mom, dad. I assumed that's what they'd want. Remembering them was difficult. Not that I didn't want to. I did, I tried to imprint their happy faces in my mind seemed like forever. I didn't want to cry anymore though. So I just shook my head and pushed these saddening thoughts away.

After running off from the last evil soul, and as soon as I made sure he didn't notice the direction I went, I found the biggest tree and looked at the tree-top. It was old pine tree, with it's strong stem and branches thick enough to hold my weigh. There were few unlucky attempts of climbing, but I finally reached the lowest branch and pulled myself up. I kept climbing higher, till the crown of a tree-top hid me from anyone who might be lurking under.

The most crazy thing in the world of apocalypse strangely was not the apocalypse itself. Not even all those monsters, trying to rip a peace of your flesh. No. It was people. Always bad people that I had a chance to share my life with.


I was afraid of him a lot more than souls, trying to rip their way through me. I saw him as a monster. Always. Desperate, hopeless, heartless. I knew some pretty scary shit about him and he knew I now know everything.

Was it enough for him to kill me?

He's not even here. I shook my head again.

As soon as I finished eating beans, and greedily drank half bottle of water, I made myself more comfortable on the branch and closed my eyes.

"Nap time, like back in school",-i told myself and started drifting into sleep, but sudden sound of footsteps startled me.

Chad's POV

After another day of pointless walking in circles, I finally catch her scent again.

It's barely there, but I can feel it.

I sniff the air and turn to my left.

I see few footprints on the ground.

"Where is Serene?"-i encourage the dog and to my biggest surprise, Mika figures it out right away.

I point my finger into the footprint and poke her nose in dirt, telling to go find my girl.

Mika silently barks and lunges forward, me after her, as a total wreck.

For a moment I try to run scenarios in my head. If she told me she wasn't even about to get to the arranged spot, she would be sorry. I would beat the crap out of her.

And if she was there, after all...

Well I would be highly surprised. What can I say? My hands are itchy and spending nearly a week with no creative physical activity I feel kinda lame.

I fasten my pace when a sound of a dozen gritting teeth disturbs the silence of the forest.

I lunge forward, Mika, as previously, by my side.

The footsteps are getting closer and I know I need to find her now, so we can leave the forest and move further. We're running out of time and I need to reach the summerhouse. If everything is going according to my plan, Nicholas and Luke will be waiting for me there in few days.

I wish to finally end all this. I need to kill Morgan, so everything gets back to normal, but i'm in no shape at the moment. As soon as I take those bullets out, i'm gonna be back on my feet sooner than he could snap a finger.

I don't know if it's true, but everything should be back to where It was before shit hit the fan and all this stupid apocalypse started.

If there's enough people left to rebuild this hell hole, we should be alright.

But that i'll consider a little later.

I walk some further, and freeze at the spot where the footprints end. And I look up, at the highest and thickest stem in front.

Serene's POV

My eyes widened. I held my breath for a second, trying to figure the direction the sound was coming from. Man, how worried I became hearing moans and growls of it seemed like twenty or even thirty souls around, they were far enough, but the sound was getting closer.

They were after something, I was sure, because after a moment I heard some heavy boots running on the grass. It was fast, nothing similar to the footsteps of the souls. And there was a voice of a man. It's strong southern accent echoed throughout the whole forest.

"Keep movin', stupid dog",-i heard him cursing,-"I ain't carrying your lazy ass."


"Serene, get here now!"-he ordered and I hesitantly looked down, seeing Chad standing on the grass.

"Chad? Is Mika with you?"-i felt relieved.

"Yep. Now get your but down here, souls are all over the place, need to go. Hurry!"

I started climbing down. "You didn't come!"-i whispered. I knew it wasn't the best time for this, but I kinda felt betrayed. He said he would never leave me but he did.

"What you doing, dumbass?"-he whispered,-"shut up."

I was freaked out we'll attract even more souls crawling in the woods and soon there would be whole damn army after. I was about to kill us both.

I don't know was it human being winning in me or was i just desperate and didn't want to be alone anymore, but I caught myself climbing down the tree and before I even realised this, I lunged into his embrace.

"I missed you too, muffin!"-he moaned and squeezed me as well in his rough hands. "Now move!"

In a second, first soul sneaked out of the darkness and Chad grabbed my arm. "Go go go!"-he yelled. In a second i saw the biggest heard ever appear from the tree line.

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