Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Wanna play?

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



Serene's POV

I was unconscious for nearly 2 weeks. I thought I would never wake up and it appears Chad was waiting patiently for me to get better.

However, I felt his presence all the way and one day he just revived me. Just that simple, he gave me his blood again and I prayed my eyes open as if nothing happened.

My whole body ached just for few seconds, but then as his blood spread within me, I felt fine again.

I asked, no I begged him to kill me, but he was just standing beside me with hollow eyes and was nervously shaking his head, repeating 'not yet, not yet'.

"When, damn it?"-i cursed, but he was silent putting the band aids on my arms, even though the cuts I did were all now gone. "Why are you doing this? I'm fine!"-i complained.

"My men can't know,"-he mumbled. "Just shut the hell up." I guess they really didn't know what Chad was and I wasn't sure if I should do something about it.

After this little outburst of mine, as a punishment, of course, i was kept in the basement for few more weeks, without being allowed to leave it. So in total it's been few months already. I didn't know how long exactly it was, because there were no windows and I couldn't see the Sun rising or getting dark afterwards. I could just imagine. And I did. A lot.

I imagined myself outside, free, walking among the silent trees in a warm sunny day, inhaling freedom with my lungs. But all that were only illusions. I was kept here- in the dusty cold basement. Never seeing the light of a day.

There was a small lamp hanging from the ceiling which wouldn't go off ever. They didn't turn it off and this was harder as it might seem. I was sleeping with the dim light on, not feeling as the days pass. They did it on purpose, there was no doubt. Every small detail to make me go crazy, to make me just a little bit insane, every damn day.

Every time my kidnapper would come in different clothes and sometimes, just sometimes he would bring me food. I honestly believed all those times were different days.

I kept making marks with the nail on the wall, small enough for him not to notice. And each scratch meant different day. 152. 152 marks on the wall. Sometimes I was starring at it for hours, hoping the next one would be my last. But it wasn't. And he just kept on coming back.

Sometimes I would sleep in a small bathroom, cuddled by the sink, so he can't find me off guard when i'm sleeping. I didn't want to admit myself, but I was slowly giving up all my hopes, though I tried really hard to stay calm.

I rarely could see other people down there. Sometimes they were showing up and asking me humiliating questions, making me do things. Sam was always asking me to dress off, and every time I refused, he would hit me. And then ask again. And then hit me more painfully.

I didn't realize why, but Chad was always stopping him in the right moment and Sam never did hurt me more than that. But most often they would come silently when I would be asleep and start beating me, till I loose consciousness. Just that simple. Like this was normal thing to do. And after that they were leaving me on the floor to die.

I didn't die.

I never knew I was that strong. Never imagined that I would be able survive all this. But it was taking just few days to recover usually and I was strong again. Though the scars never faded again. He didn't give me his blood again. I couldn't recognise my body anymore. It was pale, nearly translucent with a little shade of blue. I was skinny. There was no fat on my body anymore and probably I did weigh less than 45 kilos.

I was trying my best to stay strong and not to break down. I was hopelessly fighting to stay me, to stay human. But Chad was doing all he could to break me, like he promised me. I remember him saying,that he would never lie to me. It was the first day, when he kidnapped me and threw in the abandoned building. I remember him leaning down on me and saying these words- I never lie for what i'm about to do.

He was right. Like a psycho Chad was telling me what's his plan. What he would do tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I figured all was the truth. He didn't lie.

The hardest thing always was to hear what he's about to do and then wait whole night for that to happen. I was afraid. And every time it seemed my stomach was making a movement around whenever he came back.

I refused to eat. And as much as I was hungry till I couldn't even walk straight- I wouldn't eat. I didn't want to live like this. But Chad was annoyed i'm not eating and he saw me slipping away. He was yelling at me, then beating me. And after that he was asking, begging me to eat something. I knew he didn't want me to die. It was difficult to understand what kind of sick game he was playing with me. It was hard to understand him at all. Honestly- I did wanna die. Sometimes. And surely as hell, I didn't wanna play his games.

If he wasn't able to feed me, he would tie me up and give me food intravenously. And then I would heal. Again.

I couldn't count how many of my bones were broken already and how many bruises or cuts I had on my skin. I lived in fear. And that was hell.

The day before it was just too much for me to handle. I slipped, I was starting to loose faith and I didn't want that. I wanted to hold on to something very bad, but there was nothing left to keep me going.

I was sitting pressed to the wall with my aching back, my face buried onto my knees. I was crying. Tears were running down my cheeks and dripping on my tights and then running to the ground.

He came again.

"Well hello there, love!"-he said in a husky voice. "Wanna play?"

I held my face towards him. Chad was smiling. His green eyes were glittering by the dim light of the lamp. He came closer and knelt in front of me.

"What do you want?"-i asked in motionless voice.

"Told you- I wanna play."

He took out a pack of smokes and put two cigarettes in his mouth and lit them. He gave one for me.

"Go on. I know you smoke sometimes".

I took it. And I smoked. Though the cigarette didn't give me pleasure anymore, I felt relieved. The simple thing as it was- it made me feel normal again, like i'm in my home, smoking in my yard. Like i'm usual, just like everyone else, with my bad habits.

When I was done, I quenched the cigarette end to the concrete floor I was sitting and Chad started smoking another one.

"How do you know I smoke sometimes?"-i whispered.

He smiled again. "I was watching you".

"What do you mean?"-i frowned. I though I was their accidental victim. "How long have you been watching me?"



He threw the cigarette at the distant corner and squeezed by the wall next to me. Chad was silent for a while. I didn't looked at his face, but was waiting for the answer, trying to look calm. He took a deep sigh in.

"Don't know...I was doubting. I didn't want you".

"Then why did you kidnap me? Why don't you let me go?"-i was restless now. I saw a small hope again. If he didn't want me, then he must let me go. He had to!

"Because..."-he paused for a second,-"you're so gorgeous. I didn't wanna ruin you."

That was it. Now I was hundred percent sure, that very sick man was sitting beside me. I didn't know what to answer him. I didn't want to see him.

"Why you keep ruining me then?"

"Because",-he said and stroke a strand of hair off of my left shoulder,-"i like you a lot".

He squeezed nearer me. He put his hand into his pocket and I noticed he had in it something. I tried not to move, but Chad just tried to kiss me on the lips again and instinctively I pulled him off and jumped on my feet away from him.

There was a moment of silence. He gazed at me and I saw his eyes getting darker and he was getting mad. "You shouldn't have done that!"-he moaned in this calm silent tone made my body shiver.

Oh my god, what did I do.

He slowly stood up and started walking towards me. I was getting backwards, not knowing where to hide. "Chad, please,"-i begged,-"i'm sorry, i'm sorry!"

But he was coming forward. I ran to the doors which were still a little bit open and started running as fast as I could. I didn't know where. There were huge corridors on both sides with doors every few meters. I turned left.

I heard Chad is slowly walking after me and yelling: "I'll find you, love! You can't hide from me!"

My heart was racing. All I could think of that second was to get away from him as far as it is possible. In few moments the corridor divided again and I turned left. I kept going, but soon there was a dead end.

"Damn it"-i whispered and turned back. I had to reach the place where corridor divided. I had to choose right. Why did I not choose right? I was almost sure. He will be on the corner by then and I did breathe heavily.

When I almost reached the corner, Chad showed from the corner and grabbed me tightly and hit me on my cheek. I fell onto the floor. He was trying to jump on me, but somehow I managed to pull him off of me and he rolled down. Glassy needle with purple fluid dropped from his pocket on the concrete and crashed. It was the same colour as he used the first day, when my body became paralysed. And now it was gone. Colourish fluid was soaking concrete floor. He was still on the floor, I saw him pulling out the gun from his belt. I froze.

He will shoot me, he will shoot me, oh my god!

"Easy there,"-he whispered,-"i won't harm you!"-and he smiled,-"much".

"Liar!"-i yelled and tried to overrun him, but he grabbed my foot and pulled.

I fell on the ground and grabbed him by his arm after me. He lost the balance and also fell. The gun dropped on the ground.

"Damn it!"-he yelled,-"look what you did! Come here! Don't get me angry".

I jumped up and overrun him, grabbed the gun and as fast as I could was running to the elevator I saw at the end of the corridor. I made few shots past me, but they didn't hurt him. Bullets stuck on the wall next to Chad. I never used a gun before and I didn't actually know how to aim.

"Bitch now you're making me mad!"

When I finally reached the lift, I pushed the button and the elevator opened in few seconds. I jumped inside and pressed 1 it seemed a hundred times. He was coming nearer and the door wasn't closing. Like in a horror movie I pushed the button millions times and when he was few feet away from me, it finally did close.

I was panicking. I didn't know what's waiting on the first floor, but I assumed there must be the same hall they dragged me here. That meant there is a door and I will be able to escape.

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