Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Station

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Submitted: July 08, 2018



Chad's POV

I lunge forward, reloading my shotgun and unceremoniously drag my girl after. She holds onto me tighter and quickly nods, grabbing a knife out of her shoe.

"Well look at you, my little rambo!"-i laugh. "I see you've been busy here!"

She ignores my comment and just nods again. Only now I notice what a mess she is. All sweaty and filthy, but not in a disgusted way. It's one of those hot thingies and what she did to her hair is rather teasing. It's tied in a big thick bun on her head with only few strands hanging above her green mysterious eyes.

However, she seems quite tired and hungry. "Did you eat anything?"-i ask her noticing she doesn't have her backpack anymore.

"I ate everything I had."


"Where are we going?"-she asks when we finally slow down. Looks like the heard is left far behind and we can breathe with ease.

There is one place I saw few days ago. It isn't far, just about a mile further. It is some gas station, big enough for us to hide. I saw more buildings around, so the souls should be distracted for a while. At least till we know what to do next and till I carve the stupid bullets out of my ass.

"There's a place we can hide, follow me,"-i say when we are far enough to not even hear souls anymore.

I turn around to face her. She is smiling sadly and seem to have no clue on what's going on around. Her wide eyes traces all the blood on my dirty jacket and probably tells her i am a little injured and isn't sure how bad.

"What the fuck is wrong?"

She shakes her head.

"Are you getting into a shock or something?"-i roll my eyes. "Sit down for a second!"-i hold her as she crumbles by the fallen tree stem, me beside her.

"Chad?"-she asks fearfully and I look at her. Her face is pale. "Did you see others?"

"Yep!"-i just roll my eyes again knowing very well what is she talking about. "If there's enough people left we can rebuild. I'm not sure though. But when I kill Morgan, if the prophesy is not just a peace of bullshit, of course, then there's only one king left, aka me, everything will be back to where It was."

"So what was the point in accepting the prophesy?"

"We were out of time. The hell had two rulers for too long. Now stop asking all these things, my head hurt already and i'm bored."

"What would happen with me!?"-she asks again. "There's not much people left. I wouldn't go to cops. So you could..."

"Release you?"-i cut her off laughing and stand up. "Oh my fucking god!"-i ram my hands at my sides and ironically tilt my head at the sky. "You're just so stupid, Serene! You're never leaving my side, why didn't you get it? You're mine, we belong together! And don't forget you still owe me one."

"Owe you? For what?"

"You didn't come at the arranged spot."

"The hell you are talking about? I was waiting there for a few hours, you never showed up!"

This gets me smiling. "Alright, I was just checking." I scoop her up and we slowly start moving forward. "I was late myself. I never was about to abandon you."

"What happened?"

"Morgan got me there a little. I had to stay back."

She doesn't say anything else and we keep moving. However, in half an hour or so, I start experiencing something well known, which, I was hoping, i could delay a bit more, but boy how was I wrong.

The heavy thumping, twisting and turning starts right at the back of my head and I suddenly grip it tightly, as the evil and unwanted suddenly decides to crawl out.

"What you doing? Keep movin'!"-Serene whisper yells at me and this time she is in front, dragging me after.

"Maybe if that sweet ass of yours would help me here a bit, i'd be faster, mhm?"-i moan, still trying to keep my mind sane.

She just rolls her eyes at me and slows down, so as soon as she reaches me, I wrap my arm around her.

"Well aren't you a peace of fine sugar?"

"Why are you being like this?"-she just trails but I ignore her this time. My adrenaline probably is not in it's highest level, cause my head now bouncing like crazy and I am not sure if I can make it.

I need my pills, now.

Luckily, after few minutes we reach the dusty road, across from it stands few abandoned buildings, with almost every window shattered. To the right stands a gas station I am aiming at.

"This one!"-i tell her and suddenly crumble on my knees, for the evil inside me is tired of waiting. I've been fighting this for too long. I grip my head and don't feel like standing up again.

"We're almost there, hold on!"-she whispers and looks around,-"Chad, we can't stay here like this, you have to move, we're exposed here more than ever!"

I breathe in and try to focus. My girl is right, just a little bit more. "You stay behind that car!"- I nod to the nearest vehicle by the station,-"i need to check for the souls inside. If you see that heard comin'-hide. Don't play a hero. Understood?"

"I don't wanna stay here alone!"-she freaks out suddenly.

"Yeah! All right! We're gonna have a little conversation about who's in charge. I vote me!"

"You can barely walk!"-she argues.

That makes my blood boil. "Are you tired of living, girl? Now do as I say. Don't make me repeat myself!"

She shuts her mouth and I leave her hiding behind the car and keeping low I near the gas station.

It is perfect. Spacious, has a steel barred windows on every damn floor and I am pretty sure the back door as well. I peek in with my head, the door is closed the same way I left it the other night I slept here, I didn't see souls inside.

As I am almost going back to get my girl, a growl from a evil soul startles me. I turn around with the knife tight in my grip, but it reaches his decaying arms at me and before I even react, grabs my neck.

Now it's blood dripping mouth is trying to reach for my face and I try to push it away.

I know I can't fire here, so I keep my shotgun cool on my shoulder and plunge the knife at soul's head, but it goes just a half way in and freakin' thing just doesn't want to die.

"Damn it!"-i yell. I push it back and see his furry legs tangle into the air. One kick at the knife's handle and the blade sinks all the way in, last rotting breath leaving evil souls mouth.

Trying to ignore the painful bouncing at the back of my head, I turn to Serene and at that second I see another evil soul stumbling at her, knocking my girl down on her back and with his stinking body falls full weight on. She gasps for air, but doesn't scream. There is just a second to act, I know that. I lunge towards them in a supernatural speed and plunge the blade at the furry horned skull and see him gurgle with blood.

Suddenly I get all turned on. I twist and turn and can't stop smiling. "Ya owe me one, sugar".

I withdrew the blade and give Serene my dirty palm. She hesitantly takes it and I help her back on the feet. She gazes at me fearfully and I have no idea why.

Is it my face? Am I covered in blood or whatever shit is coming from the souls head?

I wipe the blood from my face and step into the Gas station, my girl after me. Just in case something's up, I keep the knife tight in my grip. She follows me in and closes the door.

She glances around, her eyes noticing all the mess by the distant corner behind the counter.

"Yours?"-she nods at the pile of clothes, empty water bottles and food cans.

I rubbed my chin. "Someone's else's."

"Need to sit,"-he suddenly mumbles and falls to her knees.

I quickly run towards her, helping my girl up. "You okay?"

"Are you okay?"-she asks instead, her wide eyes, as previously locked with mine. "Harrod, isn't it?"

"I'm alright, ain't anyone that can kill me but me."

And with those words said, I smile back at her with the most creepy smile I can manage. "I have an idea."

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