Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - My abyss

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



Chad's POV

Serene was recovering fast. So was i.

I forced my girl to carve out the bullets out of my flesh. After few minutes of playing hard to get, she finally dig into me.

"How many are there?"-she asked somewhat disgusted as if she never had the chance to get used to me a little naked. "I thought nothing could kill you."

"It can't. Just slows me down to the point I don't like."

Needless to say, it wasn't the most romantic night of my life. However, I was secretly wishing it would somehow deepen our bond.

Anyhow, Serene was exhausted after everything that happened. Not just physically, but I saw how hard it was for her to deal with another type of apocalypse thrown her way.

I, however, was battling my own monster which wanted to get out more than ever now. The world went to shit and he was desperate to crawl out and welcome the doom in which he was originated.

I was fighting my abyss every damn day. I needed whatever pills there was to just do the trick and shut the motherfucker up. I wasn't ready and I wasn't able to protect Serene completely.

Serene saw me slipping and just sometimes she would grab my hand and go along the never ending headaches, which were driving me more and more insane.

I was on the edge and so close to turning into a monster I was so desperately trying to push aside.

Going out to the open helped a bit.

Fresh air eased the pain so I could stay more me for just a little more.

"I love you!"-i would sometimes breathe out silently in a moment of my weakness. "Love you so fucking much!"-but she would never say it back.

And then I would pack my shit and leave for another scavenging trip.

Seemed that the only thing Serene really needed was a good night sleep and lots of food to keep her body healing. Anything, but me. We were at least sure on water for a while, actually. Yesterday I got back to the river I spent the night few days ago and filled every bottle I found in the buildings. On my way back I found some berries. I ate a bit, the rest I delivered to my never satisfied girl.

The road was crawling with souls and at some point I got stranded, so I shot few of them, trying to survive. This was stupid of me, I knew that. Probably all evil near heard that. I rushed back at the gas station, finding Serene nervous and pacing around the back room.

Don't know what was there with me, but after I saw her, I wrapped my arms around her, searching for some of human warmth and hyper ventilated silently at her dirty sweater.

"Such a little brat!"-my brother would whisper then, but I ignored his pity comment. I was this. Looked for someone who does actually understand me. Someone alive. But she just stood there speechless, not saying a thing, neither holding me back for comfort.

Rejected. That was what I felt at the moment. Pushed away by the last living on the Earth.

We spent few days together and I learned to know her a bit from the other angle. I didn't chain her, didn't beat her up as always. We actually communicated a little on some other mind level that I didn't even have an idea about.

She didn't talk much. And i missed this. Just a company to keep my thoughts away from the apocalypse. Away from anything bad has happened through all those months. I didn't push her though. I wasn't talkative either.

I still longed for my friends. Those I killed, the ones that got killed by others. I needed Sam by my side to tell me what to do next. He was the only one sane by my side with his witty, but reasonable answers to absolutely fucking anything.

"Drink this",-she told me giving a bottle of water.

"Nah, i'm ok".

"Take it,"-she tried again. "You need to take these pills".

I pulled out my palm, where two small pills were lying. There was hesitation in me, but as soon as I noticed hard determination in her face, i took it. I put the pills into my mouth, keeping my gaze at her and took a sip of water.

One pill to make me faint.

And one pill to keep me sane for few more days.

"Those pills won't last forever. We have to talk about this."

"I know. Let me go and then you don't have to take them anymore."

"I can't!"-i shook my head. "You don't understand! I don't wanna be a monster!"

"You think you would kill me then?"

I let my head rest at the dirty wall behind. I debated for a moment. Would I really kill her? I didn't know myself. "I can't risk it."

"Alright,"-she stood up and left to another room, leaving me alone on our dirty mattress.

The banging at the back of my head was getting hard to ignore. I just sit patiently and waited for the pill to do the trick. Hell, I had not even the smallest clue on what the shit i'm taking in, but according to Serene it was some anti psychotics, so maybe not too bad.

"Oh god..."-Harrod moaned to my left ear. "How can you be such a pussy?"

"Leave me be!"-i hissed not bothering to look at him. I knew. He was never my brother.

"I would have, but not until the moment I realised my brat of a brother couldn't handle his shit any longer."

"Fuck you!"

"You're getting soft. You're pathetic!"

Now I stood up and shoved my fist into his abs same second. I was so tired of his shit.

And then muffled sob made me open my orbs finally and meet the teary Serene's eyes.

She gripped her stomach and crumbled to her knees, me beside her the same second.

I tried to scoop her up, but she shoved me away.

I didn't apologise. We knew this would happen eventually. "What? You're out of pills, honey?"-i yelled at her.

"Harrod..."-she sighed out.

"You missed me?"

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