Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Little secrets

Submitted: July 24, 2018

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Submitted: July 24, 2018



This is coming up.

I can feel it with every inch of my skin. This is trying to get control over me and I am not sure how much longer I would be able to postpone this.

Do I want it?

Hell no.

The tingling sensation in my chest and throbbing of my dick is quite amusing, I must say.

Why do I have to deny myself pleasure?

The world went to shit anyway.

I want her so much I can't think of anything else. I know that whatever is trying to get free would bring chaos. I don't want this, but it would set me free. I feel it.

I want this girl over my complete control. And I know how to break her in.

I hardly swallow. I hesitate for a moment, but make myself glance at the mirror. I want this. No. I need this. Why is he smiling at me?

"Just go."

I turn to the door. Was it a brainwash or do we finally start to think exactly the same?

I walk all the way through the dust, leaving dirty footprints on the concrete floor. I go to the next room, where she is. Serene jumps up from the spot she always sleeps with terror in the eyes and she questions again.

I keep silent. I know this is getting her scared and I love it. The sound of her heart beats.

I pull her up and squeeze her arm tight she cries out. I don't loosen my grip, as I drag her along to our bedroom.

When I shut the door behind us, she stares at me barely holding tears, rubbing her arm where dark prints of my fingers are already showing. I face her and the sound of her shallow breathing make me long for her body. I push her badly and she rolles to the floor. I pull out the last syringe I have.

"I made this for you. It's special. This won't paralyse you, but will make you hurt. Promise."

She is getting pale.

"I bet it felt more safe in a cage, wasn't it?"-don't know what is wrong with her. "Did I break you? Why would you not talk to me?"

And still, she tells me nothing, but wild eyes gaze at me in somewhat awkward blaming look and I can't stand this silence.

That's it, I probably broke her.

I shake my head nervously and tie her up with old dusty rope.

"Say something, please?"

I check the ropes. It's tight, of course, but i'm no pussy trying slip knots on this girl.

A blue lines on her wrist is now obvious. The knot crawls around her veins in a perfect sick circle as if it was a neck of my worst enemy, letting him struggle and choke.

My my... white eyeballs shines from the darkness as if two little moons in a dirty green swamp.

I love her, oh yes, I do. Wild as a cat that never had been pet by a man. I can't even touch her without getting a hissing response.

"You never behaved. That's why you gonna be sorry!"

I check the knot once again.

Fishermen's knots. "Should do the trick. Don't you think so?"

"Screw you!"

"Well i'd be damned- she talks!"

I pace around once again, making sure she has no chance to escape me. "I made up my mind."

She pulls her watery eyes up and I get close, reaching her level. I extend my palm towards her cheek and brush away a strand of hair. "I'm gonna fuck you today."

I push her to the dirty wall and sit on my knees in front, for a moment examining the charming face of this little cute girl.

She shakes her head and starts pleading, but I can't concentrate or hear the words she's saying.

This is my kingdom, my world and my girl. "I saved one syringe for this night. You gonna love it."

I show her a needle. Just a drop of define purple syringe makes my heart melt and my head spin out of excitement.

She now curls on her knees while begging as before. As if it could help her. So many women begged before.

"I'm not so patient, as you can see. The next time you try to escape or misbehave again-i'm gonna cut off your legs and then arms!"-i brush her head again and watch my girl getting pale and all weird. "And then i'm gonna fuck you as many times as I want and no one would ever save you. Not even my brother."

A crack in the concrete wall behind the shivering frame is disturbing. And the gap is getting wider with every moment.

I must be going crazy.

I slipp once again, I guess. I cannot stand this romance shit he forced me live in.

I barely hold to my nature roots, trying not to give in or give way to the cold blooded killer living inside my head.

We fight every day.

But I know a little secret.

A weakness. A little possession.

Order. Control.

Take that away from the famous ripper and he's left with nothing.

A bruise here and a bruise there. Would you look at that! Her pale skin, slim waist and perfect round tight ass.

"I can't believe you still never had sex with my brother."

I watch as she hardly swallows and her eyelashes quivers.

Yep. So virgin.

I pick up a little rusty saw and put it above her knee cap.

And she screams and begs and kicks.

"I don't like you movin'. Please let me concentrate!"

"Oh god....please!"

"There was this movie that I can't forget. 'Boxing Helena'. Do you know it?"

She shakes her head for no.

Damn it.

"Listen here... i'm kinda bored and all this apocalypse thing ain't no helping at all. So I would really appreciate it if you stayed quiet while I do my things.

"What things?"

"These things!"-and with these words said, I lunge for her body faster than a starving dog for a peace of bone.

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