Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Little something before the upcoming dirty chapter.

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Drooling

Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 05, 2018



"You think all the shit you talked, little lies and secrets could be forgotten?"

"I didn't say anything, please!"

"Heartbeats! Don't lie to me, Serene! I heard you talk behind my back."

"I didn't!"-she whines. "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

And I hit her once again. Little cute head yanks to the side and a shiny drop of blood crashes at the wall beside.

Hollow eyes rolls to the cracked wall and back at spot where the last purple syringe lays. The slipknot is doing perfect job, nevertheless, but I am suddenly all bored.

"Listen there. I do appreciate all ya do for me, little drama to turn me even more on, but when i'm done here with you and back on my feet,"-i look around,-"i'm outta here. And you're going with me. I need to find the idiot who started all this mess and kick ass of my psychotic brother. Got it?"

She sit there silent, trying to process my words.

"Earth to Serene! Lay down now."

She shakes her head for no. I can't believe this!

"Lay the fuck down, I said!"

"Don't do this to me!"-she crawls further as if it could stop me.

However, she doesn't want me to leave. I guess she got all cosy in this abandoned building. After tonight, i'm sure, she would never forget.

She isn't ready to be on her feet again. But the brother, who is now somewhere out there, is family. Whatever happened between us before, whatever reason made us slip away from each other, I get that. He's flesh and blood. I'd do anything to get the normal world back.

I try to push these thoughts away once more, but my mind gets raging and I bent my head down in defeat.

I need some lovin' to help me feel better.

As if sensing my thoughts, she starts shaking hysterical and I grab her hips once again and pull closer.

"Aye, ya're not getting soft there, are ya?"-i ask, trying to break the awkward tension among us,-"you're a grown little lady there, aren't you? Come, give me some sugar!"

She takes a deep breath in, avoiding any tears to fall down.

"I see you're tough,"-i point a finger at my sharp knife, which lays right beside my tight on the floor,-"And you know how mad I get when you disrespect me."

"I'll behave, please!"

"There's no way you can escape it. We all were waiting for this for so many months. Your ass belong to me now. So take off your clothes and stop pretending. I saw the way you look at my dick."

I drop her down on the dirty mattress and lean over, my weigh giving her not even a slightest chance to move.

Little and oh so annoying voice at the back of my head keeps pleading for a time out.

"Be quiet, silly. We can't summon the all evil in here."

And I cover her mouth with my left hand, while my other one goes down to her belt buckle.

She protests, but I am damn strong. "It's ok, no one is gonna hurt you! You will see!"

Without any emotion I rip off her pants and underwear and slide my fingers along her sweet flower.

My body lines with tingling pleasure all over and I do not longer fit in my pants. My finger slides in the tight epic spot i'm drooling to taste.

But suddenly he bites my hand covering her soft lips and I instinctively leap up away from her.

I check my palm. Little drop of blood rolls the side of my palm and trickles down.

"What the..." This is impossible. She bit me. "You bit me?"

She squeezes in a little pathetic ball of human flesh and hides herself in a dark corner.

"Come here!"-now I roar. My patience Is wearing thin. "I don't wanna play!"

I grab her ankle and pull, making Serene slide on her back and back at my claws. "What's wrong with you? Why you always have to be this difficult?"

"Please, let me go!"-and there goes tears and all this other crap that women were using against men for ages.

"I'm not falling for this bullshit!"-and I slap her cheek again. For a moment she goes silent and her head painfully yanks to the side. "Behave! That's all I ask from you!"

And I grab her again and crawl on top, my weigh pressing her body still to the dirty mattress.

I put my middle finger into my mouth and lick it, making it nice and sticky. And then I put it down among her shaking thighs, instantly feeling the warmth I was craving for so fucking long.

"Oh my god, this is insane!"-i moan when a wave of lust takes me over completely.

"Chad!"-she screams on the top of her lungs,-"Chad!"

This make me smile. How come she needs him, and not me? "Guess what, bitch? Chad's not here."

"Please, I will do anything you ask, just don't hurt me!"

Well this is something new. "Anything I ask!?" I sit on the edge of a bed and rub my chin. Tricky, but we may play for a little. "Jerk me off."


"You heard me. Jerk me off if you don't want sex, i'm sure you know what to do."

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