Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Passionate

Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Submitted: August 24, 2018



Chad's POV

I grab her hair and push, devouring the dull crack of a gypsum wall, as her head collides with it.

She drifts to the floor and seem to be loosing a consciousness. However, only for a second.

"Don't you dare to pass out. I'm not finished with you."

She turns to opposite direction and slowly starts crawling away. As if she doesn't hear me. As if she doesn't care.

"Seriously?"-i grunt and spit at the ground. "Where the fuck are you goin'?"

Another roll of hatred filled eyes catches my attention and she sigh out heavily, demonstratively.

"What??"-i can't believe what I see. "What the hell? Did you just roll your eyes at me?" I step closer and her eyes darts at my old converse sneakers.




I spit once again. I do not kick, but draw at her threateningly and grab pale lean neck. "Still playin' games, sugar?"

"Even if you kill me, it won't bring Sam back!"-she suddenly blurbs and that cute little chin starts shaking.

My hands drop down in defeat now. "The hell you are talking about?" I grab her arms and make my girl keep steady, as I watch her in the eyes.

I can't believe. All this time she did learn nothing. Every sacrifice I did for her, every fight with my men, death of Jim even, didn't prove her? "I did everything for you, you bitch! Think twice before you open your damn mouth! Clearly you could use it in other ways better!"

"I know you!"-she smiles now ironically rubbing dark fingerprints on her neck. "You let out all this rage upon me only because you can't stand being with me. You wish I was dead and not him! You regret saving me! Admit it!"

"Oh my god, are you stupid? I would never trade you, I told you hundreds of times! We are meant to be! Why do you even have these thoughts?"

"We were never meant to be. You kidnapped me a year ago, you torture and you kill me. You used to be passionate about everyone you kill. I saw that in your eyes. Now you became this cold distant peace of..."

Heavy hit of my fist makes her head yank to the left. "You're in no position to make demands now. I'll get rid of you whenever I want. But now!"-i grunt and lick my lover lip,-"i'll show you how passionate I can really be!"

"You have not enough guts to kill me. Maybe your brother could?"

"Did you just talk back?"-i grunt again. That's it. This was the final little crack in my patience jar.

I kick her stomach and she lets out a silent yelp. A little ironic laugh and she curls on the ground, catching her breath.

I have no idea what is wrong with her today. Why would she talk back?

"I told you-don't tempt me. I might chop of your limbs."

She shakes her head again and I get a feeling Serene doesn't take me seriously. How come she prefers my brother?

I grab a chair and pull closer. I sit on it and nervously light a cigarette. "My head hurt!"-i mumble and let it slop on my left palm, elbow resting on my tight. "Take off your pants. Gonna fuck you."

Hollow wild eyes darts at me as she wipes a little roll of blood coming from a wound on her lower lip.

"No,"-she whispers and I can feel the shaking in her voice now quite obviously.

"You gonna make me repeat myself? It's not that I didn't see you naked before. Come on!"-i encourage, but my girl stand up pride, jaw tight and face as pale as ever.

"You knew all along what I would do if you made me mad. Wanted to test the theory or what? Now you accuse me on being cold and not passionate. This is a betrayal, Serene."


"You heard me."

I light another cigarette. Damn last pack in the apocalypse world.

Slowly and teasingly Serene unzip her jeans and let them drop down to the floor, making me feel a little bit better almost instantly. Giant tears start falling as well, as she nervously folds her palms in front of her, covering a little loveable peace that i'm dying to taste.

"I've been very patient all this time." I stand up and unclasp my belt.

Her head starts shaking nervously.

"Come here!" I tell her and she makes a little hesitant step forward.

"Get on your knees and beg me. Say 'please please Mr.Haynes!"

Defeated and obviously mad at the whole world, she does as been told. She kneels in front of me, but keep her head low.

For few minutes I circle around her, just like many times before.

Huge T-shirt is covering her sweet little ass and I have to lift it up to completely observe her body. Dirty and odd white shirt is now tucked high above her stomach, with only a tip of her breasts showing from under.

I circle once more, till I appear right in front of her. I grab her head and pull it against my crotch. "Come now, you know what to do."

Blonde cute head starts shaking nervously, as her dirty palms press to my lower half and tries to push me away.

"You can't say 'no' to me."

"I don't know what to do."

"I'll show you, sugar!"-i moan and pull out now tight treat out of my camouflaged pants.

She doesn't want to, I can see clearly now.

Why would she deny the obvious feelings she has for me? "Maybe this would motivate you enough?"-i ask as I press the cold barrel of my Colt to her temple.

I close my eyes.

I feel as she gets closer and I barely hold myself in one peace. Her soft lips touches me accurately and with fear, as if trying not to hurt it. A little lick. A shallow bite, it appear and tiny palm wraps around my penis. I breathe in deeply and devour her fingertips on me. Her lips and hot breath, that sends shivers all along my spine. Soft tongue caress me all along and I nearly melt coming inside her mouth.

She is not quite bad, I must admit. I had like tons of women to compare to, but Serene is obviously new at this.

However, I make myself stop. I don't know why. If it wasn't the apocalypse world or the fact she just brough shitloads of painful memories back to the surface, I would totally fuck her head to a madness.

"Congrats on your first time!"-i roar as I step away and grabbing her hair back, I pull. "Am I now passionate enough?"

"I hate you!"-she cries out shoves my hand away.

I zip up and sit down on the same chair. I see Serene starts crawling away just like before.

"Hold on, sugar! Look what i've got here!"-i tease and pull out my last purple syringe.

"Haven't you done enough?"

"Oh hell no. Our fun is just starting."

Serene's POV

I? was regaining consciousness and loosing it again. Those moments I was awake I wanted to be dead.

His cold hand trailer up and down my naked thigh and his cold lips was now glued to my chest.

The needle was being inserted into my vein after another minute of his filthy kisses. However, his kisses didn't stop even then, but continued with higher force.

The pain paralysed me from head to toes, to say the least.

Just like before.

I knew the feeling too well. However, I always thought that the world, which is now absolutely different to what it was, would make him think twice. I was so naive.

I smiled the last time for myself awkwardly, before the complete numbness took me over.

"You said it wouldn't paralyse her!"-echoed Chad's angry voice, as he snapped his face off of me and disappeared, but I couldn't understand his whereabouts, for I couldn't make my head move.

"My bad!"-he laughed again and I knew very well this was very bad. He was loosing his mind.

"I know you did this on purpose. You knew I hate when she's unconscious. Why would you fool me like this!"

"Because you're trying to take what's mine."

"Aww fuck you, brother!"

"Fuck you!"

"You're annoying!"

Suddenly his sad pale face drifted in front again and he slightly slapped my cheek and rolled his eyes instead, when I didn't respond. "Son of a bitch! You're getting her over my dead body."

"This is not over! I'll just wait till she feels better! I have a whole night, brother!"

"Yeah, you do that."

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