Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Mute

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Submitted: September 06, 2018



Chad's POV

I wait for hours for the girl to wake up.

I stare at her intently, trying to figure out if she is asleep or rather unconscious.

I check the pulse on Serene's wrist. Her arm is pale and so tiny, but her heartbeats are strong and audible as well.

I breathe out with relief. However, I ain't doing this while she's so calm and easy. Somehow my brother manages to fuck everything up quite bad.

Aww well.

I light a cigarette and head out. No evil souls can be seen outside and I suck in a fresh breath of air, diluting white smoke curling in my throat.

Just like the previous mornings, I manage to find some more painkillers and antibiotics in the surrounding buildings.

I was always sneak out early in the mornings, when the Sun is just rising. I climb the metal ladder to the roof each time, leaving my girl sleeping below on the dirty mattress.

I know this is dangerous, that's why I refuse to take her with me. But it needs to be quick. The girl is still weak and I am not sure if the heard passed away completely or are the damn hornets still stumbling around.

Standing on the rooftop there, before the run, I have time to think. The girl, which is sleeping calmly isn't that bad after all.

Yeah, she isn't very pleasant to talk to and i'm sure she would bite off my head on the first opportunity she got.

Even though she keeps pushing me away, I know well, that underneath all this camouflage of a tough wild cat- there is a woman, trying her best to not fall for me.

But we are meant to be together and after tonight she will realise this.

I just have to wait till she wakes up.

Once she tries what Haynes can do, she would be mine completely.

I smile to myself.

Whoever she really was, whatever weird or disobedient she seem, she is my only friend now. We are probably the last people in 100 mile radius. And we have to stick together.

So I keep on moving.

I climb on the railings on the roof and jump through a few feet gap, towards the mechanics store. I cleared it yesterday and blocked the doors, so I am sure any souls are lurking inside. They can't scatter anymore.

I go through the doors, after a little sneak peek through the key hole. I see two evil souls in front.

"Easy run",-i tell myself, trying to believe it.

My grip on the knife handle tightens and I take a deep breath in. I open the door and step outside, making sure to close the door behind. I run towards the first soul, stabbing my knife at his head from the back, right among the two horns. His body collapses to the ground with silent thud and the second hornet gets alerted.

He slowly turns around at the sound and his bloodshot eyes catch me running towards him.

"Trailor!"-he lets out a growl, as his decaying feet start moving towards me.

I run closer, just a meter away from him and with my left fist I punch him at the guts and he stumbles falling down on his back. I jump on top of him in a smirk of a second and shove my blade into his temple.

I stand up, trying to regain my breath and wipe out the blood from my hands into the black fur. I look around for something useful. Half mile away I notice few cars on the road, so I fasten my pace towards them, constantly peeking behind my shoulder for any following souls.

I doubt Morgan is somewhere around, but I can never be sure.

And of course they follow. Few sneak out from the forest across the street, few follow me from the store through the shattered windows. They are slow now. Probably starving made them weaker. I shake my head and keep going, never lowering my eyes off of the giant cupcake store with massive windows. The movement inside is quite obvious and I have to rush before the hornets spot me.

"Eligos will hunt you down, Haynes!"-one of the evil souls hiss, his sharp tongue sticking out for a second as if he was a rattle snake. "You won't escape him."

"Aw well. I might try."

I reach the vehicles on the road, parked in chaotic mess. Doors are open, glasses broken. I pull out my gun from the belt holster and hold it in the left hand, while my right one squeezes a knife. I prefer the knife more, actually. It is silent whenever I use it but I have to let souls near, which isn't the best choice really. And gun? I use it on special occasions. 'Shoot or get eaten' type of occasions.

I near the first car. It is a red rusty wan with a torn corpse on the front seat, still with his seat belt on. His guts are sprawled all around the panel and the front window. I quickly check what is inside in the van, finding nothing, but a useless stuff I don't need.

I walk forward towards the other car. I can't recognise what kind of a car it is, but you could see blood stains on it's white hood. Almost all the doors are opened. I search the front seat and the back one. Nothing. I pop open the trunk and a wide smile crosses my face.

"Well hello, there!"-i whisper excitedly, pulling out the leather bag with knifes and few pistols inside. Nothing fancy, but the clips are almost full. I zip close the bag and put it on my back.

My thoughts are cut of, when the souls that followed me all along, finally show up from the horizon. So I search the rest of the cars quickly, but they are not that great with findings. I find some water and canned food though. So I decide not to trust my luck anymore and head back.

It is midday already and the souls on the road become a bit slower, but I start running anyway. I stab one of them, which is dangerously close and keep moving.

In few minutes I finally reach the mechanics store and carefully look around. There are few souls still stumbling around, but they don't notice me.

I try to keep low and run hiding behind the cars and overgrown bushes on the front pavement. When I reach the doors, I silently turn the handle and enter the store. All clear, as far as I could see. I turn to stairs, keeping my footsteps as silent as possible. On the second floor I take a second to regain my breath, I crash on the old sofa and sip some water.

When I make sure any walkers follow me inside, I rush to the rooftop, and jump through the same old gap between the roofs, like every morning. I land with a thud and I know my sexy mexy inside is probably wide awake and all horny for me.

I knock at the door, letting to know it was just me, and after counting till 5, I open the door and crawl down the ladder. My girl is sitting below, and still seem a bit dizzy, but conscious, watching me intently.

"Morning!"-i tell her cheerfully,-"look what I found!" I drop the bag in front of her and open it. "That's one hell of a arsenal!"

I watch her smile sadly, as I sit on the mattress and squeeze on my knees. I feel relieved I survived another supply run. "Now, sugar! How about some lovin'?"

I lean closer to my girl, my palm landing on her thigh in i'm sure seductive manner.

But looks like Serene think elsevise, because she grabs my palm and pushes it away.

Without realising my fist crunches tight and I swipe my arm in the air, my bone hitting her face. "Can you do a favour, please?"

"What is it?"-she hiss back at me, holding her cheek.

"Hey! what's with the attitude?"- I roar seeing my girl roll her eyes at me again. "You do that again and see what happens!"

Serene bites her lower lip and patiently sraightens herself up, probably waiting for something bad to happen.

"This is intense. Help me, sugar!"-i moan again and start dressing off. First I take off my dirty hoodie and then a T-shirt, throwing Serene a dirty look.

"Go throw yourself against the wall."

I laugh for only a second. "Show me your pussy."


I smile sadly now. "No."

"No,"-she repeats, this time sounding more scared.

"You're so difficult all the time. Come on!" I stand up and kick her back, making Serene hit the floor with her elbows and knees.

"If you move i'm gonna cut your fingers off with this knife!"- I threat showing her a blade, that still has some blood on it from the last evil soul I stabbed. "You like?"

"I hate your guts!"-she cries, but stays on the floor in same position.

I come closer and let my palm land on her sweet lady parts. "Then how come you are so wet right now?" getting all horny instantly, I drop on my knees to devour the view and the taste.

Aw fuck yeah, I taste it. I lick my lover lip and lean closer, my hot breath making her female parts shiver.

I let my tongue wonder around, till I find a warm juicy place to settle in.

Her breathing becomes heavier and she doesn't try to fight me. And she doesn't talk back, as if she's completely mute or stoned because of my wet kisses.

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