Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Sorry

Submitted: October 18, 2018

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Submitted: October 18, 2018



The atmosphere was intense, to say the least.

I tried to pray my eyes open, but my eyelids felt enormously heavy.

I concentrated on the darkness around and on creepy whistling somewhere to my right.

He wasn't aware the sound draws them closer. Why would he risk it- I didn't know.

However, it was the same song I heard many times before, when my killer was all but gone out of his mind.

"Chad?"-i whispered and his whistling hushed for only a second. Burning cigarette end was then put out into a table in front of him and the song then continued where it left. "Chad?"-i called again, this time more louder, trying to see through my eyelashes.

Metal hit metal, the awful sound ringing in the room, as he dropped something heavily and his now furious eyes darted at me. "What do you want?"-he asked me in such a dull cold tone it sent shivers down my spine.

I watched his eyes and little flames playing as crazy devils in his irises, reflecting the dirty light from a little candle to his left.

Was I about to be butchered?

I didn't know.

I started breathing deeply. I had no idea what's about to happen.

However, the whistling suddenly stopped and shallow steps proceeded towards me.

I held another breath in.

His pale face drifted in front of me and sad eyes looked mad.

"I'm sorry!"-i whispered.

"For what?"-he cut off sharply and his lips pressed into a tight serious line.

I held another breath in and bit my lover lip.

I didn't know the answer, I just felt I had to be sorry for something, maybe hoping to avoid another whip.

"For..."-a choking lump in my through didn't let me finish and Chad rolled his eyes.

"Why do you think you can play with me?"-he grunted. "You what, seduce me and leave me? That's not going to happen!"

I was shocked. So that's what he thought I do to him? "No, I would never!"

"Come on, Serene... whatever you do, it's won't work. I will never leave you. Nothing you do would make me change my mind. All your little selfish acts!"

I started hyper ventilating. He got me wrong. I didn't know what was happening.

I looked around.

Dumbfounded by my rather unclear whereabouts, I tried to suck a breath in. It was hard to breathe. There was something heavy on my chest. Even though my eyes were now shut, I felt warmth on my face.

Bright light hit my cheeks suddenly to a point I couldn't watch as if it would burn out my orbs.

After fighting pain and need to fall into sleep I managed to open my eyes eventually.

There was a round lamp above me, however, it wasn't the kind like Chad had in many lab's he owned.

It was more kind of old grandma's lantern you can find in every other summer house.

It was so light I couldn't see clear, I was blinking fast, trying to focus at least on one thing around me.

"Chad?"-i whispered again, for I couldn't see him. "I'm sorry!"

He then came closer again and sat next to me. His sad questioning eyes darted at me again and this time I knew exactly why was i sorry.

"Sorry I didn't say back."

"What?"-he smiled sadly and our eyes locked.

"Sorry I didn't say back when you wanted me to. That night at the woods."

"Oh..."-he breathed out and nervously rubbed his chin, which now was even paler than before. "I never thought you would remember."

I closed my eyes. I remember that night as if it happened yesterday. He killed me then. He smashed me at the tree and I was having a bad internal bleeding. And I remember him dropping on the knees and saying those words that I could never, on any circumstances would forget.

I love you, Serene, I love you so fucking much.

I didn't say back.

" didn't. Tell me. Would you? Could you even pretend to love me?"-he smiled a sad smile again, hoping that maybe this time I would do as he please. "How many more times do I have to kill you to make you love me?"

"So that's what you do? You think I will love you because you torture me?"

"Um...Yeah, that's the point."

"God you're sick!"-i cried out finally. I just couldn't deal with all this mental terror any longer. I turned my face away from him, so he wouldn't see how pathetic I feel.

"And you talk too much. I'm getting annoyed." Chad then raised from the chair and approached the table.

As soon as my eyes got used to the light, I saw myself lying on the table. I was bounded.

"Don't start begging, i'm not falling for your bullshit again."

I hardly swallowed.

I saw metal tray on my chest. It was filled with various things- sharp razors, knifes.

My heart was beating fast as I saw Chad now standing with his back at me. He was doing something with all the bottles around him.

"What"...-I tried to talk, but my throat now felt sore of the chocing lump and I just managed to whisper,-"what you doing to me?"

"Why? You mind?!"-he snapped at me and went to the other table behind me. "So the bad news are the last syringe didn't kill you. The good news are... Wait. You wanna hear good news?"-he laughed and turned to me.

I didn't say back.

I didn't know what changed again. One moment he said he loved me and then...

Cold sweat suddenly lined my forehead as realisation of what we just did finally hit me. This wasn't the dream. I let him do those things to me and I liked it.

"Gosh you're so messed up!"-rang his voice and I had to close my eyes again out of embarrassment. "Want good news?"


"You won't survive long enough with this attitude."

"Alright. I'm all ears."

"Fascinating. After all this night you still can joke. I knew your're not just ordinary human."

"Human? Since when I am human for you? You used me! You compelled me again."

"True. But let's accentuate the positive, alright? Good news are you still alive, and paralysis is fading out pretty quickly, so we can go on."

"Go on?"

"Yes. That's what I said."

"Go on with what?"

He didn't answer, but kept tasting every bottle he had in front.

"Go on with what?"-i asked again. "Answer me!"

I tried to move. My limbs were still useful, but I managed to move few fingers.

I tried to look at it, but couldn't move my head. It was chained to the surface of the metal holding on both sides. I managed to look around in front of me. I saw shelves and bloody medical devices.

Then I saw myself.

Or what was left of me.

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