Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Perfection

Submitted: December 16, 2018

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Submitted: December 16, 2018



Chad's POV. Memories.

"I'm home, come say hi to your ma, Chad!"

She puts her stupid cream coloured hat on the cupboard in the lobby and hangs the old washed out coat.

She cracks her neck and fixes few loose strands of hair in front of the mirror. She has nice long hair. Wavy and thick, with a subtle hint of blond, shimmering through the rest milky chocolate layer.

Always admired her hair.

So did dad.

I saw how he sometimes would hug her and hide his face in a crook of her neck, smelling those chocolate wavy hair.

And then he would swirl her around and give a kiss on her full lips. First she would push him away and continue doing her stuff with a meal, but after few more kisses she would answer him passionately and all the way.

She then slips out of her high heels and pushes them under the chair. Little round eyes starts wondering around the hall. "Where is the damn kid?"-she mumbles very silently, but I can hear her as clearly as ever. "I hope you didn't leave! I told you to stay and wait for me!"

I don't answer her. I trace her moving to the kitchen and gazing around, looking for her evil child.

I hide. Not yet, I don't want her to see what I did. I have a special outfit for this night. Using my dad's old tuxedo and a peace of bloody red silk I found at the drawer, I made myself a little vampire hood. Just like in movies.

Dad wore this suit the last to the funeral. They said I could've t come, because the church blames me for the motherfucker, that died right after he tried to cleanse me.

I silently giggle and cover up my mouth in an instant.

"Chad?"-she calls again and turns to the stairs. "Are you up there?"-she looks at the top of the staircase and a door, leading to my room. "You better stop messing with me! Come down here. We have some stuff to discuss."

I know what she want to tell me.

It's about the other night.

"We will have to talk anyway, you know this. And this all must stay between the two of us."

Yeah, right.

I saw him. Saw Fin, in my dad's bed fucking my mother's ass.

I press my weapon harder. I close my eyes and promise that no one, ever, would do this to me. No potential girl, no woman would play me like the bitch I call my mother.

Lonely tear falls on the back on my palm.

"Focus and stop whining."

"Stay out of this."

"Why would you even care? People are cheaters! They would never learn."

At some point, probably, I knew Harrod was right. This was simple. We were nothing but just humans.

"I hear you! Who are you talking to, Chad?" She starts climbing the stairs and I know she is getting close. Each creak of old wooden step is making my heart thump harder.

It's so close I can barely control my itchy hand.

I stand up and fix my tuxedo. Waxed little shoes are polished to perfection.

Another old tile creaks and dirty door handle turns. And then she comes inside. Wave chocolate hair hanging along her long pale face and full lips suddenly presses into a tight line.

"What are you wearing?"-she demands. "Where did you get that?" She steps closer, but shiny blade in my fist suddenly stops her, as if a treat I could never stop.

She knows the look in my eyes. She would never forget, I am sure. She seen me in my full glory, the way I truly am, that night. She beat the fuck out of me then. And then she was so terrified she even spent a night at Mrs.Managhew's.

Yeah, she knows i'm not the one to fuck with?

Now my turn to straighten myself up and crack my neck, as if a little furry animal, getting ready for a millennial run.

"What will you say?"-i smile at her. "Cheating, lying bitch!"

"How dare you, weasel!"-she waves her palm in annoyance and slops on the bed. "You have no right to judge me, you have no idea what kind of a man your father is."

"I know he provides for family and spoils you with gifts. He never raised his fist above you. Why would you do this to him?"

She drops down onto the bed, her hair scattering on wrinkled bedsheets. "Fin makes me feel more live than your father ever did."

With these words said, I lunge for her limp body in bed, a blade in my palm pressed tightly as if my whole damn life depend on it.

She screams out of suddenness, when I crawl on her chest and press hard her hands, so she can't move.

She screams again, when the blade suddenly plunges her abdomen, at the spot where her spleen must be.

I feel relief almost instantly.

Suddenly the most amazing smell sips trough the soaking wound and mesmerising aroma takes seconds to fill the entire bedroom.

I close my eyes and devour the chaotic heartbeats of fear. Rapid breathing and bloodshot eyes are trying to stop me from what i'm about to do.

You could never learn. "I give you 60 minutes. You can run, or you could hide, but when time is up, i'll come for you."

Hollow eyes doesn't question anymore. She knows now, my patience has limits.

Ma slides down onto the floor, her pale hand desperately trying to press on the wound.

She crawls out of the room, leaving a red trail after her, as if a red carpet at the music awards ceremony it shows me the way.

I dance around the red carpet as I move forward towards the stairs.

She is trying to hold on the railings, but fails. I see her knees crumbling down onto a marble and crack follows, as the knee cap breaks in sharp peaces.

With a muffled sob she rolls down the giant stairs and cracks right hand in a process.

White bone pokes out of her flesh and arome gets even more intense.

I silently smile.

I feel nothing I thought I would. There's no sadness, no regret or no pity for my mother. I know what I wanna do and I know the reasons. That's the only thing that keep me going.

I still stand on the top of the staircase and turn back at my brother, who's black eyes smiles at me softly and encourages to move forward.

And I take another step forth, towards a shaking body at the bottom of the staircase.

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