Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Short on bullets

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



Seren's POV

When the door opened up again, it wasn't ground 1. It was a rooftop.

I got blinded by a sudden light of the day and covered my face with a palm. It was so bright outside it was difficult to adjust my eyes and I needed a second to focus again, It was weeks since the last time I saw the daylight.

As soon as I could finally see around me, I nervously started running, looking for emergency stairs, but there was no exit. And it was too high to jump. I was on the 5th floor on the surface and there was concrete parking lot at the bottom. I would crash. And the door to the stairs was locked. I kicked the door few times, tried to break it with my shoulder, but it didn't work.

However, silent and threatening sound of approaching footsteps behind the door warned me, that Chad was coming up the stairs. So it meant he had a key.

I backed off. There was no way out of this situation and according all those times I was trying to escape, nothing good was waiting for me any longer.

The lock turned and the door opened up widely, slamming the nearby wall.

I was getting ready for attack, holding the gun so tight in my grip my palms started to ache.

Out of dark staircase finally came out Chad, holding his hands up in a way of surrender and still smiling. The now darkening sky lit his sharp features.

"What's wrong, love?"-he asked in sarcastic tone, trying to look concerned,-"did someone scare you?"

He lowered his arms and put it into his pockets so naturally it seemed wrong. He was coming towards me.

"Stop!"-i yelled,-"don't move! I will shoot." My shaking hand held a gun and pointed at him.

"You won't",-he said and slowly was coming nearer.

My hands were shaking, holding the gun. I was afraid. I was getting backwards, till I reached the small border of the rooftop. I was crying now. There were two choices-kill him, or get killed.

"If you lower the gun now, I promise I won't hurt you!"-he said.

But there was something strange about him. About his eyes. This was different than the man I knew. He was different. I didn't believe him and Chad was obviously lying. It was the look I sometimes saw, when he was getting mad without any reason and he lied a lot. It wasn't the man who would keep his word as usual.

"I don't believe you!"-i screamed. I was weeping now. I was afraid of killing. I was becoming this monster he created. "Get away from me".

"Aww come on",-he moaned,-"We will make this work. I promise you!"

His look. Twisted look I saw few times before. It wasn't Chad. "Who the hell are you?"-i asked in disgust.

His face changed. His nostrils flared in anger, as he sighed in few times deeply in annoyance. His eyes were dark now. I didn't see green in it anymore. He lowered his hands and stood still. "What do you mean?"

I was crying. My hand was shaking and I couldn't hold the gun tight. "Who are you?"-i asked again,-"answer me! Who are you?"


"No, you're not!"

He was staring blankly at me, and I saw he's holding his both fists tight by his legs. "Ok, you caught me,"-he moaned in his sick tone again. "Now enough playing, come here!"-he took another step forward.

"Stop!"-i yelled,-"don't come any closer, or I swear I will shoot!"

He started laughing right at my face, as if it was another way to trick me. "You can't kill me!".

"Stop right where you are",-i was panicking now, I had nowhere to back off,-"don't make me shoot you, Harrod!"

His eyes widened. He probably didn't expect me to figure out, that it wasn't Chad, that this man was his brother, who was bringing supplies once in a while.

"How did you know it's me? Did my brother tell you about me?"

"Just back the hell off!"

As he made his final step closer, as close as he could reach me already with his arm, I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. And then pulled once again, and again. I opened my eyes, but he was still standing right in front of me. There was no blood on him. Harrod was smiling. I pulled the trigger again.

"Uhm, we're kinda short on bullets, you know,"-he whispered innocently,-"now step off of the border and come here".

He extended his palm for me and kept staring into my eyes, waiting for me to come to the safe place.

"No!"-i said and stepped back.

There was no hesitation in my mind, no doubts. I was just so damn tired. I wanted to go.

There was no concrete under my feet and I started falling. I wanted to fall. I wanted to crash and die. But at the second, when I thought i'm free from him already, he grabbed my wrist in a speed that was not normal and pulled up.

I felt pain in my wrist and suddenly swayed at the wall of the building. I hit it hard with my head and passed out.


I barely opened my eyes. My head hurt as hell. I looked around. I saw Jake in front of me, who was leaning down on me. "Quick, we don't have much time".

I didn't understand what he was saying. I blinked few times. I was in some room I couldn't recognise. There were many chairs inside, laying on the floor.

"What's happening?-i asked trying to stand up,-"what you doing?"

"We don't have time for this shit! Get up, damn it!" He was pulling me from the ground. "Chad is mad. We never saw him this way!"

"Chad? But.."

"Are you deaf?" -Jake cut me off,-"he's coming to kill you. He will ruin everything, we need to get you to the safety till he calms down".

"But it was Harrod!"-i yelled and ran through the door after Jake. He was pulling me me after him in a hurry.

"Harrod?"-he seemed concerned,-"impossible. He never shows up here."

"But it was him, he admitted!"

"Damn it, girl! Just get it together!"-he now whispered as he sneaked from the corner,-"you messed thing up! You tried to kill yourself! You jumped from the roof and Chad is coming for you! We managed to send him off for few minutes, but he'll be back soon!"- he turned around and grabbed me by my shoulders,-"if he will find you, he will kill you, you understand? We can't let that happen!"

I pulled his hands off of me. I was confused. I was sure the man was Harrod. I recognised his eyes, the way he talked, the way he moved.

"Why can't you all just let me die?"-i was nearly screaming. I couldn't realize why I was that valuable for them. Why didn't they kill me? What was happening at all?

"Don't you know?-now Jake seemed confused,-"Chad didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what? What are you talking about?"

"About why you are here?"

We suddenly heard clapping at the end of the corridor. We both froze. It was too far for me to see, but I was pretty sure the man at the corridor was Harrod.

"My my..."-he calmly said,-"who's playing with my toys?" It definitely was Harrod.

I saw Jake was nervous. He was standing with his back in front of me and tried unnoticeable with his hand keep me behind, to protect me from Harrod. "You're out of control,man!"-he said.

"Oh, but I never felt better",-Harrod moaned,-"now go back to your business, and leave us".

Harrod was coming nearer and I was stepping back away. I saw Jake was doubting. He turned around to face me. I was scared as hell.

"Don't leave me with him,"-i silently begged and squeezed to his arm.

"You need to calm down,or else you will do something stupid!"-Jaked looked back to Harrod.

"I won't hurt her, if that's what you're afraid of!"-Harrod informed watching at me with his dark eyes and holding his palm at his heart,-"i'll be good, I swear."

He lied. Every of his move showed he had something sick on his mind. Every word he said was full of filth.

"You promise you're okay?"-asked Jake.

"Of course I am. I'm okay now. But lets not forget where you stand, Mr.Lakewood. Did I let you out so only you can stand against me? Betray me again? This is between me and her, Jakey! So step away if you value your life."

Jake was silent for a moment. I knew he will leave me, he didn't even have to say that out loud. Probably that's why he didn't even turn at me, as he took out a bottle of jack Daniels from his inner jacket pocket and sipped.

"Alright,"- Jake whispered nervously shaking his head and I knew he will leave me here alone. I was holding so tight to his arm I couldn't let go. Jake finally turned around at me. "It's gonna be fine, he seems fine, he won't kill you".

"Don't leave me with him! Do you really think it's my death that i'm concerned about?"-i hopelessly tried to hold Jake back, but he pulled me off and quickly walked to the corridor where Harrod stood.

"You'll be fine!"-he yelled from the end of the corridor and soon disappeared.

Harrod stood in front of me silent, watching me in the yes, and as soon as Jake was no longer in sight, he jumped nearer and grabbed my by my arm and started dragging after him.

I was very scared. I didn't know what will happen to me and I didn't want him to get even angrier. So I didn't say a word. Didn't cry or plead. I let him drag me after.


We entered the elevator and Harrod pushed the button with -3 on it. It wasn't the floor my room was. It wasn't the floor where he used to torture me with the medicines from the black metal box. I didn't know where he was taking me.

We stood silently in front of each other at the opposite walls of the elevator. I saw him gazing at me. My heart was racing.

As soon as the elevator door opened, he grabbed me by my hand and stepped out. He was walking slowly and confident and was whistling some very well known melody. He stood in front of the white door with a small window on it. There was a card underneath, which said 'lab.5. Personnel only'.

He unlocked the door with the card. He slid it into the device by the door knob and it opened. It was heavy metal door. He pushed me inside of the room.

It did really looked like a lab on movies, not any different than the other labs I already saw before. The walls and the floor where shiny white colour and it seemed sterile. It was a huge room with high ceiling and bright lights hanging from top of it.

When he closed the door, it locked with the beep sound and there was a small lamp by the lock, which turned red. Harrod went to the counter with medicines. It looked similar to the one as the room with curtain had, but this one looked more scary. It had many liquids arranged alphabetically. In the middle of the room stood huge metal chair with holdings and leather belts, like to keep mentality sick patients safe.

I was standing by the door.

"Sit"- Harrod ordered. He turned to look at me, when I didn't obey right away.

I was trembling to my toes now. I was very scared. I didn't want him to hurt me. And I was hoping that Chad will come back soon and save me from his brother. Honestly- I doubted that Chad knew his brother was even here. Even Jake didn't know he's about to show up. I was feeling hopeless.

Harrod bit his lower lip just like Chad. Now I noticed how similar they were. They both were sick. But Harrod was worse. He was mad and I was afraid of him. I never knew what to expect from Harrod. And Chad, on the other hand- he told me every time what he's about to do. And I was prepared. For needles, beating, yelling. I was always ready for pain. And Harrod, as it seemed, would strike unnoticeable.

He came towards me and threw me on the chair before I even had a second to protest. I was trying my best to hold me tears back.

Don't fight and you will be ok.

He tied me tightly to the chair and sat in front of me on the little stool with wheels. He took a deep sigh in. I didn't look at his eyes. I was afraid of what i'm about to see.

"You make me nervous, you know?"-he said it more like a statement, rather than the question.

I didn't answer.

"You made a mistake trying to run away from me. You tried to kill yourself again. Don't you have a will to live at all? Why are you so depressed, human" He grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. "You pulled a gun at me!"- he started screaming,-"you stupid stupid girl!"

He reclined back and sighed out deeply. Then I saw he nervously rubbed the back of his head and grimaced, as if something was bothering him a lot.

One of the tears finally found it's way and rushed down my cheek. Harrod touched my neck with his fingertips and trailed them down my arm. He stopped on my palm.

"Tell me when it hurts"-he said and grabbed my littlest finger.

I didn't even have time to react or even think about what he's doing, when I felt a huge pain in my finger. I screamed and tried to get free, but the belts were tightly bounded. My finger was now swollen and aching. It was in unnatural position. It was broken.

Harrod grabbed my other finger and broke it the same way. I screamed again. Now I couldn't hold back and was crying now. But I wanted to stay strong. I didn't want to start pleading and loose my hope. I bit my lower lip to keep myself from screaming, when he broke one more of my fingers.

"Does it hurt already?"-he asked.

I gave Harrod a disgusted stare into his eyes. But I didn't nod. My jaw was tight and I refused to break down. I saw a drop of sweat on his forehead.

He smiled when I said nothing. It was obvious he was getting pleasure from all this. I turned away from him and was trying to focus on anything but him.

I saw a sink on the very end of the room. It had a crack and I kept staring at it.

"Once Chad figures what you doing..."

"Then what?"-he asked,-"you think he will stand against his brother, to save his guinea pig?"

"Don't call me that."

"Why? That's who you are for us."

"I'm still human being."

"No you're not. Chad's not here, you bitch! Now you're mine so deal you're fuckin' head with it!"

What the hell happened to the sink-i was thinking to myself, when another wave of pain hit me. Four of my fingers now were broken badly. My palm ached and I felt i'm about to pass out.

Harrod grabbed my thumb now and I closed my eyes. I didn't want to see. He twisted my bones once more and I heard it break. The pain was bigger now and it was unbearable.

Chad didn't come to save me.

I passed out.

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