Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Fractures

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



Sam, Darren and Paul were sitting in one of the labs. They wanted to stay out of another of Hayne's psychosis, because he was absolutely out of control and they had a plan to discuss.

They were about to betray not only their boss, but also a friend.

However, none of them were willing to continue the experiments on Chad's presence and they decided it's time for him to leave the legacy for someone else.

The plan was simple. Kill Chad Haynes and then kill Serene, so a new experiment can start.

"He's not even coming upstairs anymore."

"Yeah, he's absolutely messed up".

"For a fresh start then!"-Sam said raising his glass of beer and the others two did the same.

The door was barely opened and they didn't even imagine, that someone was lurking behind, listening to their conversation.

"How we gonna do this?"-Darren asked in a more serious tone. "You sure he's leaving?"

"I am. I saw him packing. I think it's any day now."

"Great. Great. I can't believe we actually doing this."

"Neither can I. But admit, man! He's fucked up. He needs to stay out of this. We can take control. And i'm sure Thom will join and I talked to Mike already. Luke and Nicholas-they will stay away, so let's not tell them anything."

"You mean...we just gonna kill them all?"

"Yes. Chad and Serene, for sure. The others-we'll see what happens. I talked to Morgan, by the way. I explained things and he's there for support. He planned another kidnap with someone more compatible than her. We just need to take the girl out first. Then we'll deal with Haynes."

"It's gonna be tough!"-Paul reasoned. He had his doubts. "He's tough. His brother will surely come for revenge."

"I know. But everything will be over by that time. So don't worry."

When they ended discussing the plan on killing Chad and started other non meaningful conversation, a man by the door slowly backed away and disappeared at the dark hallways.

Serene's POV

I woke up crying. I was having these awful nightmares which were not quite worse than the reality. If even that was possible.

I looked around. The enormous pain on both of my palms caught my attention.

All of my ten fingers were broken. I didn't remember Harrod breaking my right arm, but it was exactly looking the same as the left one. It was badly swollen to the elbow, but some fingers had even open fractures.

I was getting into a shock, it seamed. I was breathing heavily and my head was spinning. I could not see clearly because of all the tears running down my face.

However, the pain was calming now. I thought I was dying. I wasn't sure about it. Harrod couldn't be seen around and I was getting a panic attack.

"Help",-i whispered,-"help."

There was no one in the lab. And there was no one to help me anyway. "Help!"-i screamed more loudly,-"help! Help!!!!"

In an hour or so, when I finally managed to calm down and focus, the lock of the lab beeped and I saw Chad behind the door glass.

He was a mess.

Great, I thought. He was late this time, he didn't save me from his evil brother.

I saw Chad rushed inside the lab and approached me, his eyes wild and worried, as his stare landed on my bloody fingers.

Chad's POV

This happened again.

I can't hold it back anymore, the monster inside of me is getting stronger with each day and i'm not sure how much more time I have?

I almost killed her.

"Can you forgive me?"-i ask silently not to scare her. "I'm sorry." But she is not answering and I sink to the ground beside the cold examination chair. "I didn't mean for you to get hurt again. You shouldn't have try to run away again."

"What did you expect?"-she hiss suddenly. "You're keeping me here a hostage! I'll run hundreds of times more if I have to."

"Still...i'm sorry!"-i trail and she turns to me.

"You are sorry for the things Harrod did. Why?"

"Yeah, about that,"-i rub the back of my head. How do I really put this up?

I kept my mouth shut. There is no way to explain what is happening and i'm not sure if I should tell her all the truth. She would never understand it.

Nevertheless, the woman is right. What did I expect. She doesn't feel anything for me, anything that I would pray for. "And I told you-this is your home now and you are here to stay."

"Then leave me the hell alone!"-she cries out and I stand up, leaning on her. "Just go."

"I'm gonna fix this, S,"-i tell her. "But first i'm gonna send someone to take care of these fractures",-i nod at her palms and undo the locks. "Mike will take care of you."

"Like your brother did?"-she hiss venomously and crawls from the examination chair and curls by the wall on the floor.

I turn to the door. "Mike will be dead the second I loose a trust in him. I'll fix this, Serene. Just give me some time."

Serene's POV

After Chad left the lab, all the exhaustion finally kicked in and I fell asleep on the floor.

However, I woke up in like 20 minutes because of the pain in my chest. Sharp and sudden, like a metal wire cutting me through to the bone. It was quite bearable, I could even state it was somewhat shallow, but strong enough to let me wake and remember that this is real, and my life as a captive between these pale walls isn't just a state of my mind. I still had my eyes closed when I reached for my aching ribs.

"Wakey wakey!"

Aw what the hell is this now?

I managed to pull my body from the floor right before Mike could kick me once more and squeezed, hugging my knees deeper in my embrace.

As much as I was ironically happy, that it was not Chad doing me harm, I felt a little cloth of panic start choking me from the inside, when he leaned closer. My fingers were broken and I wouldn't be able to fight back if I have to. I rubbed my still sleepy eyes.

"What do you want?"-i asked still staring behind him somewhere into nothingness and caught his surprised expression.

His expression hardened and I was starting to think, that it not might end well again.

"Wow!"-Mike squeezed right in front of me on his knees,-"wow! Someone's really not in the mood today, huh? But I came with good intentions. You're lucky I went to med school, so i'll fix these cute bones of yours."

He was looking straight at my face, curiously, examining every bruise I had on my skin, every cut, which were slowly healing already.

Mike had his brown velvet jacket, covering his fat untrained abdomen, which he was always trying to hide deep from anyone's eyes. His round face was smiling at me.

What a disgusting pig.

I hesitated. I tried to hide my fear for whatever was creeping in his head. I tried to imagine him stuck in a pet door hole and this image itself was shockingly funny. And the fear just faded away like a fog.

But I didn't want to talk to him or even be anywhere near him. I knew Mike was just the extra hands for home stuff and he didn't have the right to hurt me. At least that's what I heard from Sam. Still. He was dangerous. Just like everyone else under this roof.

"I heard some nice talks downstairs,"-he continued talking and his face lit up with excitement,-"the date is set. I know when and how you will die. Can you imagine that?"

Now he was smiling full mouth, showing his golden teeth. I knew it's been ages I was locked up here, but still- I never could understand, how is this possible, that on the Earth there are such sick people, who can do these things to the others without any regret, without doubt, without any conscience?

Chad was the worst of them all, I considered him mental sick or psycho or whatever you call him, but all of them? How was it even possible, that all these psychos joined in one twisted group and started working together? Torturing? Killing?

"Hello!?"-he screamed and slapped my face with his palm,-"are you still in there?"

I snapped my head sharply from his palm and turned my look away.

It seemed wrong. Something wasn't clear. I knew Chad was working on new potions and so that meant, that i'm not going to die just yet. No... they will torture me for some more and I knew Chad won't let this to end that soon. Despite all of what he said, what he wanted from me and his yells, and his rudeness... I knew there's some filthy feeling he has, which were stopping him from my death over and over again. So it might seem weird, that all of a sudden he doesn't need me anymore and will kill me and even told the other's how's it gonna be? No way.

I held my eyes back at the man in front of me and stared at Mike for few moments, trying to read his eyes and to understand if this was true or was he just teasing me.

"You're lying",-i said with my still calm tone.

Mike's smile suddenly dropped a bit. Just slightly, but I noticed. Yeah, he wasn't hard to read. He was the only one who didn't know how to lie properly and his face was showing it every time words left his mouth. Probably that was the reason I never was actually afraid of him. Not that I didn't see him as a threat. I just was prepared for whatever was on his mind and saw things coming even before he decided on his moves.

"I'm not!"

"Yes, you are and we both know it,"-i said still keeping my vision on his now sweating face,-"so what is it exactly you want from me?"

Mike bit his lover lip. I could feel him tense, could feel his nervousness rising.

"Now tell me, you whore,"-he growled at me,-"will you be that smart, when I cut you in half?"

"You wouldn't"-i said with same expression. It was so cold and blank and I knew it would piss him off.

"You dare me?"

Mike came nearer. He squeezed his arm in his jeans pocket and pulled out a knife.

I didn't move a muscle. "You will die if you do this to me."

"Really?"-he laughed,-"you think someone would come for revenge because of your death? You're no one!"- his tone was getting angrier again,-"you're just the experiment! A tool!"

It made me angry. As soon as he saw my features becoming darker, he sat on the floor in front of me once again and seemed to be enjoying all this terror.

He was right. I didn't want to admit it, but he was 100 percent right. I was no one to them. Just the sick experiment to test a potion on. God knows how many experiments before they had. 10? 20? A 100?

"Come!"-he hissed out of nowhere and stood up. Let's do the x-rays."

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