Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Better days

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



Mike did the great job, I must admit. He even gave me a shot of pain killers before he started to put my bones back in it's place. At first there was a slight tingling sensation when he stroke out a needle out of my nerve somewhere at the shoulder, but then very soon the pain subsided and vanished completely.

And I was actually grateful for this shot. For a moment I was almost sure he would fix me without any anaesthesia, but I guess Chad told him to give me this shot.

However, after all those little surgeries on my fingers, I was feeling still broken inside. Now I had a huge gypsum on both of my arms and I couldn't even pull my pants down going to the bathroom. And suddenly I felt hopelessness start slowly suffocate me. I lost so many nerves and strength on fighting this never ending struggle to survive. I barely felt human.

When Mike left, I felt relieved. I wasn't sure when Chad is coming back and would he let me rest at all after everything that happened?

However, I knew, at least I wanted to believe, that Haynes won't let his brother anywhere near me again. I couldn't believe though how similar they were. I bet they were identical twins, because on the surface they looked exactly the same. They talked, they walked and dressed exactly the same.

Nevertheless, on the inside, they were absolutely different and I was glad that I managed to separate them now. I knew what to expect from each of them.

I was sure it was Harrod, not Chad who killed my friend Samantha. I remember the look he had and those black eyes.

And of course, as if my thoughts were being channelled right at him, he came the same second. It was only an hour or so I was left alone. I guess I would never have any peace, after all. I was sitting on the cold concrete ground, when doors cracked behind me. I knew he came in again to torture me.

"I brought you something!"-he said, but strangely, his voice was now soft and sweet in some way.

"Aww you shouldn't have..."-i said sarcastically.

"Come on."

I slowly stood up and turned around at him. He had a huge luggage.

"What is it?"-i asked. There was no way he would use something huge like that to keep the damn purple needles.

"Clothes",-he simply said and threw the luggage in front of me.

I looked at it confused. "Why?"

"Dress up. We're going out."

I couldn't believe this. Was he really letting me go outside? I couldn't remember the last time I was in a fresh ear. Except the day I was on the roof. It wasn't the same though.

I extended my arm forward to take it, but my hands were in huge pain now again. Anaesthesia probably was fading quicker than I thought. I had gypsum, that started on my fingertips end ended just before the elbows.

My gaze pulled from the luggage to his eyes, and then on my hands. Even if I wanted it, I couldn't do anything about it.

He stepped up and with one fluid move, opened the luggage. Without any hesitation I observed the clothes inside and managed to drag out a pair of black jeans and a black top.

However, I couldn't dress on.

As he noticed, how difficult it was for me to deal with the clothes, he came for help. "Help me,"-i whispered,-"i can't do this on my own."

Chad smiled slightly. "I never thought there would be a day I put clothes on you, and not off of you."

"That makes the both of us."

"So jeans? There's a nice dress there too."

"Jeans, please,"-i told him quite determined.


"I need to go to the bathroom first,"-i informed him and suddenly felt my cheeks went on fire.

Another of his smile followed and he came closer, his hands suddenly grabbing my shirt gently and then going underneath. He pulled my underwear off.

"I might even like this,"-he moaned, but I quickly backed off and went to the bathroom, before he even could try to do something else.

I closed the door with my foot and did what I have planned.

When I exited the bathroom, Chad was still standing in the same spot with a new pair of underwear in his grip.

I froze for a second, but I saw no dirty thoughts in his eyes and I felt relieved. He pulled me closer and put a new underwear on me, without having a sneak peek on what's underneath. He then helped me to squeeze into a pair of skinny black jeans and went for my dirty shirt.

"Hands up!"-he told me and I obeyed. He pulled the shirt off of me and quickly put on a new black top.

He slowly dressed me on in such an intimidating manner and squeezed me into a hoodie. The kind I always was wearing at home. It was nice to feel a little normal again.


In a minute, when I was ready, he took my hand and led me behind. We stepped in the elevator and he pressed the 0 button and soon we went up. As the door opened up again, we rushed through a huge abandoned hallway, with spider nets hanging from the ceiling. There were concrete pieces falling from the walls around us. The glasses in windows were shattered and all I saw around- was a peace of breaking building.

He unlocked the metal door and sun blinded me. I stepped out in front of him breathing in deeply into my lungs, the devouring smell of freedom. The sky was completely bright and I couldn't see any clouds. The grass was still green, but trees were almost naked, with it's branches slowly swaying with the wind. The leaves were laying lifeless on the ground, coloured in pink and red, yellow and blank green.

I turned at him confused. "Is it Autumn?"

"It's almost December."

I closed my eyes. December. I was taken away on early March. 8 months have past and I didn't even realize this. The thought itself was shocking and I barely could keep my breath.

Chad came forward and pulled me into his arms. "It's almost over,"-he silently whispered.

"You mean me, don't you?"

He didn't say anything, but it was clear without words. "Come, I have something for you,"-he looked at me,-"no, not the thing you thought, you gonna love it, I promise."

I let him lead me. We slowly walked through the fields, full of dead flowers and entered the woods. We were going deeper and deeper forth, till we approached a little tree-free area. It was in circle shaped form, where wet grass covered the ground.

In the middle there was a white gazebo. I gazed at this perfect thing in front of my eyes. Red roses were crawling around, holding frames of it with spikes and the smell! The most amazing smell I sensed.

"I made it for you,"-he said.

I couldn't believe my eyes, neither his words he just said. "Why?"

"I wanted to make you happy. After all we did. Before you...I just wanted to make you happy. But that's not it. Your present is waiting inside."

I hesitated for a moment, but then just ran up the small white stairs. There was a huge carton box, laying in the middle of the floor. I didn't know what to expect, I just knelt in front of it and turned around to face Chad once again.

He was standing on the grass, watching me, smiling sadly. I saw fear in his eyes, I knew he didn't want to end this yet. Maybe he just got used to me after all these months.

Some silent yelp caught my attention suddenly. The sound was coming from the box. I opened it. Chad was still smiling like before, as I with shaking hands lifted two small puppies.

I had no words. Any words would fit to describe what I felt in that moment. Two small pairs of eyes of looks like shepherd dogs gazed at me with joy, they started crawling on my arms instantly, licking my hands and face.

"Is this real?"-i asked turning at Chad,-"is this really happening? Are they for me?"

Chad came forward. Slowly, maneuverably, his hands in his pockets. He sat on the small bench in front of us and lit a cigarette. "It is. I just...i'm... I crossed the line the other day. I just wanted to make this up to you."

He leaned forward at me and cupped my face. "If it's even gonna take my whole damn life. I promise. I will make this up to you."

The memory of his brother breaking my fingers came back. I didn't want to remember and I didn't understand why did he say he did this? However, I was enjoying the moment of playing with puppies. So I simply pushed the thought away, as it even never happened.

I turned around once again. Chad was gazing at his sneakers and just sat in silence. His expression was hard and worried and I had no idea why was he being like this?

He had everything he wanted. He had his experiments and me. A pass to kill and torture people, granted from the Duke. So what was wrong?

"Thank you so much!"-i whispered and pulled him into a hug, lasting for few seconds.

Just like Jake told me- I was about to use his crush against Chad. I would play him, and I would run away.

His arm suddenly wrapped around me, but it held no emotion, no intimidating threat was felt at the second and I didn't know why was he like this.

"What's wrong, Chad?"-i asked, and I actually cared. "I heard your friends talking. I thought you were taking me to kill me again, they said I would die if I leave the gates because of the trigger going off in me."

He sadly smiled again. "It's disabled."

The dogs crawled on my lap and seemed they were about to have a nap. "You didn't answer my question."

"I'm going for a war, Serene,"-he sighed and gazed right at my eyes. "Soon everything will change. I wanna leave all this, with you. My men can't know, if we both wanna stay alive. Even if we manage to run away, next comes Morgan. And if by a miracle I manage to kill him, then it's over. Are you with me?"

I couldn't believe this. He was about to leave his torture warehouse, his friends, so only he could run away with me.

Jake was right, Chad Haynes was absolutely obsessed With me.

I nodded. Of course I was about do anything so only I can leave.

"What are their names?"-i asked pointing at the puppies, that were now wide awake again and playing with my gypsum.

"They don't have names yet. You pick."

I was wondering for few moments. "This boy is definitely named Ralph."

"Ralph?"-Chad laughed,-"who would give such name to a dog?"

"It's not just a dog. He's a friend."

"Yeah. You could use a friend now. And what about girl? What's her name gonna be?"


"It's ok. Ralph and Mika".

We exchanged few little smiles and soon Haynes stood up and walked down the stairs.

Chad left us alone for a while, as he backed off for an hour and let me play with pets. He gazed at us from distance and I simply forgot he even exist.

I enjoyed the moment of hapiness. And I was grateful for this gift, I couldn't even describe.

There was laughter, lots of hugs and kisses, I cried from happiness and joy.

After an hour or so we finally had to head back to the dirty basements. He let me take the dogs with me to the lab I was kept in. And even though I was back in reality, life got a little bit better.

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