Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Panic

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



Few more weeks passed and everything was back to where It was.

I was back at the warehouse, never seeing the light of day.

However, it made me a little bit more relaxed, knowing now I had two little furry friends, who kept me company through all those rough days.

Dogs got bigger and they learned few commands pretty quickly. Ralph was the active one, playful and a lot smarter, while Mike seemed always worried about something.

She would wake up at night and fearfully gaze at the door, as if waiting for Chad to come in and hurt the both of us. He did come, of course, now more often than ever, probably. Nevertheless, It was my turn to soothe the dog to calm down and soon she would fall asleep again.

Chad changed too. I didn't know if it was because of the dogs or he felt somewhat different about me.

First two weeks, after we brought the puppies home, he didn't give me any purple syringe. Every time he was coming into the lab 7, where I was kept, he would talk to me and play with dogs. He didn't hurt me since that day. And quite often, in fact, I used to find his palm trailing slowly up and down my back.

He used to entangle his fingers into my hair and let out a shaky moan.

I never pushed him away. I was trying to play the game too, but I didn't know my boundaries and where should I stop. I didn't know men or how everything works and I only prayed not to cross the imaginary line, where he would take the advantage of me.

After the last time he asked for sex, I got myself killed and probably that was what was stopping him for trying the act again.

Or...Maybe he didn't want any trouble, because he was about to leave to see his brother.

And without realising I started to feel something. Something weird and it was quite beyond my imagination. I hated Chad Haynes with all my guts, but in the same time I found peaceful when he was around. Maybe this was because he saved me again and again from his friends.

Chad was even bringing food for the dogs and a bowl of water every day, though I always gave half of my own food for the dogs.

Things suddenly got easier.

And my life suddenly gained a purpose- to stay alive for these two little puppies.

I never thought on suicide another time and I kinda felt happy in a way.

Chad used to take dogs twice a day for a walk and his friends laughed at him, but he never seemed to care. He was patient and calm around them, though Ralph never seemed to trust him completely and I couldn't blame the dog.

However... Life was back to normal. As much as it was possible.

In a week more, the killer I knew came back with all his great glory. And again I was tortured, been beaten and bound. He was testing new potions on me and they were getting worse each time. But every time he was hurting me, my dog's led beside me and through gritted teeth they watched as he was slowly killing me.

Mika was scared. I saw it in her eyes. She was hiding under the bed whenever he was coming in. But Ralph was angry. He growled every time, but he kept laying beside me. He didn't try to bite Chad, but I saw how angry he was. And after Haynes was done with the syringes and leaving me barely concious on the ground, Ralph would crawl out nearer and put his hairy nose on my wounds.

Mika also was coming. Scared and sad she was squeezing beside me and slowly grieving. The last thing I was seeing before complete darkness took me away- were friendly eyes of my friends.


Couple of more days have passed and I was slowly regaining my faith back and my strength as well, at least as much as it was possible.

All the cuts and bruises were almost healed, there were just nasty scars left. My fingers healed too. I wasn't very good at holding a glass of water or anything, but it was getting better every day. The patches on my wrists were clean, so I figured someone was changing them for me every time I was asleep. Or unconscious.

I was laying on the dirty mattress, working hard on my plan on escaping once again, when I heard a silent knock on the door. It was barely heard, and seemed somewhat awkward.

Seriously? A knock?

Who would knock before entering? Definitely not him. Not the Satan himself.

I quickly jumped on my feet with fists clenched tight by my both sides and ready for defence. I didn't know what's going to happen or who the hell came to harm me again.

Ralph was running free at the corridors. Chad didn't want me to get used to them too much. And this morning he took Mika with him on a run. I tried to protest, but I knew Chad would do as he pleased anyway. So I was left alone again.

I got relieved, when I saw friendly face poke from behind the door.

Jake. Probably the only one down here at the hell itself wasn't doing absolutely anything to make me hurt. What did he want anyway?

"Hey!-he simply said, like my good old friend glad seeing me again.

I held my eyes at him, still standing grounded in defence position, ready to block whatever hit for me he was preparing.

He nervously scanned a corridor behind his back before entering my room and quietly closing the door. The sweet sense reached my nose as I noticed he had an old rusty bowl with food in it. Even though he stood few meters away from me, I already sensed the amazing aroma of grilled meat and vegetables. I was nearly drooling and my stomach growled.

How long was it anyway since my last eating? I couldn't remember.

I stood still, not knowing what was happening. I almost rolled my eyes in frustration, as he nervously scanned the room for a table and spotting none, put a bowl on the floor for me. I traced his hand from the food all the way up as he left it there.

I was sure Jake noticed my empathy towards his actions.

"Sorry",-he simply said,-"i didn't mean to feed you like some kind of animal, but I couldn't find anything else".

"It's for me?"-i asked after a few seconds of awkward silence between us,when he nodded his head as an answer,-"Why?"

"Look",-he began in more serious tone,-"Chad..."

"What about Chad?"-i cut him off suddenly, wanting to know what was all that about anyway.

"He's leaving. He's going to the city to meet Harrod."

My brows narrowed as I heard his name. All the things he did to me came upon from somewhere deep of my mind unwillingly, from a dark places I was trying to pull back so hard.

I remembered his fists on my broken body, blood and screams. I remembered Samantha. The way she died in front of me and I couldn't do a thing. I just led there and stared, as my friend was stabbed to death for it seemed hundreds of times. I remembered it all. Steven. Sweet 11 year old boy, who was playing with us in the back yard, who showed me few card tricks and his first ride on a bicycle. I remembered his strangled body and his frozen stare, when he died from a hand of the monster.

A lonely tear ran down my cheek and I shook my head in response, I didn't wanna hear his name. And I didn't want to remember.

"Oh... I see",-i whispered quietly and wiped the tear away.

"The guys are whispering",-he paused nervously,-"I'm not sure what's that all about, but i'm thinking they're planning something big. Nasty."

"You mean.. for me?"-i nodded.

He didn't say anything. I knew the answer though.

"It's Sam and Darren. Darren is furious, but he's just doing what Sam tells him. Jim was kinda close and now he's gone and..."

"And this is my fault, I assume?"-i cut him off sharply.

"I didn't say that."

"You don't have to."

Jake slowly cringed on my mattress leaving me space to join his company. I hesitated for a while, but as ironic smile tugged in his lips suddenly, I took a bowl eventually and sat as far from him as it was possible.

I gazed at the meal for a second, not wanting to just show my weakness to him and start eating with my hands like a wild animal.

I knew that for some reason I will regret I got food today and it somehow would turn against me. I seriously doubted that Jake was holding some grudge against me for Jim's death, but I was no good in reading people and I couldn't see it clear. So I just gave in and started eating, Jake didn't seem mind of it at all.

"Yeah",-he continued,-"well... I think it won't end well. I think I better tell Chad what's happening behind his back, so he stays here."

"Why you telling me this?"-i stopped from eating and held my eyes at him,-"i mean-what's in it for you? Why are you helping me?"

He rolled his eyes at my questions and I saw how uncomfortable he got in such talks. I waited patiently for him to go on, examining his features that was absolutely harmless now. At least I thought so.

"I never wanted this,"-he said.

"Still you do all THIS",-i snapped ironically.

He glanced at me with painful expression. Did I hurt him? Seriously?

"Look",-he continued again,-"i know we all seem the same for you here, but honestly- i'm tired off all this shit and I wanna get out of this job. I'm loosing my mind when I have to witness all this,"-he looked at me from head to toes quickly, like showing off his disgust seeing my cuts.

"So leave!"-i simply said in most natural way and put the empty bowl back on the floor.

"There's no such thing as leaving here."

"What do you mean?"-now I was confused.

He stood up, ramming his palms to his waist and breathing deeply. He turned to face me once again. "They will kill me. It's simple. No one leaves. It's just the way it is".

I stood up as well, reaching his eye level. I was wondering was he telling me the truth or was he sick enough to pretend that everything they do to me is actually making him happy. Was it another game Chad planned? To get me some kind of a better friend of all of them and pull me in trust? What was the purpose of it? Did he want to kill me in some sick way as well? To force Jake's hand on me?

He cut my mind when he kept on talking. "Sam doesn't trust me. He never did. He had second thoughts when I was joined to the group, but others didn't care. So I stayed. And Darren..."-he said his name somewhat sarcastic,-"Darren wants just one thing from you and it's not even close to what you have been through already."

I knew what did he mean by that. I was afraid it's going to happen again. I just didn't think I will actually would live that through again. I grinned to the thought itself. "No, he can't",-i was barely holding tears back,-"he wouldn't".

"Chad is pulling this off as much as it is possible, but i'm not sure how long even he would be able to do so. Darren just keep pushing and after Jim's death it got even worse".

"How worse?"-i asked.

"Quite bad, I must say. At first it was just Sam and Darren, but now it seem that Mike and Paul is cringing to the idea as well. And for the past few days I could see whispers around. They avoid talking on my presence, but I heard them mention your name quite often. I'm not saying that it's 100 percent for sure, I just wanted you to know. In case."

"So you are saying, that the second Chad leaves to see his brother, they will come for me!?"- I was starting to panic now,-"well how much time do I have?!"

I grabbed his arm desperately and started shaking it for his answer. I couldn't stop the sudden feel of fear that started overwhelming me.

"That's the point, S,"-he said still standing still and avoiding my eyes, as he stared at the wall in front of him,-"he has left already."

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