Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Bloodshot

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



Serene's POV

I let go off of his arm. The thing he said left me speechless. I stood for few moments still, trying to hold myself together.

"What do I do?"-i asked him.

"I don't know,"-he said through gritted teeth,-"i can't just let you out, we have security cameras recording the corridors all the way down and it's the only job Mike actually does have. He's stuck by the monitors and the elevator and emergency stairs are locked most of the time. It's the only way to go up."

"So what are you saying?"-i asked impatiently,-"do i have to sit on my ass down here and wait for them to come get me? Is this what you're saying?!"-i nearly screamed.

I sat back on the mattress and embraced my knees with both hands, burying my head among them. I was starting to sob aloud now. I didn't want this. All I really wanted at the second was to get killed before they come and rape me.

"They will kill me if I tell Chad".

His words crossed the silence in the room, as it left the most horrible sound ringing in my head. I knew Jake was helping me by telling me what to expect anyway, but that was not much of a help. He won't tell Chad. And he surely won't let me out. I felt anger is rising within me, replacing that hopelessness I felt seconds ago.

"Well why the hell did you tell me all this then?"-i asked harshly and held my face to look at him,-"why did you let me know if you're not going to help me? Why did you even came here and gave me food? To comfort me?! God!"-i nearly screamed out.

"What the hell?!"-he yelled back at me,-i thought you would want to know! I'm risking my ass here telling you this, feeding you and taking care of your wounds and all you do is blame me for not helping you?! Damn it! I did more for you than anyone here!"-he knelt in front of me and cupped my face with his palms. His tone suddenly changed into more soft voice,-"Open your eyes, it's not like you have many options here. No one will mourn for you, so you might as well feel some gratitude instead blame it on me."

"Gratitude?"-i repeated it like trying to convince myself in his words,-"gratitude. Oh gosh, thank you a lot, Jake. I appreciate all the care from you, but would you at least tell me what should I do now?"

My words were filled with sarcasm. I was panicking and honestly- I was starting to feel guilty for blaming him, even though he was just trying to help me.

"Thank you for the food,"-i whispered with my head bent down at my feet,-"and for taking care of my wounds".

I was sincere back then. I felt thankful. Even though I didn't want to admit myself, but Jake was the only one, who was closer to me than anyone else in my life. In his sick ways and double play that he risked his life for me he made a sacrifice for me, for their experiment. I wasn't sure was it me hallucinating or was he actually not that bad as anyone else. I managed to push these crazy thoughts away and actually gave him a little comforting smile.

"Jake, i..."- I was cut off, when the silent steps appeared from somewhere at the hallway behind the doors and for a second both me and Jake froze.

"Shit they're coming!"-Jake whispered nervously, as he was trying to hide an empty bowl under his sweater,-"i have to go". He quickly stood up and fastened his pace to the exit.

"No, Jake! Please don't go!"-i begged.

He hesitated for a second and slowed his steps. But he didn't turn around to look at me. And i knew that he didn't want to see me like this. And I couldn't force him to risk his life for me. We both knew he wouldn't after all. He squeezed his hand into his back pocket and pulled out a knife from it. He extended his palm with a shining blade he held and I took it. I squeezed it tightly in my hands and stepped back. I saw door close behind Jake's back as he was leaving me and heard the lock turn.

The steps were getting closer, it's sound seemed banged on my head, mixing with my speeding heart rate. Each step was louder, as it approached the door of a room I was held in and I squeezed in the most distant corner.

When I heard the creaking sound of the key turning in a lock once again, I hid the knife behind my back and with horror that suddenly lit up my features, I stared at the four men that entered with a bang and stood smiling at me.

Chad's POV

The apocalypse is starting.

The signs are showing already. First it was crazy weather change. The mist, dead birds and flowers.

Only because I am late taking the prophesy.

Now people are slowly dying. I saw it myself. The evil souls are trying to absorb energy to stay alive, so they go through a human body, leaving a rotting corpse, after stealing everything they have.

"What do I do?"-i ask Cecil who approaches my car at the driveway.

"The Duke has few legions still. He's gonna send them soon. We have to be ready for another fight."

"How much time do I have?"

"I don't know. But the good thing is, the evil souls can't shapeshift anymore. They are loosing their powers and are only active at the night time. They have to descend before the sun comes up so they can go through the sulphur river. And they are dying."

"And you? What will happen with you?"-i ask. I don't want him dead, I swear, I don't want him dead.

"Me, along with your legion are getting weak. However, we're stronger than them, because we have a leader, that's what gives us power. When the Duke comes, my king, we'll fight him till there's none of us left."

"Cecil, i'll run!"-i tell him. "You know that. I can't keep her at the warehouse anymore. Just make sure you get my back when all goes downhill."

"I will, I give you my word."

I jump into the car and roll down my window, so I can talk to Cecil.

I saw the news few days ago. Robert backed off. He's gonna postpone the mountain search, because of this new threat. People are dying all over the place, they say it's some terrorist attack."

"You now have the dagger, my king. He won't take your powers. If we kill the last legion and if you kill the Duke, you can restore everything and do whatever you want."

I drift to my thoughts for a second. He has a point. If there's only my loyal legions left and Eligos is dead, I can do whatever the hell I want. I can live on the surface, after all.

The thought makes me smile.

"That's one hell of a plan, Cecil!"

He nods and I turn the key in the ignition.

My hands holds tight on the steering wheel, as I am trying to push my second thoughts away.

Yeah, she was alive, but for how long?

I clear my beard on the rear-view mirror. Morgan is calling almost every day, but i don't pick up. I know that one day he will come and this all will be over. But I have no choice. To accept things they are or to do something. I need to think about this, so i take my old Chevy this time to go meet Harrod in hopes to figure something out.

The engine growls with life. Mika is silently sitting on the passenger's seat, tilting it's head whenever a new group of forests pass by the window. I pat the dog and she licks my hand.

"You starting to like me, don't you?"

After an hour or so i have all the bags on the back seat. And i am finally going home.

However, there is a weird feeling in my guts and i know something is about to happen.

Seren's POV

They stood still for a second and I was squeezing by the wall, watching them. For a slight moment I thought Sam will pull out his pistol and shoot me at the head.

He didn't. Instead he just smiled at me and nodded to Darren, which now was slowly walking towards me.

"What do you want?"-i asked, as he got dangerously close.

"Well I don't know,"-he grinned ironically,-"maybe something fun with you, huh?"

"Get away from me!"-i mumbled through gritted teeth. Panic was choking me from inside and I was afraid of the worst. However, I tried not to show the fear that was threatening to take me over any time now.

"Come here!"-moaned Mike and he and Paul grabbed me by my arms and pulled me up from the floor.

I screamed out of the pain that their hands inflicted on me, but that seemed to turn them on. As they held me roughly in their arms, Darren stepped forward and hit me on the cheek. I closed my eyes and was preparing for more hits, that went on and on. Paul and Mike finally released me and I crashed on the ground.

"Stop!"-i yelled, but they started kicking me to the stomach and my back. My body was all sore. I heard Ralph behind the door was barking and I covered my head, praying for them not to harm it.

It was painful. Seemed like every inch of my body went on strike.

In few minutes more they stopped and I opened my bloodshot eyes to see Darren enclosing his belt.

"Not so taught now, aren't you?"-he asked angrily,-"we need to finish what Jim started. I bet you got used to this already. Haynes used to do this too. Now tell me- did you ever enjoy it?"

And he raised the belt tightly in his fist and smashed the belt at me. I tried to cover myself with my arms, but when buckle hit my hand, the stinging pain appeared in my fingers and I was almost sure it was broken again. With the corner of my eye I saw the swelling began and I lowered my palms away, exposing the rest of my body.

Through the screams of my own I heard how Ralph was angrily barking and scratching the door.

"Get rid of the damn dog",- Darren ordered and Paul disappeared behind the door. "Now shall we?"-he moaned again and Mike with Sam pulled me up from the ground and dragged me to the middle of the room. They dropped me on the mattress.

"Ralph, run",-i screamed, when another hit reached my face.

The three of them knelt in front of me and Mike pulled my hands up and tightly held it in his grip.


"Shut up."

Darren pushed his hand underneath my clothes and started squeezing me, wondering his dirty hand on my shaking body. Sam ripped off my jeans and went for my underwear, but he didn't finish, when door suddenly opened up widely and Paul ran in and smashed on the floor.

He was holding his shaking palm pressed to his neck, where a ripped off muscled could be seen from under trickling blood.

Men froze and paul coughed blood. "Damn dog got a big chunk out of me!"-he managed to spit out and then he fell down.

Darren let me go and he and Mike knelt against him. We all heard how wet paws stepped inside to the room and bloody jaws of Ralph entered. I never seen him this way. He growled as he was approaching us, and he licked the blood from his jaws. Sam got up slowly and Ralph was prepared for a jump.

"Easy",-he said and took a step back.

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