Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Crash

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



Jake was running through the parking lot, and Thom was chasing him with a pistol in his hands.

A nearby car sped away through the gates. Luke and Nicholas were leaving in a hurry. Their lab was left abandoned. None of them wanted to be stuck with everything that was about to happen.

Thom made few shots, but any bullet reached Jake. He ducked in few times to avoid the impact and soon hid behind the shack on the left corner of the parking lot and tried to reload his pistol once again.

The last clip he had.

"Come out come out, wherever you are!"-echoed Thom's voice. "How come you are with them now? Bitch has to die, man. I'll talk to Sam, you can stay if you surrender now!"

Jake had just enough time to scroll the phone book on his phone and dialled Chad's number.

Everything went to shit.

Jake did what he didn't expected from himself. He stood up against his friends to protect their testee.

However, Chad answered immediately, as if he knew this was the most important call ever.

"Chad! It's bad, you gotta..."

His voice was cut off, as Thom drifted from behind the corner and, spotting Jake rather unprepared, made another shot and it got stuck on Jake's shoulder.

"Maybe you should've run with those two pussies, afterall?"

Jake fell down into the bushes behind the shack and managed to make few shots at Thom, that didn't hit a target, unfortunately.

Chad's POV

"Jake! Damn it!"

Screams and lonely echoes of the shotguns could be heard on the background. I didn't know what was happening and the biggest fear suddenly crippled to my very toes.

"They..."-Jake's voice was cracking, and i couldn't hear clear, but it was obvious something is really really bad,-"Get back.they killing her!"

I pushed the acceleration pedal to the very end and sped my way through the one-way road.

What was happening?

I was afraid I was too late. This was about my girl now. My friend just made a final step to join the line of my enemies. I knew this was Sam. I was waiting for him to strike any moment, I just always expected another day.

The engine growled and I drove as fast as I could.

Mika looked askingly on the passenger seat and I couldn't help it, but to pat her head again.

I wasn't about to deny my nervousness. Truth was- if Serene died, I would probably grieve myself to the point I didn't care about anything and most definitely I would let out a bullet into my brain once again.

But that wasn't the time for hypothesis or any repetition.

I took my phone again and wanted to call someone else, i wanted to call Morgan, he was standing behind of all this, I was sure.

Only the second I got my eyes off of the road, when suddenly the deer jumped in front of the hood and I had not enough time to react.

The car hit the deer, heavy impact of air bag colliding with my face in seconds. I couldn't get control on the wheel and my black Chevy rolled in cracking sound down the career.


Minutes passed. I regained my consciousness when I felt Mika was licking my arm, where blood ticked down from my nose.

"fuck!"-i grunted finding myself upside down.

I slowly undid my seatbelt and crashed on the roof of the car.

Pain in my ribs became more severe and I squeezed my palm to it, only to find it was badly broken.

"At least you're ok"-I said to the dog, which cheerfully ran out through the broken front glass.

I rolled out from the car, pieces of glass all over the place. Chevy was badly crashed and i still had few miles to go back to the warehouse. Hell, I didn't even know where I was exactly.

A sick thought of me being too late crossed my nervous mind.

I was on the verge. I felt like i'm about to have a mental breakdown and in the same time I wanted to slaughter everyone around me, including Sam.

My best friend.

I looked around. Looked like I crashed from a carreer that wasn't extremely high. The damn dog seemed ok.

I grabbed the phone from the car and pushed redial button. Jake's phone was off line, and then i wanted to call someone else. But who?

I didn't know who to trust anymore. What the hell was happening?

Holding my aching ribs i crawled back to the road and rushed to where the warehouse stood. I sped my steps faster and faster every second, but Mika couldn't keep up. So I had another concern. I couldn't just leave her.

I grabbed the heavy dog into my arm and fastened my pace again, till i caught himself running as fast as i could towards whatever mess was waiting for me.

Will she be dead? Is it Sam? Daryl? Shit...

Mika seamed concerned and nervous as she was looking along her long furry nose.

I was tired. It was painful to breathe, looked like I had a little pneumothorax, after all and seemed like for the first time in my life i felt so scared. Scared as hell for another person.

I tried to push the thought away. She was no one, i kept repeating in my mind, she is experiment. Whatever happen to her is for the best. It was just a matter of time. She would die eventually.

Still...what was it about her, that made my stoned heart melt and tremble with butterflies?

No no no.

I stopped for a second, trying to regain my breath. I held my eyes up and somewhere far, through the high trees of the horizon i saw a well known rooftop.

Dull shots could be heard from the distance and I started running again.

I ran through the woods, leaving my asphalt track and cutting few miles off. Mika still was in my arms.


As i approached a warehouse finally, i saw closed gates and someone's body was laying on the ground in front of the high building.

Letting the dog to the ground, I felt nauseous.

I slowed my steps, as i neared the body on the grass.

It was Thom.

I was relieved it wasn't her.

However, I knew Thom was friends with Sam and Darren, so why was he dead? Things seamed unclear.

I checked the pulse, but felt nothing. The body was still a little warm and it was obvious, that Thom was dead for only a while already.

I was scared. Mika ran into the warehouse to meet her brother. As I entered the building, i noticed the elevator was up. I entered it and saw blood stains on the floor.

Without thinking the worst possible, I pushed the '-6' with my shaking finger.

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