Something filthy about Mr.Haynes. Love like madness

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Serene

Submitted: June 02, 2018

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Submitted: June 02, 2018



Serene's POV. Moments ago.

I saw Mike is getting nervous. Bloody body of Paul led in the pool of red crimson and not moving.

Ralph looked at me and I saw his dark eyes, hesitantly staring at me.

My saviour.

I managed to stand up and Ralph took few steps forward. I held up all of my strength that was still left somewhere deep down in my sore muscles and I ran towards the door, as the dog kept the three of those still.

As soon as I reached the elevator and the door opened, I stepped inside.

"Ralph! Ralph"!-i yelled and in few seconds the dog appeared from the corner.

He quickly ran into the elevator and jumped on me, licking my face. I barely could press the 0 button, when through the closing door I saw Darren approaching with a knife in his fist, Mike and Sam behind him.

"You can't hide, bitch!"

The door closed.

When it opened again, we stepped out of the elevator and entered the main hallway. The door was unlocked and I nervously exited.

We ran to the Chad's GMC standing in the parking lot. I checked the door handle. His Chevy was no where to be seen. The car was locked though.

We ran to the gates and squeezed through.

When took off towards the woods, I turned my head and saw Sam, Mike and Darren running after us.

"Hurry, Ralph!"-i whisper yelled.

Lightning crossed the sky and heavy drops started falling.

My bare feet felt slippery on the wet grass, but I knew I can't stop.

I heard shots behind our back and I rushed forward. The curses in the horizon were frightening and I prayed to reach the woods. I prayed for Ralph to be ok.

Another shot crossed the air and I heard a silent yelp. Then I heard a sound of falling.

I turned left and I saw Ralph. His sad eyes made me freeze in my tracks.

There was blood slowly sprinting out of the shot wound in his stomach.

"No, Ralph! No!"-i cried out and suddenly everything turned into a pointless blur.

I crumbled beside the dog and tried to pull him up in my arms, so I can carry him. The enemies were threateningly close, but Ralph was heavy and I barely managed to move him at all.

And then I felt a hit on the back of my head.

I fell beside Ralph, and I saw him trying to move, but then everything went completely black.


When I opened my eyes, I wanted to die. My head was spinning and I was probably having a concussion.

The remembrance of Ralph's bloodshot eyes. Of his fall. Ralph wasn't moving.

I started crying, not even understanding where am I and what's happening.

I moved my head to my left. In the horizon, near the gates led a dead body of Thom.

A dark figure led few meters in front of me and Sam was above him, showing his blade into man's stomach.

"Jake!!! Jake!!!"-i yelled and tried to move, but a wave of sickness brought me back to the ground.

I saw Jake was fighting Sam, but it wasn't doing him any harm. Nearly lifeless limbs tried to fight back. There was blood everywhere and Sam's hand with full veins stroke a blade for the last time.

And then I felt being turned on my abdomen and Darren's face drifted in front. He was furious.

I turned back at Jake. He was still alive, but he was coughing blood and was turning pale.

Sam stood up above him and wiped sweat with a back of his palm from the forehead. He then spit at Jake's chest. "You got what you've deserved, man! You disgust me!"

Mike approached Sam and they both turned at me, Mike nodding at the warehouse. "Chad's here, come on!"

Darren pressed my head at the wet dirt and jumped on my back. And then I felt the cold blade quickly enter my side. Stinging and twisting pain shot through my guts and I gasped for air.

Hot blood's spring appeared from under my stomach and I felt weakness consume me.

There was another pair of shots.

I felt Mike dropped down dead with a hole in his temple.

I looked around. I saw Chad in the distance, his hollow black eyes gazing widely. He pressed the trigger again and Sam's body crumbled near me, a bleeding wound in his leg. He gasped for air few times and jumped on his feet and slowly stumbled towards his Buick, leaving a trace on the grass.

Sam jumped in and tires creaked as he drove off quickly, banging the gates down after him.

Daren grabbed my waist and turned me over. "You're so dead, bitch!"-he roared. I was barely alive and all I wanted at that time was for everything to be over. I wanted to go.

As if hearing my thoughts, Darren stick the blade in me again, but then Chad was on him suddenly, pulling Darren down.

The pain crossed my torso again and for a second I felt my limbs weren't responding.

I gripped the blade poking in my flesh and pulled it out, in seconds pressing the bleeding wound with my palm.

They were fighting. Chad was fighting his friend over me.

I closed my eyes, feeling cold rain wash away my sweaty face, for a moment listening as Haynes was beating the hell out of Darren.

He came to save me again.

My eyes shot wide open at the sky above. It was still raining.

Heavy breathing caught my attention and as I turned my head again, Jake's bloody arm reached for me.

He crawled nearer and dropped beside me, rolling on his back, just like me. I held my face to look at him, but barely could see anything through the shade of tears and blood. He grabbed my palm and squeezed tightly. "Hold on, S... it's almost over."

I shook my head nervously. I wanted this over so bad. Now we both, Jake and me, were laying on the wet grass and slowly dying.

I squeezed his palm, our fingers slowly interlacing.

"That day when you let me go!"-i whispered, for Jake never had the chance to end his story,-"that day you said you owe your life for Haynes. What did you mean then?"

He took a shallow inhale of air. "Morgan wanted to kill me. He found out who I truly was. Chad saved me."

"What are you?"-i asked Jake in trembling voice, as he just smiled sadly at me.

"I was watching, S. I'm a watcher. You won't understand. But Chad loves you. He's getting weaker around you. If he think you surrender, you will be able to get closer and fight your way out. If not-i wish you finally free, the way you always wanted. Chad couldn't kill you, but Harrod would."

"I'm scared. Hold on, Jake!"-i begged him.

"You'll survive without me. You are... tough! You have to know..." Another stream of dark blood flooded out of his mouth. "There's... no... Harrod..."

"Jake?"-i whispered squeezing his palm in mine, which now was icy cold,-"Jake! Jake! Wake up! Jake!"

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