Bautista Has Signed with The Mets After Being Cut By Braves

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An article about former Blue Jay Jose Bautista.

(Above) Jose Bautista was signed by the New York Mets after being cut by the Braves two days before.

Apparently, former Toronto Blue Jay's outfielder, Jose Bautista is not having good luck lately.

After being signed by the Atlanta Braves recently, the team decided to release him.

Two days later, the New York Mets signed him.  The deal was worth $545,000.

When playing for the Braves, Bautista went five to 35 and had a batting average of .143.

This recent move by the Mets probably has something to do with the team's depleting outfield.

Both Juan Lagares and Yoenis Cepedes are on the disabled list and probably won't return for a long time.

Last year with Toronto, Bautista hit .203, with 23 home runs and had 65 RBIs.

Submitted: May 23, 2018

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