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Just a little humor

Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018




Kemy on the run

Packing my bags for a little road fun

A woman on a traveling mission

Words my life, passage of rite given in mint condition

A Queen’s lock, no worries you have the hard key

Stick it in my ignition, let the twist of fate speak for me

Step on the gas pedal to make me go faster, why you’re riding inside for a roadside tease 

As we flee, a moment in time just to be free

Maserati, baby, rev up my kinky abilities

This poem thought out behind erotica amenities

Come on pedestrians, lighten up

I’m only giving you a taste from my Booksie cup

Palm my steering wheel and drive me like a sports car

Low miles, so this baby can go quite far

Umm, you can even shift my gears

Reversing into your palms without any fears

Hot oil coursing its way through those cylinders

Green light, continue as we were, destination is almost near

Reverse, Neutral, and now driving back inside

Power stick shift for that ocean front drive

Cruise me up a scaling road

Speeding up within the fast lane, a thrilling trip from what I’ve been told

Road is wet

Shifting faster, engine sparks playing hard to get

This ride does not get any better that this

Umm…you have used every shift to hit, no miss

Time to park and slid out

I’m so thrilled, beyond words, I can finally loudly shout

Advertising to ride inside my car, done by the mouth

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