Shadows of you

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I wrote this piece after being inspired but someones hurt

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



Henry  sat on the edge of the bed in deep thought pondering wondering what he did wrong
But he had no time to sit for too long
Henry walked to his own beat
Multiple beats if i may add 
I've actually had the pleasure of watching it 
dance year in, year out proud in his gladness with 
praise and great shout
works of beauty Henry created to make 
an impact with a wow effect 
most thought that he had no 
worries no cares no hurries but in fact i saw it all
Henry always carried three extra spirts on its back some bigger than
others in fact
His first shadow was feed with love and was 
quite average sized because love was eaten with his passion
and Henry had provided enough to fill up the first shadow especially
without the element of cockiness and pride
The second shadow was feed with Henry's drive
Henry liked this one the most so he named herDrive
which was always full because  Drive knew
Henry would never give up and finally
touch that light on the greener side
He yearned to touch that side especially in the daytime
This shadow was his favorite he always dabbled in it everyday 
Henry's third shadow was feed with his loyalty by a certain type of craft and this was usally the fattest of them all but when I saw this shadow he looked a little un glad
like he had lost some weight 
then agian with new clothes
he was shedding a lot of space
This shadow appeared thin and not like himself at all 
and so i asked what was happening what seemed to be wrong
All at once Henry's third shadow broke down telling about how there was no loyalty around town
there was a shortage which is why he had lost so much weight and Henry's last shadow could not fine any he was distruct and so irrate.
Henry had looked high and low so that he could feed this third shadow
there was none not a single trace
So Henrys third shadow started to feed off other things like lies and deceit
and even decided to change how he moved and Henry's original beat
Instead of gaining weight he lost more than he could ever imagine
and Henry's dear Shadow started to whither and stagger.
Henry became bitter
rude and ran trains with the hoochies
always in a bad mood
his beat had become more vain
I herd it myself was it was pure misery agony and almost drove me insane
Henry sat there on his  bed
wondering what he did wrong and how did he turn into this way
Stuck in his last shadow 
So his first shadow and his second one decided to change Big Henrys way
they colobarted and told Henry exactly what to do
So Henry listen to His number 1 and 2
Henry started to feed on drive, love with a little bit of passion and soon his old beat came back
which returned his last shadow with a change heart and more young
the light will return to Henry's eyes
and his weight and strength did too
Henry learned to feed off of love and drive and saw that his loyalty would return back to him
and bring back all the rest of the shadows life lines

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