The Princess's King

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Behind every Princesses is the love and protection of its King

Submitted: May 23, 2018

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Submitted: May 23, 2018



The Princess’s King


The princess married the handsome prince and lived happily ever after.

Cliché as it sounds a lot of teenagers and young adults are still hoping that a handsome prince will arrive to save a damsel in distress and they will live happily ever after, just like those fairytales that we used to read when we were kids.  But they say that reality is far more different from all of those fairytales, that there’s no such prince who will save you in a dire situation and there’s no happily ever after.  All of those are just imaginations created to ease our minds when we are in a compromising situation while facing the game of life and it somehow is a hope telling us that no matter how hard our problems maybe there’s always a way out of it. 

Well, I am one of those who believed that those fairytales are real, not because I have a prince and we live happily ever after, but because I have a king that holds my hand every time.  He’s not as handsome as those princes in fairytales, but for me he’s handsome just the way he is; he doesn't have a castle but he gave me a shelter I can call home; he doesn't have jewelry boxes overflowing with a lot of precious stones, instead he gave me something more precious than those stones, he has given me…. His heart…… His love.

Living in this life with him is like living in those fairytales.  He’s my knight in shining armor that will be there to save me from all wicked creatures.  I am not afraid to wander no matter how crowded and dangerous it is, for I know that he will always have my back and he’ll never leave me alone in this cold and cruel world.

I don’t need a prince for me to be treasured like those princesses in fairytales, as long as I have my king beside me, I know I’m important, I’m treasured and I’m loved.  He had casted away all of my doubts and fears.  And now, I’m not afraid to spread my wings and soar high because I know he will be there to catch me, he will be there to help me stand again. 

He’s the only man who will never hurt me, the only man who will never judge me no matter how wrong my decisions are, the only man who will take me back again and again even after turning away from him, and will still love me just the same. The only person who will gave up everything just to see me happy.  The man that I have failed a lot of times but never saw me as a failure, instead he treated me as a growing child that is learning from all the mistakes that I had committed.  He always believed that after all my failures, just like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, I will learn something that will make me a new person, strong and knowledgeable enough to face life.

He’s my father whom I am indebted to.  I owed him the person I became, for without him I am not who I am today.  He’s not perfect, he’s actually far from being one, he has a lot of shortcomings as a person, as a husband to my mother, and as a father to us.  But despite all his imperfections he has showed us the love that only a father can give and that makes me love him even more.

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