Like Father Like Son

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An amazing story of a Father-Son duo with unconditional love for each other. Is the son able to fulfill his Father's dreams? Dig in to this short story to feel the sacrifices of a Father to help
his son achieve big.

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



My Father has been prone to lots of failures in life. He, being a Marketing Agent saw lots of setbacks in career and business. He was ousted out by many, ignored by many. But his job required keep coming back. He was working as an Agent with one of the top Government Organization that provided Insurance and Healthcare services to the people. He used to wake up early every day and have his goals defined for that day – to meet the public and spread awareness about Insurance policies and their benefits. He wished to build a broad customer base and considering those days where we didn’t have facilities – like Internet and Mobile phones available these days -  it was primarily a face-face meeting by visiting people at their homes/outdoor at public places. He used to set up lots of outdoor activities handing out advertisements and explaining the individual schemes’ benefits to people. He used to set up stalls on the roadside, outside the temples, schools, and areas where the public gathering was more.

People – on an average were not rich those days. They had to sweat it out to generate income. People had to work hard at their office to earn money which would just be sufficient to carry out their daily lives. Internet of things which are available today was not there for help. People had to work for over 10 hours a day to meet their lives’ needs. There were very few who were upper class and had a substantial amount of reserves with them. Most of them were lower middle class and working generation on monthly/daily wages. However, my father’s business demanded people to be aware of the healthcare schemes available at that time and make them use it by savings. It was very difficult for people of those times to save their hard earned money. But my Father took step by step to penetrate the people’s minds. He first introduced the fact that savings as a critical factor in everybody’s lives. He threw light on the necessity of savings for a better and planned future. He interacted with lots of daily wages people to educate them on the need for better healthcare and Insurance for them and their families.

It was vital those times to educate people before dragging on to something. He was able to arouse the curiosity and meet people of all jobs and extended the need for savings. During the occasions of festivals and celebrations, he used to talk and mingle with the people. He moved among them with ease. Despite being held off the most needed personality of a Marketing Agent – his speeches, attitude and hard work in a place he wasn’t able to generate appreciable income to run his family. This resulted in my Mom take a job working in a private factory where they did the export of Computer soft peripheral parts. At home, we always had the demand-supply equation out of balance and feel short of money. This triggered confusion and chaos at my home with my Mom accusing my Father of not taking up any work and having made the Agency as his full-time job. There had been times when my Father used to skip Morning Breakfast just to make sure I eat 3 times a day - every day. He used to take me outdoors with me in his bicycle pedaling over 10-15 Kms. everyday meeting people of all kind and spreading awareness and benefits of Insurance to the poor and middle-class people. He used to tell me lots of stories on how I should be and what I must become in the future. He used to share his daily activities, his experiences, his future goals - almost everything to me like a friend. He used to tell me how he fell short of the target, how his boss scolded and how ashamed he felt in not being able to satisfy the needs of the family. As a man, he had big dreams. He wanted to be a successful Agent and do overwhelming business. He had the thirst to achieve and score big. He planned his everyday work and spent time analyzing things that did work and didn’t work in his favor. He had clear strategies set by him and goals defined properly. However, he wants successful enough because he never had the big cats in his bag. Most of the people he met were working on daily/monthly wages. He had to meet and interact with rich businessmen, factory Owners, Government Job Workers to increase his business spread and revenues. However, most of his reach was the lower, middle-class workers.

In my holidays I went with him on his client visits. Most of them were in the heart of the city so I used to enjoy the environment. I traveled with his length and breadth of the city meet all kinds of people. He used to have gatherings and public sessions. Sometimes he met people personally and expecting a business from them. He was in touch with people always. Moreover, he became a social worker. He used to do bank/postal and other works for the people in order to gain visibility and trust of the people. He participated in a lot of public events and served the community. He made several acquaintances in the nearby small clinics and hospitals and encouraged public to visit them when they had free campaigns. His motive was to spread the motive of good healthcare/Insurance for all. Most of the times he spent his won money serving the people in expectation of future business from the people but more often he was used but never rewarded. However, he wasn’t the worrying type since he was more focused on serving the people than getting benefitted.

As a Kid, I traveled a lot with him, understood about his public life. However, I wasn’t completely aware of all the works he did. I was too young to wish for him to do wonderful business and be a successful businessman. I was just enjoying the journey. Sometimes we used to pass through one of the best Engineering colleges in the city and he used to tell me that One day I must end up being a graduate out of that college. He knew he wouldn’t have money to make me join that college so he used to advise me that I join that college by merit. He always wanted me at my best at studies and encouraged me to be successful. I was great in studies at that time fulfilling all his dreams. I was the best in all subjects and showed great knowledge of Mathematics and Science. Even during those early days, I showed tremendous analytical and reasoning skills. I was given a considerably good education despite my family’s income issues. My father pedaling the bicycle dreamt about me being an Engineer by graduating from that college. He visualized me as the first Engineer coming out of his family roots. That was his dream – his wish and he always whenever he passed that college – used to show me and expected me to be a part of it. I assured him that one day I would fulfill his dreams.

Time went on - My Father started to be well known in the city and to a good extent he improved his base and did good business. Perhaps not that successful, but well enough to meet our family needs and my education. I was still going the best and got the opportunity of getting scholarships from various organizations and school for continuous rigorous steady performance at school with the grades. My parents were truly proud of me and awestruck when I won several accolades at school. I was a star. Every other student in the school wanted to beat me - wanted to put me behind. They tried to play several mind games to push me behind and win over me.  I had made more foes than friends. I believed that I could make more friends but I was wrong. People were so jealous of me that I ended up being a foe to them than a friend. Time after time I was proving to be the best and scored record-breaking grades and the second best to me was far behind. It was all a one-horse race for the pole position. I was tipped to be the find of the decade by the school and most expected me to score record-breaking State rankings. I was representing my school in various functions and events and proved to be the best.

It was the deciding time of my career. I had to score big to meet my Father’s dreams. I traveled via that Engineering College which was the beat of the city to undergo certain coaching classes which were required for Engineering admissions and evaluation. Every time I pass the college by bicycle I remembered my Father’s words. The expectations of my Father’s well-wishers and my family made me little nervous. Night and Day – I studied. I was like an Owl preparing for its food. And then the day came – I was down with a fever. At that time I didn’t know of the reason behind it. What followed was more tragic. For more than 3 months, I had the problem of Sinusitis and the Sinus had grown tragically large. The reports indicated that it would make me dizzy and lazy. I was going down. I couldn’t focus on my studies and started taking leaves from school.

My Health condition became worse and I was often sleeping/dizzy. My parents were too worried about my situation. I couldn’t attend the classes, couldn’t visualize my dreams. I was scoring very poor marks in the exams. The Teachers who considered me the favorite abandoned me. My Friends rejoiced that finally I was taken down. I felt there as no coming back. The final exams were nearly approaching. Here I was stranded in the middle of nowhere – not knowing what was sinusitis and how it would affect people. My parents too were ignorant of that disease. My family couldn’t afford the best treatment because of financial issues and dropped me in a Government hospital where the Doctor couldn’t understand my situation. The Doctor’s prescription didn’t work and the tablets weren’t doing any good. I thought it was all over. I even went to the extent asking my Father to forgive me and skip the exams that year. Since he couldn’t afford for my education and higher studies and in order to continue receiving the scholarship he encouraged me to take the exams the same year.

I tried my best to come out of it – to beat the deadly sinusitis. I was ignorant of the fact that how it had occurred or how it could be prevented since it was entirely a new disease known at that time. I tried my best to pull off myself and study. However, I wasn’t successful in turning things out and focus. Barely I was able to study for 2-3 hours a day. With whatever I studied I went in for the exams. I did my best. The results came out. I came to school first with good scores but it was not the best. It wasn’t a record-breaking score as the school was expecting. It wasn’t a State level score as my family was expecting. It was just a score that would save my face from getting beaten by external forces. It was a score that would help me get my scholarships for my higher studies. I couldn’t cry. A feel of nothing sunk in. A feel of defeat and loss accompanied. That was perhaps the worst moment in my life until that time. I was always happy and successful until that moment. For the first time, I felt lost and defeated. I stood there on the road with a Blank face.

What ensued then was miserable. I got an Engineering seat in one of the low profile Private College since the score was low. I continued to get a scholarship for scoring well over there but there was a feeling of disgust. I couldn’t fulfill my Father’s dreams.  I graduated successfully out of the college but I wasn’t placed in a company. The software industry was ruling the world during that time and I was left behind in the game. I had no knowledge of computers and I was completely lost. I was without a job for 2 years. Day by Day, I was getting demotivated and my confidence level was too low. My Father passed away. That broke me even further. I lost the best company/friend/well-wisher of my life. The loss was insurmountable. My Mom was the only working candidate in the family. I was hell bound and fell into a state of depression. We couldn’t even afford to cure my depression. I was all alone – lost.

One day, my Father’s boss came to me and encouraged me to take the marketing Agent job. He said My father had left strong roots in the city and they could be utilized for further and growing business. He had left considerably good clients who don’t default. In fact, they were those who truly understood the importance of savings and most of them had children of my age. They were all job bound and have found jobs in their own interested sectors. I was encouraged by him to take up that job – the job that my Father didn’t want to take. I ended up taking that job. I used to follow the same pattern which my Father had taught me. To win people’s trust and hearts by working selflessly for them and build a business based on that trust. I took the Bike that my Father had left for me. I use to go around the places in the city for business. Thus I became a marketing Agent. Sometimes, I happen to be outside the Engineering College that my Father used to show me – waiting there for the final year students to get Insurance policies for their future. I used to meet their parents as well proposing the same. I never entered the college premises. But whenever I crossed that college my Father’s dreams come to my memory.

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